Random Moments: Double You Tee Eff

crawling on truckSo sometimes I get messages from different people that view local profiles I have on social media. Almost always from men pretending to be women, but sometimes I do get messages from actual girls (I think). Whether it be close ups of their unshaved vaginas or some random ass shot, I tend to giggle and move on with my day. If it’s something pleasant and appropriate, of course I respond, I’m always looking for a nice girl to play with.

So this morning I get this photo, along with the message:

Hi, just saw your profile and I would like to chat with you and see if maybe we click ….I am white 36 yrs old 5′ 145 ….let me know what you think.

I’m not going to be too critical because I mean, who wouldn’t want to make this type of first impression? At least it’s not a vagina close up or a picture of her ass cropped so nothing else shows. Before I replied I carefully thought about how I should respond to her.  These are the various thoughts that crossed my mind:

I think the soles of your old shoes look lovely. Are those the Nike shocks? They kind of make your feet look big, but I bet you have great balance!  Your jeans look nice, with the designer pockets and all.  I bet when you crawled off the hood of your truck the knees were stained green with pollen dust huh? Sorry, I noticed the leaf on the grill of your truck and figured it was allergy season when you took that photo.  

With that being said, I mean, I suppose I’d love to go model cars with her at a flea market car show maybe? Who knows.

My actual response:

Hey there! Why are you crawling on your truck?

I just couldn’t come up with anything more sexy I suppose.

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