Love Eating – Enjoying a Full Meal Off Each Others Nude Bodies

Love Eating – Enjoying a Full Meal Off Each Others Nude Bodies

Each morning I wake up and make my morning coffee.  I have about an hour to prepare myself to go to work. For the first 30 minutes I will get my morning affairs in order.  I then pull the covers off my husband and wake him up.  We sleep nude, so he will roll over and expose his body to me, tell me he loves me, and open his legs so I can sit Indian style between them.   I will lotion him up with coconut oil and rub his legs, his crotch, his balls, his anus and taint, his inner thighs, and give him a morning massage.  This massage can lead to me finishing him with my hands, oral sex, or riding him until he cums.  No matter where he releases, it will be inside me.   I do not leave the house without him in me.  We have done this faithfully, or variations of this, for the last 6 years.  It’s part of our life.   It’s also when we open up and talk.  No rules.  Nothing is off limits.  No fantasies are judged.  Even if I talk about having sex with a hundred 80 year old men at a senior citizen home, it’s strictly talk.  It’s mental porn.  It’s a connection.  It’s can be extremely raunchy, or extremely sensual.  We also talk about things and ideas we have never tried.  In other words, the sexual ideas flow.

This morning my husband asked if I would like to eat dinner off his body.  Of course I would, but food and our bodies isn’t something we have seriously toyed with in probably 22 years. 

When You Started to “Love Eating”

I do remember when we first started exploring each other, nude and  totally new to each others’ bodies.  I asked my husband, who was my virgin boyfriend at the time, if he would like to eat ice cream off my vagina. In hindsight, I don’t think he was ready for that type of connection at the time.  He was still learning how to properly eat me out, let alone figuring out how to eat ice cream off my labia.  It was a real mess.  He also experimented with a lollipop and pixie sticks.  This was all years ago. 

I guess the most recent thing we have done with food was about 7 years ago, for a Christmas photo shoot, I let my husband cum on a chocolate chip cookie that I ate while dipping it in milk.  This wasn’t eating off his body, but it was incorporating his cum with something I ate.  Other than that, food has been pretty off limits.  

Why do we do what we do?

Last week we made a blog explaining why we do the unusual things we do.  Extreme sex.  To summarize, it enhances your connection.  It creates mini goals and allows you to achieve new things together sexually.  It questions normalcy, presses our limits, and opens our minds to new experiences.  If you want to get the full break down, check out my husband’s blog from last week.  This week, we “love eating”.

Love Eating

The power of blogging is sometimes you get to coin your own terms.  If you love eating, you love eating.  If you eat off someone you love, you are love eating!  I know, corny (pun) huh!  With that said, this isn’t a new idea or concept.  Food and sexuality have a very long history together.  Let’s get to the story…

The Story of How We “Love Eating”

I lay my husband face down on the bed with his nude body exposed to me.  I have prepared an entire steamed meal, which leaves our food soft and delicious.  Today I will be having steamed broccoli, a bit of carrots, and steamed salmon with a side of honey teriyaki.  I pour a small bowl of honey teriyaki next to him, so he can reach inside the bowl and soak his fingers in the sauce.  We have decided to first try eating off each others lower backs, right above the crack of our butts.  

My husband slowly takes his hand and lathers the rim of his anus with honey teriyaki.   He then slides his hand up his own crack, lubing up a pathway for my tongue to follow.  I prepare my bite above his crack, a bit of broccoli and salmon, using a spoon.  I lean down and stick my tongue around his anus and softly suck the honey teriyaki off his rim.  I then slowly work my way up his crack until my mouth meets the bite of food waiting for me.  It tastes so sweet.  This may be the first time I have ever gotten moist while eating food. 

Rinse and repeat.  Each bite, my husband lathers up his ass, so I can taste him and the honey teriyaki.  

Once I finished my meal, my husband got up and rinsed himself off.  He came back in the room and laid me down face first on the bed, pushing the bowl of honey teriyaki next to my arm.  It’s his turn.

Feeling my husband eat off my body, rub his food down my crack to lather up his salmon with the honey sauce he poured on my anus, felt so satisfying.  Hearing him eat his meal off me was very sexy for me. Sexy in the same way I like my anus licked.  The same way I like to feel his dick go down my throat.  The same way I like to feel his tongue go as far as he can inside my vagina, for no other reason other than to show me, how bad he wants to taste my insides.  There are certain things that don’t feel earth shattering physically, but mentally, it feels like love.  To know a person finds you desirable enough to use your body, sweat, and oils as his plate, is extremely full feeling.   Oops!  I mean fulfilling.

I’d like to keep going, but there really isn’t much more to the story.  Maybe later I will go into why doing things like this ascend beyond normal love and move a couple into a whole new world of connection.  To love and respect a person’s body so much, you use their flesh as your plate.  You use their oils and sweat as  your sauce to a delicious meal.  You eat off them and bond.  And when you tell anyone about the things you do to connect with each other, that person will never look at you the same.   Perfect.

Unfortunately we did not take photos of our above experience. It was our first time “Love Eating” and we wanted to see how it made us feel.  We enjoyed the intimacy so much that the next day we decided to  try another meal while taking photos.  I enjoyed an entire plate of stir fry off my husband’s crotch and he ate homemade peach cobbler with ice cream off my vagina for dessert.  

Things To Be Aware Of If You “Love Eating” From Her Vagina

Foods you want to keep out of your vagina and anus.

  1. Any sweet spreads or sauces
    When it comes to the vagina, Hilda Hutcherson, M.D., professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Columbia University Medical Center, has seen “all kinds of things put up there.” Her rule of thumb is that anything you put in, you should be able to completely remove intact. But some of the most intriguing foods to use during sex don’t fall into that category—think jelly, honey, peanut butter, etc. Hutcherson has even seen patients whose partners inserted the nozzle of a whipped cream can into the vagina, then let loose. Suguar can serve as a food source to year and bacteria.  These things can change the pH of the vagina and that can lead to yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis.  
  2. Fruits and vegetables
    The sphincters around the anus and vagina can involuntarily contract, which may make whatever you put in there, harder to get out. Hutcherson can personally attest to seeing this. “I don’t know what it is about grapes, but I’ve seen lots of them,” she says. Sometimes they get stuck in the vagina, people forget they have them in there, or the fruit in question gets pushed so far inside it’s tough to remove, warranting a trip to the doctor’s office.  Not to mention, even well-washed fruits and vegetables have bacteria.  This introudction of new bacteria can obviously lead to UTIs and bacteria vaginosis.  
  3. Anything spicy
    So you want to be a spice girl huh?  Well, spices are desiccants, so they tend to dry tissue out very quickly. Since healthy mucous membranes are wet, this can lead to chemical vulvovaginitis, a condition that’s basically a chemical burn down below.  Not just peppers spices either, cinnamon or nutmeg can also dry out the tissues in the vagina.
  4. Anything either of you is allergic to
    If you are allergic to them, stay away from them.  This should be common sense.  If you cannot eat nuts or crab legs, don’t put nuts and crab legs into your anus or vagina.  
  5. Oily foods or oil itself
    Oil can degrade latex, which is a problem if you’re using condoms and/or dental dams for safe sex. We’ve read that it is not good to use coconut oil with condoms.  Thankfully, we’ve never used condoms! But like honey and other liquid options, it can also be difficult to fully remove from the vagina.  Oil being so thick and viscous, it can trap bacteria and increase the risk of vaginal infections.  Because oils, especially of the coconut variety is so slippery, people may want to use this as lubrication.  While you may be able to do it without incident, Dr. Hutcherson is against it. “It’s a thinner oil, and some people can use it without having any complications, but my own opinion is that you should avoid oils because they’re more difficult to remove—they sit there, and it’s a set-up for infection.”  Please note that I have read that coconut oil destroys yeast, helps prevent yeast infections, and is good for your skin.  I have never had any issues using coconut oil as lube each day for the last 7 years.  But everyone is different. 
  6. Alcohol
    I am sure you have heard of soaking a tampon in vodka and getting drunk while no one notices right?  Not as easy as you might think.  Alcohol is very irritating, so you run the risk of chemical vulvovaginitis. That danger applies to your anus, as well.  
  7. Anything that’s too far on either end of the temperature spectrum
    The mocus membranes in your vagina and anus are not like your skin, they are much more sensitive and can be damaged by cold or hot food.  This may not have long term effects, but it will be extremely painful.

Although none of this has to do with eating off a person’s body, I figured I would at least add something informative to the blog just in case!



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haha)) I was reading this post with a smile on my face. And what I would like to admit is that its so fucking horny topice and the activity described is very sexy