Q&A: Is My Wife Into Having Sex With Dogs? (Puppy Love)

sex with dogs puppy loveQ&A: Is My Wife Into Having Sex With Dogs? (Puppy Love)

Okay, I tried to research this a little first and just came up with a bunch of made up stories. I really don’t know what to think. Let me start 12 years ago… My wife and I married 12 years ago. We’ve had our ups and downs but all in all everything is good. When we were dating I she told me a story about her “best friend”. Apparently she was at her house and the friend had sex with her dog in front of my wife. I remember asking what she did. She said she was shocked and just kinda watched until they finished. They were still friends after and even though this supposedly happened a year or so before you’d never know she fucked her dog in front of my wife by talking to her. I always took this story as truth the way it happened but events lately have started to make me question some things about it. About 2 years ago she was giving our family dog a bath. I went to the bathroom to talk to her and laugh at the dumb dog and when I walked in she was “washing” his groin. I said some sarcastic comment about it and she laughed but kept doing it and started actually brushing against his dick. I made fun of her and she got embarrassed but that was the end of it. He had to be put down awhile back for becoming super protective to the point of biting people and drawing blood. Fast forward to about 3 weeks ago. We just finished building our house and figured it was the perfect time for another dog. She wanted a Labradoodle which is fine and so we went to look at them. Before we got there she said she wanted a yellow one. Sounded good to me yellow it is. We get there and they have black and yellow but the only yellows are female. She changes her mind. Now she wants a black one. But the yellows were so much cuter. I pushed for yellow and she gave in and now we have a little curly female puppy. But my wife hates her. She wants nothing to do with her. I couldn’t figure out why I have regretted even getting her because my wife has just been miserable. And then the part that made me start rethinking everything happened. She had a UTI/Kidney infection that put us in the ER the other night. I left my phone with our daughter and was using my wife’s phone while we were in the hospital. I found an Internet tab asking about training dogs to do things to you. I didn’t say anything at the time and still haven’t. I feel super suspicious all of a sudden. And I am wondering if her “friend” was actually her. What if the story she told was just to gauge my reaction? And if it was I failed hard because I still refer to her friend as “the Dog Humper.” I love her to death. And if this is her thing then so be it I would rather her be open with me about it. I may not be okay with it actually happening again but to know that she was doing that as a teen is kind of dirty to think about I guess. Anyway, any advise? Am I crazy and making something out of nothing? How can I bring it up with her or should I even? Question about sex with dogs.  

Venice’s response to sex with dogs
Wow, what a way to end the year.  My only suggestion is to be open with your wife about your concerns and communicate your thoughts. If you have been married for 12 years, you shouldn’t have a problem telling her what is on your mind. If she has openly talked about her friends experiences with animals while she watched, she obviously isn’t shy when it comes to talking about kinky things. Truthfully, I don’t see too much of a difference between a friend having sex with a dog, and watching a friend have sex with a dog. Most people wouldn’t have sex with a dog, but they also would never watch a friend have sex with a dog either. They are both pretty extreme.  It seems your love for your wife made you totally ignore the idea that your wife sat there and watched another woman get fucked by a dog. If it turns out that her story about her friend is true, it may be the catalyst to your wife’s kink. Sometimes being introduced to something can lead to the brain accepting it and being turned on by it. Not sometimes, that’s almost always how new kinks are introduced to a person.  She also may not be telling the whole story. I wouldn’t doubt that they both may have participated together and she just told you part of the story to judge your reaction.  If your wife does have this kink, I really do not have any advice for that. I promote being accepting and open with your spouse, but some kinks are better left fantasies. I’d go as far as saying, buy an anal plug with a tail attached, paint your penis bright pink, and dress up as a fury. This is okay. But having sex with animals just isn’t healthy for the body or mind. Even your comments about her UTI/Kidney infection raises red flags. This could be from her kinks of sticking uncleanly things up her vagina (such as a dog penis, dog bone, and who knows what else).

Ryan’s response to sex with dogs
The good news is, Labradoodles are small dogs, so no matter what she is into, she isn’t a size queen.  If she would have asked you to buy her a Great Dane, I wouldn’t have anything comforting to offer you. If your story / question is real, I’d say she was testing the waters with the story about her friend just to see your reaction. If you were open about it, she would have asked you to watch or possibly join her. I think your reaction was appropriate and her kink has remained in the closet.  Where it should be.  The truth is, some fetishes shouldn’t be more than just fantasies.  I don’t think pedophiliacs, necrophiliacs, zoophiliacs, or any other fetish that involves someone that isn’t old enough or is just outright unable to consent should be embraced. I cannot give advice on how to handle this situation if your wife does come clean, as I assume it would be too embarrassing to seek professional help.  I suppose being supportive, maybe even letting her know that you understand why it’s naughty and kinky, but some urges need to be controlled, like sex with dogs, because it’s just not healthy (or legal). 

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It would probably help to whisper in her ear when making love, “Do you want me to do you like a doggy?” See where it goes. Then, if she expresses interest, you can have more of an honest discussion with her after sex. If it is a fantasy that turns you off and makes you limp, then that could be a problem, but if it is a fantasy you both can enjoy and use to get aroused, then even better. However, I agree with Venice & Ryan, best to keep it as a fantasy.

Also, feel free to point your wife to our blog where we flirt with such fantasies: mysexlifewithlola.com


Wait, so you caught her washing off the dogs penis in the bathroom and when you called her on it, she started stroking him in front of you?

No way