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Weight-Loss-PlateauI originally titled this blog “Congratulations Venice!” I changed it because I ended up about 7 or 8 paragraphs deep and decided to give it an actual title.  My original purpose was to give a quick summary on her weight loss and tell her congratulations for losing over 40 pounds in 8 months!  If you see her on twitter @Venicebloggs, maybe give her a quick tweet congratulating her.  She’s earned it.

About 8 months ago Venice decided that she wanted to be back at her marriage weight, which is around 135.  She chose a target date, our anniversary, and it began.  Since she would probably never talk about herself or her weight loss journey, I figured why not do it for her.

The journey started extremely slow.  At first there were arguments over whether a cup of coffee with creamer was something she should cut from her diet (she eventually switched to a non fat creamer, but not without a fight).  She cut out pepsi, started drinking just water, and cut her meal size down to one serving. Although the idea of “one serving” may be weird, it’s those half servings or desserts that really start adding on the calories you can’t cut by the end of the day.  It’s also a lifestyle change. Once your plate is done, the meal is over.

However, very little weight was lost. The lifestyle changes were subtle and still not enough to make an impact on the scale. Without hard work and exercise this was just going to be another failed diet.   This is the biggest step of all I think.  Saying to yourself that a pill, an electronic shocking belt, a gimmick, a juice diet, or some weird idea to lose weight just isn’t going to work.  The key is to tell yourself, “I have to change my life and actually exercise.”

This was hardest step because Venice once had a successful “run” with some not-so-legal pills shipped in from Mexico when she was 19 years old.  She claims the most she ever lost was because of these pills (she lost about 10 pounds — which is laughable now).  So since she was 19, she used her Mexican Fat Burner pills as a crutch and has always been very big on the idea of “can I try this pill though?”

NO PILL FOR YOU!  *Diet Pill Nazi*

2015-07-22Venice never needed a damn pill. What’s funny is, at 19 she had the skinniest arms and shoulders I had ever seen on a girl.  I could see the anatomy of her clavicle and shoulder bone.  By far the slimmest girl I ever dated. Those pills may have helped her lose 10 pounds quickly, although probably all water weight, but she didn’t need it.  She’s a tough girl. Anything she puts her mind to, she can do. Venice was in the military, so this wasn’t the first time she made this lifestyle decision.  She was in great shape while in the military.  I saw her go from not being able do a push-up, to doing 20.    From not being able to run a mile, to running 3 (and lost 20 pounds on accident, no pills needed).   This was a long way long way from her teenage days of having the skinniest arms I had ever seen and still being extremely unathletic. In my opinion (she’d disagree), she was naturally slim but had horrible eating habits (her mother gave her money for Carl’s Jr. each night instead of making home made meals) and probably hadn’t exercised a day in her life.  Her arms were sticks, her waist horded all her fattening food, and she felt “fat” just because she didn’t look like a swimsuit model.  She used to say to me, “Just because I am 129 doesn’t mean I am not fat.”  I was just a young guy.  Guys already don’t get it.  But at that age, I really didn’t get it. I cared very little about any of her body issues.  All I cared about was her vagina (which unfortunately I didn’t have one of my own, or before her, one to play with).  I just really really wanted it. Seriously.   Eat Carl’s Jr. all you want, just please eat that greasy ass burger while you squat over my face so I can study your pussy up close.  Thanks.

2015-08-04 (1)Venice has had a lot of ups and downs with her weight, but each time she had a child, afterwards, she would always float into the 160s and 170s.   Truthfully, she had little control over her body’s roller coaster..  She’d work her ass off at field training or in the gym, and we’d get secure in life and decide to have a child.  It just seemed like each time she changed her lifestyle, pregnancy took over and created a whole new chain of bad habits (hard to exercise and eat properly). Those bad habits are hard to break, especially while you are taking care of a newborn. I’d say Venice’s pregnancies were the catalysts for her weight gain.   Eventually, she just couldn’t snap back, or just didn’t have the desire to do so. Without any new children and years of just being “stagnant”, 8 months ago, Venice was at 185.  Since she hold her weight well, especially in photos with the right angles, we both really didn’t notice.  She did have a lot of physical problems she had never had before though.  Her blood pressure was elevated.   She was tired a lot.  She also went from a slight snore, to a loud snore while she slept (she is now back to a cute snore, to virtually no snore).  As insignificant as it seems, the snore worried me the most because it’s just something I had never heard from her before.  And no, it didn’t bother me. I am a deep sleeper and her snores didn’t keep me up or make me toss and turn.  I am strictly talking about being concerned because the audible snore just didn’t sound healthy to me.


I agree.

2015-08-04 (2)Back to the point.  Venice decided to add a 10 minute workout in the morning to her schedule.  This workout used to get her heart going and was a good jump start to her day.  I believe she did this for a few months, while really watching her eating. Although it got rid of maybe half a pound a week, it just wasn’t enough.  During her lunch break she started walking the halls of her building.  Around the same time, she also added an intense 30 minute workout at home in our garage.

It worked!

Well, of course it worked.  She is working out 3 times a day and eating way less calories than she burns each day!   I have never done it, but I think it’s safe to assume it’s tough work and totally taxing on her body (she has even had a bout with shingles thanks to her weakened immune system from all the exercise and dieting).

3For the last 6 months Venice has sent various photos of her sweating in the garage during her workout.   Although it’s cute, it’s also weird to me.  I am not sure if it’s just Venice or all women, but if a drop of sweat drips down her body, she is totally infatuated with it. Not only infatuated, she wants to make sure I see it.   I’ve seen leg sweat, neck sweat, forehead sweat, breast sweat, ass sweat, stomach sweat, vagina sweat, nipple sweat, and for a while I was forced to lick the sweat off her body after a workout so she could take a photo of that as well!

sweatOkay I lied.  I begged to lick the sweat off her body.  She is a goddess to me and nothing her body does can gross me out or turn me off.  Everything we do that some people may find extreme, I find necessary.  Urine, saliva, cum, juices, whatever.  Absolutely necessary to share this back and forth with the person you have connected with in this lifetime.  Why the fuck not?

So, 40 pounds later, Venice is down to 145.  She has about 10 days to lose another 5 pounds, but who cares.  She has worked so hard that I decided to dedicate this blog to her achievement and congratulate her.  Although her journey isn’t over, I just don’t think this time nothing is going to stop her from getting to wear she wants to be with her body.  We definitely aren’t having any more children.   Body Issues Body Issues Body Issues Body Issues

Congratulations Venice!


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Congrats V!! Your hard work has certainly paid off. You look amazing as always at any size?.
I must admit I love taking sweaty pics as well. I take one daily after each workout on snapchat. Not as sexy as yours but I do love to see sweat on a woman after she works out.

Yea I suppose we are. And omg V’s sweaty ass is delish???

Congratulations Venice.. I would never have guessed your weight to be that much.. you do hide it well and always look so hot and sexy.. I’m sure you look even hotter now! Thanks for sharing..

Thanks for sharing. I read many of your blog posts, cool, your blog is very good.