Putting My Husband In A Penis Cage Until He Begged To Be Freed

Putting My Husband In A Penis Cage Until He Begged To Be Freed

So rather than being a great blogger and leaving you guys on the edge of your seat like, “Omg, finally her husband is going to start his chastity training! Now the question is, when is her husband going to beg to take off his penis cage? I just can’t wait to hear this! Cancel all our plans for tonight baby, I am going to be busy reading this blog!”  I will let you know, my husband didn’t even last 4 hours.  In fact, if it wasn’t for our work day, he wouldn’t even have lasted an hour.

So let me start…

On a whim and for no apparent reason, my husband ordered a penis cage online and decided he wanted to be my fuck boy. Although this wasn’t something we discussed, it’s kind of like at this point, I was like, “Fuck it, why not?”  If you don’t know, just check out a few extreme things we have done in the past. This seemed like light work compared to all the things we’ve tried.

So I was laying in bed the night before my husband was caged and massaging his dick while talking dirty to him. We discussed how he would never leave the house again without being caged. We discussed how no person on earth will ever be able to fuck him or even see his dick without my penis cage being locked on it. His dick would be totally useless. Admittedly, I loved this talk. For the record, I have went way beyond caging him, I had him tattoo my name on his dick. So this idea isn’t anything new to  us. The only difference is, instead of anyone that sucks his dick having to put my name in their mouth, with a locked cage, it just isn’t possible anymore. His dick is finally all mine forever…

Or a few hours, whatever.

So we wake up in the morning and get ready for work. I remind him that I need to cage him and he already started complaining that he has a morning erection and it won’t be possible. Oh boy, what a wuss. So I wait a few minutes and grab the cage and demand that he sits on the bed. I try to slide the cage on and I admit, it wasn’t that easy. My husband kept saying “ouch” and other various noises. Eventually I told him to quit being a pussy. He snapped back at me to stop and said he will do it himself. So I sat back and watched him use his fingers between the cage bars and slowly slide his penis into his cage.

After what seemed like an eternity I finally had his dick where I wanted it, safely locked in a cage for the rest of my life! I put the lock on and swallowed the key. I looked at him after I swallowed it and said, you will only get this key when they pry it out of my cold dead hands. He yelled back at me, “Did you just really swallow that fucking key?!”

Okay, none of that last part happened but I figured it would spice things up for the readers. I actually just took the key and placed it nicely in my purse because I didn’t want to lose it. I got down on my knees and started licking his dick through the cage and laughed to myself as I saw his dick start expanding inside the cage. He pulled his dick away and told me to stop. I left to work and sent him a text message, “You dick will never be free again.”

At about 10 AM I got a text message from my husband saying his penis was hurting and he couldn’t walk around because his bulge was sticking out too far. Oh gosh, I just didn’t realize my husband couldn’t last a day with his cock locked up. He then texted and said please meet him at home for lunch because his dick was aching. I agreed.

At lunch, I met my husband at home and he was already undressed in the bathroom with his penis dripping. I guess he tried to pee but missed the hole in front of the penis cage and just sprayed the wall like a water hose when you put your finger over the hole and it goes wild. 

What the hell have I done? 

I told him to calm down and come back into the bedroom. I got down on my knees and licked the urine that was dripping off his penis cage because I knew this would drive him wild. I then licked his dick through the cage again and noticed that his dick could only swell but not get hard. This was so sexy to me. I didn’t realize the cage will literally stop the penis from growing. I then sucked on his balls which were also locked in the cage and followed his taint down to his ass hole. This drove him mad. My husband was so frustrated and annoyed he started begging me to take off the cage so he could fuck me. Although I liked hearing him whine, I am not used to having a dominant role over him. Every bone in my body wanted to take it off immediately so I didn’t get in trouble. But before I did, I reminded him that he should take a few pictures for the blog before I freed his penis.

After he took a few pics with his cage against my ass, I turned around and unlocked his dick. His cock went from thick and soft to rock hard in seconds. The truth is, I have never seen a dick transform so quickly. Unfortunately / fortunately that day I learned I would have to pay with my pussy if I ever tried to dominate him. He snagged me up by my hair and threw me onto the bed and forced my head against the pillow.  He shoved his cock in me without lubing me up and fucked my brains out. I don’t remember how many times I came, but I know I was slapped around, choked, and punished for purposely teasing him while he was caged. Although I suppose this was “supposed” to teach me a lesson, all I am trying to figure out is how I can get him in his damn penis cage again!  Help! 

Sex Toy Review: QIUI Cellmate 2 BDSM Electric Shock Male Chastity Device

QIUI Cellmate 2 Electric Shock Male Chastity Device

In the past, we have tried a chastity device in the form of a metal penis cage.    Chastity devices are a fun way to BDSM role play and  show your commitment to your woman.   What was even more fun was my wife sitting on my face and turning me on, but my penis unable to get hard due to the cage restrictions.  This restriction is intense.  My shaft skin was swollen and nearly melting through the bars.  Because of this,  I was still able to cum from my wife licking up and down the cage (and her tongue still able to rub my penis skin that stuck out through the bars).  A pretty crazy experience to say the least.

The problem we had with this metal cage was throughout the work day the cage made metal “clinking” sounds as I moved around.    This was because the ball area that locks the testicles in (this is actually what holds the entire chastity devices into place) to the shaft portion of the cage, rubbed together.  Remember, this is a chastity device, so the entire role play is based on her controlling my dick throughout the entire day.  So I wore it to work.  I’m sure my co-workers couldn’t figure out why it sounded like I had a huge set of keys in my pocket, “he’s not even a  janitor though.”   The truth is, the cage was extremely bulky, created a huge eye catching bulge (the grundle gazing was intense, by both men and women co-workers), and made too much noise.   Also, as my balls began to sag throughout the day, the metal cage slowly shifted down off my penis.   Although the size wasn’t too small, the cage length is totally dependent on the testicles holding everything in place.  So the more your testicles sag, the more the cage slowly slid down your shaft.   This is a bit difficult to explain if you haven’t tried one for yourself.  So try it.  

Anyway, we ended up using the cage for a day, had oral sex with it on that night, and once my wife unlocked my cock, she never locked it away again.  

Enter:  QIUI Cellmate 2.   This isn’t a cage, it’s a penis shock collar.  This is a total control device that allows your partner to monitor every move you make (or your penis).   If you try to take it off?  She knows.  If your penis gets turned on and begins to grow?  She knows.  Not only does she know, she can shock you into submission if you are not behaving.  What’s even better?   Everything is totally controlled through the QIUI app, even the unlocking.   That’s right, there is no key that you can lose.  If she doesn’t release you, you aren’t getting out.  It’s as simple as that.  Talk about power.   This is something every woman should lock her man into if she is DOM.   

In my experience, the device fit much more snug on my penis (there are two sizes to choose from) that the cage I used because the app-controlled bar that locks the scrotum into the device is a tight fit and regardless of how saggy your testicles get, it stays in place.  This device is the real deal when it comes to total control.  The only pleasure I could receive in this thing was mental.  Knowing that no matter how turned on I got, I wasn’t going to get a release unless she released the device.   Not only can this thing prevent you from having an erection, if my wife noticed that I was getting swollen and turned on, she could shock my penis back into it’s shriveled state.  Even though the shock isn’t bad, it’s definitely noticeable.  There is also different modes such as vibrate so it doesn’t shock, but instead vibrates.

So did this device shock me into submission?  Did it keep me from orgasming?  Yea right.  Although this device kept me from getting stimulation through the penis, the anus is still totally in play.  And this is the perfect time for your partner to explore your prostate and dominate you into cumission through pegging or fingering you.   Which is exactly what we did.

And what’s so sexy about that?  Well, the QIUI Cellmate 2 has a nice sized penis hole that allows your semen to put on a show when it drips out.  My wife loved it.  This hole also allows you to use the bathroom during the day while locked up.

So if you are in the market for a chastity device that can be great for training and teaching a man to appreciate anal pleasure, take all control from him and his penis, and enjoy BDSM role play, this is the one.   

Extra things I noticed:  

  • The QIUI app keeps track of any time the cage is unlocked.  So if you were to grab your partners phone and unlock yourself, she can check her account history and it shows when and where you were unlocked.  In other words, there really isn’t a way to take off the chastity device without your Dom knowing.   
  • The QIUI app also seems to have a community feature where you can have random people all over the globe using the app vote on a post you make.  The more votes you get, the longer you stay locked in. You heard that correct, the app actually forces you to keep your penis locked in depending on the amount of votes users give (of course the original post is voluntary, so the person decides if they want to ask the community to keep them locked in). 
  • I panicked a bit when unlocking my device and it didn’t seem to respond.  On my device, I had to move the rod that locks in my testicles forward a tad, to get it to unlock freely.  For a second I thought I was going to have to break out a sledge hammer and bolt cutters.   
  • Admittedly I am not into pain, shocking, or locking my junk into a device that has a battery.  When you are locked in, you are LOCKED in.  Be careful with this type of device as if you have to put on warning labels on packages because it contains a battery, maybe you should take heed to that when you are putting it on your package.  

More Information and Price: $136.99 

Buy QIUI Cellmate 2 Here


Website product Description:

  • Cellmate 2 Suitable for BDSM Training and has remarkable characteristics.

    •  1. APP control no need to worry about finding keys, unlock and punish any place with internet
    •  2. Timed electric shock wake up the penis according to your preference
    • 3. Three modes vibration tremor: and acupuncture are different every time, making people look forward to and scared, and play bdsm to the extreme
    • 4. Timing unlocking no need to connect to the network, after setting the timing unlocking, the lock body will automatically open.
    The cardinal testicle is the biggest problem of the chastity cage. After two years of painstaking research, the designer has created an original six-stage adjustable ring. No matter your size, there is nowhere to escape
  • Ergonomic Design
    The device is only 80 grams, comfortable to wear, scientific porous design, breathable and comfortable, so that you can wear it for a long time. Whether you go shopping mall, at work or by bus, without affecting  and no embarrassing
  • Stomatal Design
    Multiple ventilation holes let your dick breathe freely without being stuffy
  • Urinating Mouth
    The unique curve design is more suitable for your penis, the large opening urinary tract design,  splash-proof, easy to clean
  • Matte Material
    Made of environmentally friendly soft rubber skin-friendly, hypoallergenic, lightweight, rubber coating on the surface, strong and comfortable suitable for long-term wear
  • Fast Charge Mode
    Equipped with rechargeable lithium battery, wireless charging card holder, realizing wired and wireless fast charging, don t worry about the trouble of running out of electricity
  • IPX6 Waterproof
    in the bathroom or pool to use wherever you want, to enjoy different orgasm pleasure, more experience, enjoy the sexual time, so your dick presumptuous love and enjoy!


    Long size: 12*3.7cm weight 80g
    Short size: 11*3.7cm weight 60g

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