From A Clean Shaven Man To A Manly Man

Although I don’t think there is anything wrong with a man having, or not having body hair, I do think that it’s a matter of preference. For what makes him comfortable, and for what she is attracted to. For a long time, I associated body hair on a man with being “clean and hygienic.” I felt a clean shaven body was something some men decided to do to show a possible mate that they take care of themselves.  Clean smelling, smooth shaven. Feeling a smooth body, stomach, crotch, balls, and ass meant a man took the time to groom himself.  After all, we’re humans, not apes, which meant men no longer needed body hair to keep themselves warm or to have their hair stand on end to make them a bigger to threat to their enemies. Evolutionary speaking, body hair just seems unnecessary in modern times.

I didn’t always feel this way.  When I first met Ryan I didn’t care about body hair one way or the other.  I met Ryan when I was young and other than on television or on the beach, I hadn’t seen a man’s body enough to create a personal preference.  I just know I wanted one. I do remember the first time Ryan and I snuck into my room while my parents were at work and had sex.  Later, after he left, I found his body hairs on my sheets. Instead of being grossed out, I remember picking them up and saving them in a container.  Although this was over 20 years ago, I do feel this says something about my perception of body hair before I was married.  Not only did I like body hair, I thought it was sexy and saved it as a memento to knowing he was in my bed with me.  

Flash forward a few years.  Unlike first meeting a man and not caring if he has hair on his body or not, marriage creates a new monster.  You mean I can turn my man into a Ken doll and he will go along with it?  I can make his penis look like a dildo, clean shaven, and not deal with all the body hair?  Well shoot, let me go buy him some extra razors then!

That isn’t the whole truth, but it’s partially correct.  In our relationship, Ryan was kind of on the frontier of shaving.  I think the first thing he ever shaved / trimmed was his ass hair.  He has always been extremely picky about this area of his body and has kept it groomed because he didn’t feel it was clean after using the bathroom.  He would later shave it totally clean and even take showers after using the restroom (which he still does).  He is very ANAL about his anus.   



In the process of shaving his ass, he would experiment and shave his balls, shave his stomach, shave his chest, shave under his arms, shave his arms to show off his tattoos, and then…shave his legs.  I had to stop him at the legs.  Although I didn’t push the shaving issue, I understood why he shaved and actually agreed with him that I preferred him without body hair.  Everything except his legs.  I drew the line there.

I preferred the smoothness of skin over hair. I loved that my men spent a few hours in the shower every week turning himself into a Sphinx cat for me. He loved me and only wanted me happy. I complimented his smooth skin – razor cuts and all – after each shower and reminded him how sexy it was.

Aww, look at his little gonad-skin forehead <3



That was 20 years ago. I’ve now come to believe that you can have all body hair and be just as sexy. Being hygienic doesn’t mean smooth, hair-free skin every waking second. It means showering everyday so your partner can run his/her tongue on you without having to touch sweat from the last 2 days and 2 public toilets worth of other people’s body fluids. It means smelling good. It means washing all of your body hair with shampoo, not just the hair on your head.  And lastly, it means making sure you don’t have dingleberries!



Even dogs know how it is.



At this stage in my marriage, I’m ready for all that body hair now. Maybe it’s a phase we are going through, or we are getting old and it seems kinky to just try it.  But I’m ready to run my fingers through a sexy, hairy chest. I’m ready to have my man, the guy I call daddy, who protects me and keeps me safe, to have his body match his lion’s personality.  No longer skinny and in his 20s, his body has grown and looks like how I imagined a grown man’s body should appear. I think that him having hair will match better with his finely aged, husky body.  And no, I am not scared of aging and can’t wait to grow old with Ryan, but reality is reality, we  aging!  I now understand how a woman views hair on a man as sexy.   

So any rule I had previously about keeping your balls shaved if you want to have your woman enjoy giving you a blow job, erase that one off our lists!  Every woman is different, every man is different, and if you have the body type for body hair, then wear it like a man. Communication is still important, so compromise with your significant other about her preferences, but a hairy body is beautiful if done right!

In nature, hair has not changed. It is still a measure of power, health, and virility. A lionness will choose a lion with a dark mane over a lighter mane: “The color of a lion’s mane directly correlates with his health, testosterone, and vigor. Mane color indicates a lion’s prowess to his fellows. The darker the mane, the more powerful the lion; when darker, the lion will scare off potential rivals or attract potential mates. A lighter mane conveys the opposite.” The dark body hair symbolizes a man’s ferocity and his ability to overpower others

Time to go lay in my lion’s den!

Disclosure:  Despite what I said above, I am still learning embrace the idea of a man with a hairy body. I tried to write a body hair positive blog to exercise my mind.  We’ve always done this exercise with everything we’ve tried together. From threesomes to water play. When your spouse shaves his body your entire relationship, it’s hard finding adapting to another look.  However, a body change can sometimes be kinky and sexy just because it’s different from anything you have ever experienced.   He can always shave and go back to what you are used to, but a hairy body can almost be like a kinky 3 month long experiment and sex game.  There is so much I can do with a hairy body, so much he can enjoy seeing.  Why not?

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