Naughty Selfies – Be My Valentines

be my valentines day pantiesNaughty Selfies – Be My Valentines

It’s Valentine’s Day so let’s celebrate with my valentine’s day panties.  They will leave your heart warm!

The obligatory spiel about this section and our goal:  I’ll try to keep these selfies limited to new outfits, panties, and ideas, rather than the exact same poses and panties every day. Thankfully, I do change my panties! Unfortunately, until I learn how to stretch and morph my body into alien-like positions,  I am a bit limited at what I can do with my camera! Either way, hopefully you guys have a great week and enjoy another edition of our naughty selfies.    

Dear Naughty Selfie Diary: Valentine’s Day Panties

valentines day panties


valentines day assAs always, I ran to the bathroom during my work day, which thankfully is Friday!  Not only Friday, but Valentine’s Day.  I took a few selfies with my Valentine panties and sent them to my husband.  I posted a few on my social media, and now I am adding them to our blog.  So much work to take these dang selfies!  Not much else to say, hopefully all the couples that read our blog, gay, straight, or bi, enjoy our Valentine selfies.  Have a great weekend!   Don’t be too naughty.


valentines day pantiesThe following day, my husband was wearing my used panties and ran to the bathroom before we checked out to take a quick selfie for the blog.  Nothing like celebrating Valentine’s day twice in one weekend.   lol!

I think he looks great!







You can check out all my naughty selfies here!

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))) should think about similar panties for the next year