Q&A: Is masturbation wrong if your wife is sleeping next to you

Sleeping?  Who cares.
Sleeping? Who cares.

Dominic via the internet,

Venice u sexy as hell shorty.  im just sayin.  if ya man ever drops the ball and you get lonely hit a nigga up on kik or skype.   u feel me?  i left my tags on the bottom of email if you get that itch only a bbc can scratch.  trust me on this shorty ya man aint got the tools to scratch that.  ill show you wassup.

any way, ima just get straight to the question before ya man get emotional.   if im with my chick in bed and for whatever reason she is not tryin to deal with a nigga can i just pull my shit out in bed next to her and do my thing?  my girl say she aint feeling it when I do that.  she says real niggas dont that.   but it ain’t none of her business after she said no.   real niggas gotta nut and at least i aint out tryin to fuck some bird  from around the way.   if she bugs out because  the bed bouncin next to her or she gettin jealous cause i pull out a booty mag then she should just help a nigga out right?  how you gonna turn a nigga down but get mad he handle his own shit.  she been thrown out my mags but now i use my phone to check shit out.  she better not fuck with my phone.   let me know what you think shorty, i dont really care what ya boy think.  hit me up on skype shorty.


Venice says:

I’m from the hood, but I can barely understand what you’re saying.  From what I’ve gathered, you’re asking if it’s all right to masturbate in bed, with your girl next to you,  if she turns you down for sex. What’s the problem?  Is she sick? Tired? Not in the mood?  It sounds like you need to talk to each other.  I understand you have your needs, so tell her that.  And although there’s nothing wrong with porn, the way you insist on talking to me on skype, I’m afraid you might graduate to other things, like strip clubs or prostitutes.  It doesn’t sound like you are committed to this relationship.   You’ve already started resenting her for not giving you sex by the way you don’t care if the bed shakes while you jack off.  That’s pretty childish.  She’s not telling you to stop jacking off, so take it to  another room.

Nip this problem in the bud before it gets worse.  If she doesn’t give you sex, you jack off.  If you shake the bed jacking off next to her while she’s sleeping, don’t be surprised when the next day she’s still mad and doesn’t give you sex again.  You both need to grow up.  She needs to stop being a prude and you need to stop being a douchebag – one of you needs swallow your pride.  It’s a vicious circle and you are both to blame.

Thank you for offering your BBC, but I don’t have any itches in my LAP that Ryan’s BWC can’t scratch.

Ryan says: 

I agree with your girl, real niggas don’t jack off.

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Hey You Two 🙂
First of all, kudos to you for even acknowledging that question… YIKES!!!

Secondly, yes I think it’s completely cool to masturbate next to your loved one is sleeping next to you… as long as there’s already that kind of understanding and love between you both… and I suspect with you, there is ;~)
I’ll be a little scarce for the holidays (all kinds of family around) but you’ll both be in my fantasies!
Happy Holidays to you and yours!!
Lenoir ♥

I am with you on this one Lenoir. If she is okay with it, it’s not a problem. If she isn’t okay with it, find somewhere else to masturbate.

Wow just wow bbc sounds like a bdb “Big Douche Bag