Bored and alone? 5 sexy things you can do to pass time from your bedroom.

Bored and alone? 5 sexy things you can do to pass time from your bedroom.

Have you ever been bored at home with nothing to do except think of various ways to get yourself off?  We have compiled a list of things you can do to pass time and feel sexy around the house by yourself.

5. Voyeurism

There are various sites you can use to broadcast yourself to the world.  This can be fun and kinky, as well as a good way to find other people as horny as you.  Sites like Chaturbate are great to do this type of thing on.  As some of you have seen, we have a Chaturbate account ourselves. Sometimes we load up the webcams and have fun while others watch.  Well, you don’t have to be a couple to do the same thing.  Men and women, single, can also broadcast themselves to an audience if they choose.  This is a great way to spend a lonely night. 

4. Play Sex Games

What types of games are probably best suited for a lonely night?  The best sex games are usually the ones that are quick, simple, and interactive.  Also it’s a lot easier to play with one hand!

However, if you want something a bit more complicated,  you could run over to the steam adults only section and check out games that will challenge your graphics card.

Games are fun.  Games with sex content and themes are especially fun when you are bored and feeling a bit horny.  

3. Video Chat 

Pull out the old black book, or in this day and age, your kik list / skype list / snapchat list and see if any of your friends want to link up.  A good friend with benefits, even from across the world, can give you more than a sexy time.  Or, if your partner is out of town, let him/her know that you want to have a little fun.  We do this a lot ourselves.  If we are separated, we will usually load up a video chat and give each other eye candy and orgasm for one another.  If you have sex toys made for long distance, even better!   

2. Sex Podcasts or Sex Podcasting 

Whether you want to fire up and start your own podcast, or just ease drop in on sexy talk from others around the world.  A sex podcast is a great way to spend your time at home, listen to some sexy talk, and usually learn various things you may have never known otherwise.   Listening to sex podcasts can be educational, as well as extremely sexy.  You’d be surprised how fast time flies when you find a great podcast to listen to.

1. Sex Blog or Sex Blogging

The chances are, if you are reading this article, you are alone and looking up various sexy things you like to read or view.   However, as much as you enjoy reading a sex blog, nothing has fulfilled our lives more than creating our own sex blog and sharing our sexy thoughts and opinions with the world.  Even if no one is reading, we write because it’s fun.  

We’d be irresponsible if we made a  blog about the sexy fun things you can do alone and not at least mention masturbation. 


Whether it be with your imagination, mature reddit sites, or an adult website of your choice, masturbation is by far the most popular activity in the world when you are alone and looking for something sexy to do.

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yeah, masturbation is the best sexual activity when you are alone