Love Eating – Enjoying a Full Meal Off Each Others Nude Bodies

Love Eating – Enjoying a Full Meal Off Each Others Nude Bodies

Each morning I wake up and make my morning coffee.  I have about an hour to prepare myself to go to work. For the first 30 minutes I will get my morning affairs in order.  I then pull the covers off my husband and wake him up.  We sleep nude, so he will roll over and expose his body to me, tell me he loves me, and open his legs so I can sit Indian style between them.   I will lotion him up with coconut oil and rub his legs, his crotch, his balls, his anus and taint, his inner thighs, and give him a morning massage.  This massage can lead to me finishing him with my hands, oral sex, or riding him until he cums.  No matter where he releases, it will be inside me.   I do not leave the house without him in me.  We have done this faithfully, or variations of this, for the last 6 years.  It’s part of our life.   It’s also when we open up and talk.  No rules.  Nothing is off limits.  No fantasies are judged.  Even if I talk about having sex with a hundred 80 year old men at a senior citizen home, it’s strictly talk.  It’s mental porn.  It’s a connection.  It’s can be extremely raunchy, or extremely sensual.  We also talk about things and ideas we have never tried.  In other words, the sexual ideas flow.

This morning my husband asked if I would like to eat dinner off his body.  Of course I would, but food and our bodies isn’t something we have seriously toyed with in probably 22 years. 

When You Started to “Love Eating”

I do remember when we first started exploring each other, nude and  totally new to each others’ bodies.  I asked my husband, who was my virgin boyfriend at the time, if he would like to eat ice cream off my vagina. In hindsight, I don’t think he was ready for that type of connection at the time.  He was still learning how to properly eat me out, let alone figuring out how to eat ice cream off my labia.  It was a real mess.  He also experimented with a lollipop and pixie sticks.  This was all years ago. 

I guess the most recent thing we have done with food was about 7 years ago, for a Christmas photo shoot, I let my husband cum on a chocolate chip cookie that I ate while dipping it in milk.  This wasn’t eating off his body, but it was incorporating his cum with something I ate.  Other than that, food has been pretty off limits.  

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