Putting My Husband In A Penis Cage Until He Begged To Be Freed

Putting My Husband In A Penis Cage Until He Begged To Be Freed

So rather than being a great blogger and leaving you guys on the edge of your seat like, “Omg, finally her husband is going to start his chastity training! Now the question is, when is her husband going to beg to take off his penis cage? I just can’t wait to hear this! Cancel all our plans for tonight baby, I am going to be busy reading this blog!”  I will let you know, my husband didn’t even last 4 hours.  In fact, if it wasn’t for our work day, he wouldn’t even have lasted an hour.

So let me start…

On a whim and for no apparent reason, my husband ordered a penis cage online and decided he wanted to be my fuck boy. Although this wasn’t something we discussed, it’s kind of like at this point, I was like, “Fuck it, why not?”  If you don’t know, just check out a few extreme things we have done in the past. This seemed like light work compared to all the things we’ve tried.

So I was laying in bed the night before my husband was caged and massaging his dick while talking dirty to him. We discussed how he would never leave the house again without being caged. We discussed how no person on earth will ever be able to fuck him or even see his dick without my penis cage being locked on it. His dick would be totally useless. Admittedly, I loved this talk. For the record, I have went way beyond caging him, I had him tattoo my name on his dick. So this idea isn’t anything new to  us. The only difference is, instead of anyone that sucks his dick having to put my name in their mouth, with a locked cage, it just isn’t possible anymore. His dick is finally all mine forever…

Or a few hours, whatever.

So we wake up in the morning and get ready for work. I remind him that I need to cage him and he already started complaining that he has a morning erection and it won’t be possible. Oh boy, what a wuss. So I wait a few minutes and grab the cage and demand that he sits on the bed. I try to slide the cage on and I admit, it wasn’t that easy. My husband kept saying “ouch” and other various noises. Eventually I told him to quit being a pussy. He snapped back at me to stop and said he will do it himself. So I sat back and watched him use his fingers between the cage bars and slowly slide his penis into his cage.

After what seemed like an eternity I finally had his dick where I wanted it, safely locked in a cage for the rest of my life! I put the lock on and swallowed the key. I looked at him after I swallowed it and said, you will only get this key when they pry it out of my cold dead hands. He yelled back at me, “Did you just really swallow that fucking key?!”

Okay, none of that last part happened but I figured it would spice things up for the readers. I actually just took the key and placed it nicely in my purse because I didn’t want to lose it. I got down on my knees and started licking his dick through the cage and laughed to myself as I saw his dick start expanding inside the cage. He pulled his dick away and told me to stop. I left to work and sent him a text message, “You dick will never be free again.”

At about 10 AM I got a text message from my husband saying his penis was hurting and he couldn’t walk around because his bulge was sticking out too far. Oh gosh, I just didn’t realize my husband couldn’t last a day with his cock locked up. He then texted and said please meet him at home for lunch because his dick was aching. I agreed.

At lunch, I met my husband at home and he was already undressed in the bathroom with his penis dripping. I guess he tried to pee but missed the hole in front of the penis cage and just sprayed the wall like a water hose when you put your finger over the hole and it goes wild. 

What the hell have I done? 

I told him to calm down and come back into the bedroom. I got down on my knees and licked the urine that was dripping off his penis cage because I knew this would drive him wild. I then licked his dick through the cage again and noticed that his dick could only swell but not get hard. This was so sexy to me. I didn’t realize the cage will literally stop the penis from growing. I then sucked on his balls which were also locked in the cage and followed his taint down to his ass hole. This drove him mad. My husband was so frustrated and annoyed he started begging me to take off the cage so he could fuck me. Although I liked hearing him whine, I am not used to having a dominant role over him. Every bone in my body wanted to take it off immediately so I didn’t get in trouble. But before I did, I reminded him that he should take a few pictures for the blog before I freed his penis.

After he took a few pics with his cage against my ass, I turned around and unlocked his dick. His cock went from thick and soft to rock hard in seconds. The truth is, I have never seen a dick transform so quickly. Unfortunately / fortunately that day I learned I would have to pay with my pussy if I ever tried to dominate him. He snagged me up by my hair and threw me onto the bed and forced my head against the pillow.  He shoved his cock in me without lubing me up and fucked my brains out. I don’t remember how many times I came, but I know I was slapped around, choked, and punished for purposely teasing him while he was caged. Although I suppose this was “supposed” to teach me a lesson, all I am trying to figure out is how I can get him in his damn penis cage again!  Help! 

Masturbating together as a couple creates a stronger relationship.

masturbating together

Masturbating together as a couple creates a stronger relationship.

Masturbating together as a couple is an excellent way to bring couples closer together, whether in person or virtually. it can be one of the most intimate sexual experiences we can share with another person. it can be one of you masturbating the other partner while talking dirty, both of you guys masturbating at the same time, or masturbating each other one after the other.

For us, masturbating together has became the most important part of our intimacy. Below I will go over all the reasons why masturbating with your partner creates a stronger relationship.


Advantages to couples masturbating together

  • Masturbating together can help you feel more comfortable talking about sex with your partner.
  • Masturbating with your partner is a good way to talk to each other while you masturbate and share your fantasies.
  • Masturbation can change your entire idea of what sex and intimacy in a relationship really is.
  • If you have threesomes with a partner involved, masturbating together is a great way to communicate and talk about what those experiences meant for both of you.
  • Mutual masturbation is a great way to make sure both of you are satisfied.
  • Masturbation is a great way for a partner to take a “off day” but still make sure the other person still gets their release.

Masturbating Together

Masturbating together can help you feel more comfortable talking about sex with your partner.

One of the biggest obstacles in a new relationship is being transparent with your partner about your sex drive (sex drive compatibility), your fantasies, and your sexual preferences. It’s way too common that one partner thinks the other partner is innocent and pure and rather than discussing sex, they both play a role. They may feel they will not love each other if they knows each others’ sexual fantasies and experiences. This can be a disaster in a relationship. Once you open the door to masturbating together as a couple, ideas flow. Specifically because as the dopamine take over your body, you tend to open up with your most naughtiest ideas. The first step to opening up with each other is being comfortable that neither of you will judge each other. Once you are in a safe place, masturbating together can literally save your relationship.

Dopamine boosts bonding and the libido. Dopamine is a chemical released by the brain in response to pleasure. It plays a major role in reward-motivated behavior and actually activates libido through sex, masturbation, making out, flirting, or the anticipation of seeing, talking to or being with your partner.  


Masturbating together is a good way to talk to each other while you masturbate and share your fantasies.

Masturbating as a couple can lead to a whole new world. Because your mind opens up and it gives you the opportunity to put your thoughts into your partners head, no telling where it can lead sexually. My husband has told me that when I massage him and tell him my dirtiest thoughts, he is almost mentally numb and listening to my words like audible porn. I am like the alien inside his head controlling his thoughts, movements, orgasm, and excitement level based on the things I am telling him.  And if at first talking isn’t your thing, you can get ideas watching porn together, or browsing various Masturbation Websites. The more you masturbate together, the more you will realize that talking comes naturally. And the more you talk, the more you will open the pandora box to your dirtiest, naughty secrets. I have been married for 25 years and the first 15 years was normal, I guess. But after we started masturbating and talking together, our entire world has opened up and we have done all types of things I never thought a couple could ever do, with other people and ourselves.

Masturbating Together as a couple

Masturbating together can change your entire idea of what sex and intimacy in a relationship really is.

Mutual masturbation has been better than what 99% of the population would consider “sex”. Whether it be me masturbating him, him masturbating me, or us masturbating together, actual sexual intercourse has became the most boring part of our sex life because it’s usually the same dirty talk. I get him hard, he fucks my brains out while  I scream and he calls me a whore or slut,  and we cum together and crash out. But let me say, it’s pretty freaking hard to actually talk and communicate with my husband while his big dick is smashing into the back of my walls destroying my insides. We have both learned that we love masturbating together, and definitely consider masturbating together as a form of sex. Some of you may disagree,  but that’s probably because you haven’t opened your mind to how powerful and intimate masturbating together really is.

If you have threesomes, masturbating together is a great way to communicate and talk about what those experiences meant for both of you.

As most of our long time readers know, we have shared most of the beginning of our threesome journey. Masturbating together after a threesome now plays a huge part in our threesome experience. Although we no longer go into details of our experiences because we felt it wasn’t fair to the third person that we may be criticizing, we still discuss with each other all our naughty thoughts and details. While we discuss, we are usually masturbating each other so we can be in that euphoric state that keeps us both extremely honest and open. This leads to what seems to be our most powerful orgasms.

Mutual Masturbation

Mutual masturbation is a great way to make sure both of you are satisfied.

If you are worried about your partner faking orgasms or unsure if she gets off, masturbating together is a great way to insure that both of you reach a climax. What better way to make sure you orgasm than asking the other person do it themselves? It sounds silly but you can research online how many partners are left totally unsatisfied and quickly understand while masturbating with your partner can change the sexual landscape of your bedroom. 

Couples that masturbate together, ejaculate together.

Masturbating together is a great way for a partner to take a “off day” but still make sure the other person still gets their release.

Much like the previous reason, masturbation can be used as a tool in your relationship to make sure you are both satisfied. However, it can also be used as a tool that when your partner is having an off day, to participate in watching or helping you masturbate, can help sway infidelity. I like to make sure my husband’s balls are empty no matter what. I do not care if I am sick, tired, or just not in the mood, I am draining him. After 25 years of marriage, if he still has the “juice” to want to cheat, he isn’t human. However, I know him well, and leaving him drained kills his sex drive outside of our bedroom. Which is exactly how we both like it. He doesn’t want to go to the gym horny, and I don’t want him at the gym horny. If that’s wrong, I don’t want to be right!  

Other advantages to masturbating together

  • Masturbating together can lead to more sex, threesomes, and introducing your hidden kinks.
  • Masturbating together can help if your partner has trouble with premature ejaculations. 
  • Masturbating together can break up the routine.
  • If one of your partner likes watching, this would fulfill that voyeurism kink. If your partner enjoys being watched, this would fulfill that exhibitionism kink.


Finding a submissive male to lock up in a penis chastity cage and make him our pet.

penis chastity cageFinding a submissive male to lock up in a penis chastity cage and make him our pet.

Some couples are into cucking or the cuckold fetish, which seems to be extremely popular on social media. Some couples enjoy the hotwife fetish which is similar to cucking but not quite the same. However, we are into a less known kink called a threesub. This is a threesome where one of the third person involved is a total sub for a couple. This kink is the lesser known of the three and the sub can be a male or female, but in our situation we are looking for a sub to lock into a device called a penis chastity cage.

A Threesub (Threesome)

A threesub is where a couple takes on a third person that is totally submissive. The submissive person is usually male, but that would depend on the couple and the relationship dynamic they want to create. If the third is male, he will stay in a penis chastity cage throughout the relationship and only the couple can free him from this cage.

Although the sub’s role can vary, for us and our threesub, our pet’s role is to clean us both up with his mouth after my  husband and I have sex, always remaining obedient (as long as it doesn’t affect his marriage and real life), and service us both with oral sex on demand, possible waterplay (if all agree), and being penetrated and/or pegged at our discretion. This kink is clearly connected to BDSM.  We also hold the key to our pet’s penis chastity cage. When he decides or is caught without his cage, the relationship is over. We have no interest in our sub/pet if he decides he no longer wants to be caged. This rule for us is a hard boundary and the submissive knows this from the beginning.  

Having a threesub is great kink if the couple is interested in MFM threesomes without having to deal with the third person crossing the line or having to deal with another man’s ego. One man’s ego is enough for me! I prefer a total submissive. Neither I nor my husband have a desire to include a guy without a penis chastity cage involved. This kink is similar to cuckolding except the third male is the humiliated one. We have learned that this gives a great escape for a married man who is dealing with his sexuality (bisexual / curious), yet has no desire to share his own spouse or be cucked in his own relationship. However, he still has a strong desire in being humiliated. It also includes a few perks such as eating a woman’s cream pie, giving a man oral sex, and being fucked and pegged.  On the other hand, it gives the couple the advantage of having a threesome / pet, and not having to deal with the negative stigma of having another man in your bedroom. And although we are open, neither of us have any interest in seeing me fucked by another guy.  But as natural voyeurs, we love watching a third undress, be nude, and service us. 

A cuckold is a man who enjoys the humiliation or feeling of being emasculated by the fact that his wife is sleeping with other men.

The term cuckold is from around 1250 AD and probably derives from the cuckoo bird, who laid her eggs in other birds’ nests. The implication of female adultery was that a man could not control his wife, or satisfy her. The female’s other lovers—her bulls—have more sexual stamina, are more attractive, or have larger penises.

Cuckolding can involve penis size humiliation, chastity, abstinence for the husband, and forcing the husband to clean up the women and eat the “bulls” semen off or out of her body.


A hotwife is when a couple accepts that the wife is so hot that she attracts other men. Both of them are turned on by the fact other guys want her.

A hotwife is not about humiliation, but more about the husband accepting that his wife is so attractive that other men will do anything to be with her.  In response, the husband is turned on because the attention makes her feel good. She gets to be treated like a goddess. He loves the idea of other men wanting what is his. A hotwife will usually come home from a hotwife date and fuck her man immediately. Rather than humiliation and withholding sex for a “bull” like in cuckolding, the couple will fuck much more passionately because of the attention the wife received.

Maybe we will share more experiences as we are new to this lifestyle ourselves. So far we have been lucky enough to enjoy having our sub clean my fresh creampie while caged, wear my dirty panties throughout his work day, give us oral sex, and follow all our boundaries without asking for more.  

Please comment below if you are part of a threesub or have a desire to join a couple as a total submissive.


Why Are Sex Dolls Becoming More Popular?

Why are sex dolls becoming more popular?

Since the inception of sex dolls, their popularity has risen gradually. Technology has also contributed to the sex doll buzz. The days of blow up dollars that look like punching bags are no more. Dolls have become much more realistic with features that press the boundaries on what is real and what is fake. It is hard to ignore the advances in the naturalism of sex dolls and the sex doll market. Several factors attribute to their attention. For instance, the world is connected and it takes a single clip to go viral.

Second, people are blown away and enthusiastic about how exciting it can be to experience a realistic sex doll. We have decided to help our readers and go over a few contributing factors that have helped boost sex dolls’ popularity.   

sex dolls

Realistic and Seductive Features

Sex dolls are specifically manufactured for sexual satisfaction. Every detail in a sex doll is created to give a person the feeling of being with a real woman, including all her intimate features.  From the crevices in her vagina, to your sex doll’s nipple texture, as time passes the market has constantly surpassed the previous years by trying to create the most realistic doll on the market. In fact, modern dolls can be customized to meet your taste. The customization includes color, size, and any other feature you would like.

Manufacturing companies can customize all designs of your sex doll’s features which has led to sex dolls’ popularity. Some guys want to spend time with what they consider to be their absolute perfect body.

Sex Dolls Are Becoming Cheaper

No doubt, sex dolls are not cheap. A cheaper TPE sex doll cost about $500 which is way above the average of what most people want to spend.  

But now that many new companies are entering the market and due to “stiffer” competition, the more exclusive and known manufacturers like BestRealDoll will lower their prices as well. As production becomes more efficient, so does the ability to lower costs. On the flip side, the variation of sex dolls can be categorized depending on the the time and quality of your sex doll, as well as the types of the materials used.

If you want a super-quality doll, be ready to dig deeper into your pocket. Still, you don’t have to buy a full-sized doll if your budget is low. You can opt for cheaper substitutes. They are, however, made from quality materials.


Another factor that has contributed to the popularity of sex dolls is loneliness. Several factors contribute to loneliness. For instance, the internet has opened so many doors for introverts to have a much better quality of life. But unfortunately, it sometimes can create a social awkwardness and lack of confidence. I remember when I was a little girl I practiced kissing guys with baseball cards! I am not kidding. So now you can actually practice touching, feeling, and even kissing, on a doll created to feel like a real man/woman.  Much better than a dang baseball card!

Instead of the majority feeling inferior or get oppressed, sex dolls are here to offer comfort. Many have reported feeling at peace with a sex doll than a real partner.

Sex dolls are not judging your body, your performance, and are available any time. Dolls have helped many to fulfill their sexual fantasies, gain confidence, and no longer feel lonely.

Experiences (and dealing with premature ejaculations)

If you have been with a partner that seems to know their way around the bedroom while you feel fairly new to having sexual experiences. What better way to match their experiences with a sex doll?

As I mentioned in my previous paragraph, sex dolls can give you a real life experience with what feels like a real person. From having threesomes with your spouse, to learning to kiss, learning to give oral sex, and even learning to last longer. Fellas, let me say that again. If you are having issues with premature ejaculation, what better than practicing to last longer with a sex doll?  Trust me, sex dolls give you an experience that can keep you from getting overly excited when you finally spend time with a real person. 

The Covid-19 Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic clearly boosted the popularity of sex dolls. Due to lockdowns and other restrictions, many were left helpless. As such, the popular of BestRealDoll also scaled up. Those who were not married found pleasure in having a love doll.

If you were worried about your partner being uncareful when going to the grocery store and then not washing their hands when they got home, what better way to have a guaranteed house mate that never had to wear a mask with no risk of spreading air born pathogens, or breathing for that matter.

Manufacturing companies reported record high sales during the pandemic. The taboo regarding sex dolls is gradually fading. Nowadays, people are feeling much more comfortable discussing the advantages of sex dolls.

The End Of The Negative Stigma

Sex dolls are becoming more and more popular. The demand has increased and in the next few years to come, almost everyone will want to have one. The benefits that come with sex dolls have helped normalize their use in our society.

Things like STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) are not something to worry about. Love dolls are not shared so you have all the time and space. Enjoy all the fantasies, sex styles you have ever wanted.

The future of sex dolls looks bright. Manufacturing companies are working hard to meet the rising demand. Stop worring about what others might think and do what makes you feel good. Get yourself a premium sex doll.

Q&A: My Girlfriend Tricked Me To Go To Church To Talk To Her Pastor About Our Sex Life

My Girlfriend Tricked Me To Go To Church To Talk To Her Pastor About Our Sex Life

A few weeks ago my girlfriend (at the time) invited me to come to church with her.  I’m not a church person, but out of respect and love for my girlfriend, I agreed to go. For religious reasons, my girlfriend often felt guilty whenever we were done having sex.  I am 19, she is 18.  I never really understood her religion, but I didn’t pressure her to become sexually active. She was the one who initiated sex most of the time, even though she would up begging God for forgiveness afterwards and promising never to sin again. She prayed a lot and we sinned a lot. I enjoyed our sex life and so did she. At some point, she stopped praying after sex, which made me think she was finally learning to accept that it was natural to be sexual. However, I didn’t realize the extent of her guilt until that morning in church when the pastor approached my gf and I after the service and asked us to meet with him in private.

During the meeting with the pastor, he revealed that my gf requested to see him and she wanted me to be present. I was completely blindsided. The pastor said that my gf confessed to what we have done behind closed doors and explained that she wanted him to pray for both us at that moment, so that we could fight our sexual urges. I reluctantly agreed to the prayer, which made my gf smile and hold my hand. The pastor asked us to close our eyes before proceeding to pray. It was a long prayer.  He knew more than enough details about our relationship and our sex life. It was embarrassing and infuriating. When we were done at church, I broke up with my gf. It was painful for both of us, but the pastor situation was too much for me. I could no longer compete in the bedroom with God.

Yesterday she reached out to me after 2 weeks of zero communication. She said she had a new hairstyle – pigtails. I knew what that meant. When we were still together, I used to joke about wanting her to get pigtails on each side so I could pull on them during doggy style. The new hairstyle is an invitation. I’m not sure if I should accept or decline. The part of me that is thinking with my dick definitely wants to fuck her again, but the other part of me is thinking about her religious baggage. To those of you who are or have been in my shoes, what would your advice be to someone like me?

Venice’s Response to sex and the church

Do what makes you happy.  Personally, I think you breaking up was the right move.  If you don’t have the guilt she has, why put yourself through that?   

Obviously she has inner issues with sex and her religion. This might be more than just her religion, but a personality thing.  If it isn’t religion, it would have been her parents.  If it wasn’t her parents, it would have been some sort of issue she had with her sexual thoughts or experiences as a child.  Some people just can’t be happy having sex.  Unfortunately it’s what the world has taught us.  Your parents appropriately keep you from touching yourself as a child, or even thinking about sex.  You’re scolded for it.  But that doesn’t stop our curiosity, so we learn to hide it.  Sex and masturbation becomes something we keep a secret and never talk about.  Obviously school will not touch on various sexual topics because parents and the churches influence keeps actual sex education out of school. You can learn about math, your alphabets, history, but not sex.  Because apparently sex isn’t something you should learn and it’s only appropriate to learn after you are married.  You and your future partner should figure it out as adults.   

The church teaches us it’s a sin.  The government teaches us it’s bad, because if a teenager has a child they may end up needing government assistance.  So their goal is to keep people who are not ready for children, away from sex.  Your parents have their own agenda, whether it be embarrassment, your future, or just unaccepting that their child is sexual and growing up.  In other words, we are taught sex is so awful and wrong that feeling guilt is “normal”.   

I don’t blame your ex-girlfriend for how she feels, but I do feel bad for her.  Obviously she loves sex.  It’s unfortunate that the world has conditioned us to feel so guilty about something we were all born from and instinctively desire.  If you think you are up to the task of dealing with her guilt, continue your relationship.  However, be aware, sometimes certain personalities just can’t be happy doing what they love. 

Ryan’s Response to sex and the church

I have never dealt with this type of personality and I probably couldn’t.  We are all limited to our own experiences and although I am a people watcher, this isn’t something I am familiar with.  I have always wondered how some people deal with a partner that is extremely religious.  Most of my father’s side of my family was killed by Jim Jones so I was raised to question everything, especially organized religion.  

I would be extremely upset if I was put in the situation you were put in.  I like to think we are all individuals and if she can’t accept sex doesn’t make you feel guilty, nor do you want to be prayed with about your sexual desires, it isn’t a good fit.  And that’s that.