Q&A: Is My Wife Into Having Sex With Dogs? (Puppy Love)

sex with dogs puppy loveQ&A: Is My Wife Into Having Sex With Dogs? (Puppy Love)

Okay, I tried to research this a little first and just came up with a bunch of made up stories. I really don’t know what to think. Let me start 12 years ago… My wife and I married 12 years ago. We’ve had our ups and downs but all in all everything is good. When we were dating I she told me a story about her “best friend”. Apparently she was at her house and the friend had sex with her dog in front of my wife. I remember asking what she did. She said she was shocked and just kinda watched until they finished. They were still friends after and even though this supposedly happened a year or so before you’d never know she fucked her dog in front of my wife by talking to her. I always took this story as truth the way it happened but events lately have started to make me question some things about it. About 2 years ago she was giving our family dog a bath. I went to the bathroom to talk to her and laugh at the dumb dog and when I walked in she was “washing” his groin. I said some sarcastic comment about it and she laughed but kept doing it and started actually brushing against his dick. I made fun of her and she got embarrassed but that was the end of it. He had to be put down awhile back for becoming super protective to the point of biting people and drawing blood. Fast forward to about 3 weeks ago. We just finished building our house and figured it was the perfect time for another dog. She wanted a Labradoodle which is fine and so we went to look at them. Before we got there she said she wanted a yellow one. Sounded good to me yellow it is. We get there and they have black and yellow but the only yellows are female. She changes her mind. Now she wants a black one. But the yellows were so much cuter. I pushed for yellow and she gave in and now we have a little curly female puppy. But my wife hates her. She wants nothing to do with her. I couldn’t figure out why I have regretted even getting her because my wife has just been miserable. And then the part that made me start rethinking everything happened. She had a UTI/Kidney infection that put us in the ER the other night. I left my phone with our daughter and was using my wife’s phone while we were in the hospital. I found an Internet tab asking about training dogs to do things to you. I didn’t say anything at the time and still haven’t. I feel super suspicious all of a sudden. And I am wondering if her “friend” was actually her. What if the story she told was just to gauge my reaction? And if it was I failed hard because I still refer to her friend as “the Dog Humper.” I love her to death. And if this is her thing then so be it I would rather her be open with me about it. I may not be okay with it actually happening again but to know that she was doing that as a teen is kind of dirty to think about I guess. Anyway, any advise? Am I crazy and making something out of nothing? How can I bring it up with her or should I even? Question about sex with dogs.  

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