Letting Our Body Hair Grow Out And Living All Natural. Are We Hippies Now?

Letting Our Body Hair Grow Out And Living All Natural.  Are We Hippies Now?

First let me say, as much as I am enjoying letting our bodies be natural, I can’t embrace growing out my underarm hair!  That may be something I never embrace, as I wouldn’t feel attractive.  In fact, I’d feel quite the opposite. However, I am starting to grow my pubic hair with no plans to ever shave again!  For us, this is exciting! I shaved every other day for 20+ years (other than my Project:  Asian Bush – Growing Out My Bush in Photos), it’s time to be free!

Throughout the blog we will drop random fun facts from various studies, but regardless of what any surveys or studies say, your pubic hair and the way you enjoy your man or woman’s body, is totally subjective.  Porn can alter our perception.  As well as the new generations that never had an attraction to a body with hair, because everyone being shaved is all they have ever known.  I’ve personally seen instances where women and men are bullied to fit what is now considered “normal”.  This type of group mentality can alter what we find beautiful.  But eventually, you do what makes you happy. 

I grew up enamored by a woman’s breasts, body, and bush.  I thought everything about a woman was beautiful.  The truth is, I didn’t even know what an actual vagina looked like!  Just her breasts, body, and bush.  And although I didn’t have access to nude men, if I did see their bodies, they had hairy chests and crotch hair.  It’s what I learned to visualize that a man should be.  Somewhere along the line, shaving became cleaner, easier to navigate, and something I preferred.  As I get older, I am finding my tastes are going back to where it all started.  Full bush, full circle.

Now wouldn’t you be happy if you were attracted to a woman and saw her in her  small little shorts, smelling good, and she teases you, opening her legs slightly, showing you hints of her pubic hair?  If that totally turns you off, I get it.  But for me, it’s sexy as fuck. For my husband, it drives him wild.  Enough so he pulled out his camera and turned our latest camping trip into a photoshoot for the blog!  

  • A recent study regarding grooming and STIs (sexually transmitted infections) may be an read for those who care about this topic.   Specifically gonococcal infection (GC), chlamydial infection (CT), or human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).   Although the study didn’t find that grooming your pubic hair made it more likely to get these STIs, it did show that 98.1% testing for STIs that agreed to survey, have shaved their pubic hair.  53% of those people were extreme groomers, which meant they shave regularly.   In other words, the majority of people (or at least those testing for STIs) shave regularly.  Another thing to note, although I hadn’t previously thought of this, having a fresh shave and being with someone else who is also freshly shaved, would create a lot of “raw” skin on skin contact, which is probably why there were recent findings that extreme grooming could make it more likely to get HIV during intercourse.  

Although shaving is now common, more and more people are getting injuries due to shaving and cuts.  As men get older they can develop a life-threatening, tissue-destroying infection called Fournier’s gangrene. It only affects 1 in 7,500 people, but is more common in older men and can destroy the scrotum. (Though rare, women can also contract the infection in the external vaginal folds as a result of some surgical procedures.)

Certain conditions, like diabetes, lupus, Crohn’s disease, leukemia, or HIV, could increase your risk for Fournier’s gangrene. If you have any of these conditions or a weakened immune system, talk to your doctor about the safest methods for pubic hair grooming. If you do nick the scrotum, clean the cut thoroughly with soap and water, and follow with alcohol. Seek medical attention for sudden pain or a rapid change in skin color at the site, or a high fever.

How does the thought of putting alcohol on your scrotum sound to you fellas?

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From A Clean Shaven Man To A Manly Man

Although I don’t think there is anything wrong with a man having, or not having body hair, I do think that it’s a matter of preference. For what makes him comfortable, and for what she is attracted to. For a long time, I associated body hair on a man with being “clean and hygienic.” I felt a clean shaven body was something some men decided to do to show a possible mate that they take care of themselves.  Clean smelling, smooth shaven. Feeling a smooth body, stomach, crotch, balls, and ass meant a man took the time to groom himself.  After all, we’re humans, not apes, which meant men no longer needed body hair to keep themselves warm or to have their hair stand on end to make them a bigger to threat to their enemies. Evolutionary speaking, body hair just seems unnecessary in modern times.

I didn’t always feel this way.  When I first met Ryan I didn’t care about body hair one way or the other.  I met Ryan when I was young and other than on television or on the beach, I hadn’t seen a man’s body enough to create a personal preference.  I just know I wanted one. I do remember the first time Ryan and I snuck into my room while my parents were at work and had sex.  Later, after he left, I found his body hairs on my sheets. Instead of being grossed out, I remember picking them up and saving them in a container.  Although this was over 20 years ago, I do feel this says something about my perception of body hair before I was married.  Not only did I like body hair, I thought it was sexy and saved it as a memento to knowing he was in my bed with me.  

Flash forward a few years.  Unlike first meeting a man and not caring if he has hair on his body or not, marriage creates a new monster.  You mean I can turn my man into a Ken doll and he will go along with it?  I can make his penis look like a dildo, clean shaven, and not deal with all the body hair?  Well shoot, let me go buy him some extra razors then!

That isn’t the whole truth, but it’s partially correct.  In our relationship, Ryan was kind of on the frontier of shaving.  I think the first thing he ever shaved / trimmed was his ass hair.  He has always been extremely picky about this area of his body and has kept it groomed because he didn’t feel it was clean after using the bathroom.  He would later shave it totally clean and even take showers after using the restroom (which he still does).  He is very ANAL about his anus.   


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