Q&A: Broken Promises, Sleep instead of Sex, What Can I Do?

Broken promises, sleep instead of sex, what can I do?

I understand that sometimes she might just not be feeling it, that’s fine. What frustrates me is when she tells me we will do something and then it doesn’t happen. If she hadn’t said anything, I wouldn’t have been expecting anything in the first place. This is something she does at least a couple times a month, I think she thinks it’s something I want to hear. sleep instead of sex

Yesterday I proposed to her and we had an awesome date after. There was a lot of drinking and eating involved, so when we got home we were both maybe not feeling the sexiest, despite the amazing day. I was fine with relaxing for a while and going to sleep, but she turned to me and said “I’m going to take a one hour nap and let me stomach rest, but then you better be ready”. Sure enough a one hour nap turned into sleep, and now it’s morning and she still isn’t up. I need her to stop doing this, because while her intentions might be good, it makes me expect things and fucks with me.

Venice’s response to sleep instead of sex:

Let her know how you feel.  Sometimes a woman is horny and gets caught up in the moment.  I have been a bit tipsy to where all I can think about is fucking Ryan.  I grab him, stroke him through his pants, rub his body, and whisper to him how much I want to fuck him.  And then I drink a bit more and all that changes because I get tired as hell.  Communicate with her about her drinking too much, or about not offering you sex if she isn’t going to follow through.  Maybe find a place for a quickie when she is in the perfect mood and all over you.  I can see how her falling asleep would be extremely frustrating.  I think she will understand as well.   

Going to sleep instead of having sex?  Well, have sex in your sleep!

Going to sleep instead of having sex?  Well, have sex in your sleep!  This is why I always sleep nude!  I know we are taught that this is bad and scary, but if its two adults and both find it sexy, try it!  I find it kinky to be taken advantage of, even when I am sleeping.  For us, this works.  I trust Ryan with my life and know he takes care of me at all times.  This comfort and trust allows me to open up to him and enjoy something maybe most women never get to enjoy.  Sometimes Ryan could be rubbing me or moving his penis in and out of me slowly while we lay in a spoon position.  I may fall asleep and wake up with my whole crotch wet and sticky.  This really turns me on.  Chance are, I will either sit on his face and make him clean me up that morning, or fuck his brains out to make up for lost time. 

Ryan’s response to sleep instead of sex:

As always, the answer is communication.  Talk to your girl and let her know that you feel her intentions are good, but when she promises sex and doesn’t make good on her promises, it does more bad than good.  In our relationship, we have an open door policy (pun).  If Venice falls asleep when I am turned on and erect, I can grab some coconut oil and gently slide my dick inside her.  There have been times after a few drinks she doesn’t completely wake up.  It sounds weird, but with two consenting (consent through communication and having relationship rules) adults, this is an amazing experience.  I always move slow as to not startle her.  Sometimes I fall asleep inside her before I finish, and sometimes I finish and we both just lay dripping wet through the night.  I’ve woken up before with my penis “water logged’, shriveled and wrinkled because it rested inside her body all night.  She doesn’t mind, she loves waking up sticky and dripping, and it turns her on to know I enjoyed her body without her having any memory of it.  It’s kind of a sexy mind fuck the following day for her.  This doesn’t happen often, but it does prevent broken promises.   And of course it works both ways.  If she reaches over and feels me sleeping and erect, she can hop on me at any time and use my body for her pleasure.  I don’t think I have ever not woken up from her getting on top of me, but there has been many times when I will jump from a weird tickle feeling or have a dream that I am peeing myself, and when I wake up, Venice’s face in my lap, mouth around my penis, as she lays sideways masturbating herself.   This may be advanced for your situation, but an open door policy is a fun and exciting way to keep from having your night ruined.  If you trust each other, love each other, and know either of you wouldn’t hurt the other, this is a great way to solve falling asleep instead of having sex.  

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I totally agree with the communication

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