How To Take The Best Nude Selfies

How To Take The Best Nude Selfies

With the explosion or social media after dark, Twitter, and sites like,, nude selfies is at an all time high.  The days of yesteryear when people were warned to never take nude photos is an ancient memory.  With everyone and their mother posted up on Twitter using adult accounts, it’s now the wild wild west of various ways to show your ass bling, your breasts, or your family jewels.  

This is how we started online ourselves.  Before we were blogging, we were on social media sharing our naughty selfies with the world.  Being a very normal couple and extremely self conscious, we always took into account the various other things besides just showing off our bodies.

A background check

Clean your room, fix your bed, and make sure there is no toilet behind you.  Check your background and think about photos from an artistic perspective.  Your surrounding area should also be pleasing to the eye.  Nothing says sexy more than a person that takes care of their room, as well as themselves.  No matter how beautiful your breasts are, a messy room is a turn off.    Can you imagine the smell?

Another thing to be aware of, make sure if you are in a motel, you do not display your room number, the ugly motel curtains, or the worn out wall unit air conditioner. Nothing screams Backpage ad or a hot wife hook up more than a nude selfie in a motel room.  Be aware of your surroundings.  

The right angles for nude selfies

Working your angle is the oldest trick in the book.  If you are a man, get the right angle to maximize the size of your junk.  If you are a woman, get the right angle to minimize the size of your jawline.  I know that sounds a bit harsh, but long before we had apps that shrink your jawline, we used angles!   Trust me on this one, the perfect angle can create an amazing look. 

Angle tips: for nude selfies

  • Fellas, if you put an object the human mind is familiar with behind you, such as a coke can, and put your penis in front of the object and it will create the illusion that your penis is much larger than a coke can. 
  • Ladies, you can lay on the bed with the camera held above you and get rid of your face wrinkles!  
  • Fellas, you can hold the camera down by your knees and aim it up towards your face.  This will put your penis in the front of your body and make your penis size look as though it towers larger than your entire upper torso.
  • Ladies, taking a picture of a mirror of your backside is extremely popular.  If you raise both of your arms over your head it will get rid of those ugly spare tire wrinkles that we sometimes have in our lower backs.


Leave a little bit to the imagination

I bet you already know what we are going to say here.  However, you’re wrong.  You can let it all hang out if you like.  However, maybe get creative with keeping your face somewhat hidden.  Remember, this is still the internet.  Showing your body with just half your face is always extremely sexy.  It also leaves a bit of mystery while not exposing your identity to the entire world.  

It’s crazy how times have changed.  With the internet these days, our faces are what’s covered up, not our bodies.

Ask for a helping hand or use a timer

I know the word selfie has to do with you holding the camera yourself, but we are talking about taking the best selfies here.  Ask for help.  You are limited with the things you can do while holding a camera.  However, the selfie world is yours if you can get someone to do all of the above mentioned tricks for you.   

If you do not have a helping hand, use a timer!  This is how we originally took our selfies.  Most cameras had timers and we would place it down and run into position and take a photo.  Well, it’s 2019 and that technology still exists!  

Almost all of our photos together on this blog were taken using a timer.


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I just recently learned how to use a timer)