Ray Rice, TMZ, NFL, General Public, Shame On Us

This blog has now been updated with a statement from Janay Rice, Ray Rice’s wife, the same person in the video getting knocked out.

I woke up this morning feeling like I had a horrible nightmare, feeling like I’m mourning the death of my closest friend.  But to have to accept the fact that it’s reality is a nightmare in itself. No one knows the pain that [the] media & unwanted options from the public has caused my family. To make us relive a moment in our lives that we regret every day is a horrible thing. To take something away from the man I love that he has worked his ass [off] for all his life just to gain ratings is horrific.

THIS IS OUR LIFE! What don’t you all get. If your intentions were to hurt us, embarrass us, make us feel alone, take all happiness away, you’ve succeeded on so many levels. Just know we will continue to grow & show the world what real love is! Ravensnation we love you!”

TMZ doesn’t care.  They got ratings.  The news doesn’t care. They got ratings.  The NFL doesn’t care.  They only suspended Ray Rice for 2 games and  currently let other players play the season while charges are pending (that do not have TMZ videos out).  Ray Rice has nothing pending and is already in the counseling he agreed to for this situation because he was a first time offender. The people didn’t care.  This was barely mentioned in February when it actually happened and the millions that tweeted yesterday, reacted because they saw a viral video and it was #trending.  Who does care?  Janay and Ray Rice. The two people in the video that have made amends and worked out their problems.  It’s okay the world has decided to judge Ray Rice, because what he did was wrong, but to punish him again (which really punishes his wife and daughter as well) just because TMZ releases a video in an attempt to promote their sleazy website.  Pathetic.  Shame on US.

Ray Rice, TMZ, NFL, General Public.

In that order.

Above is the entire video that has been spreading all over the internet since this morning. This is not the first video released, as the original elevator footage was released prior to his hearing on May 29, 2014. That footage showed Ray Rice drag his unconscious wife out of the elevator and move away from her as security approached him.  He never denied hitting her and most of us assumed what went on in the elevator prior to him dragging her out unconscious, resembled the Jay Z and Solange video.  Any man leaving a woman unconscious is a piece of shit.  We expected him to be dealt with and punished accordingly.

Below is a link that shows each arrest in the NFL since 2000.  What happened before 2000?  Don’t worry about it, because TMZ won’t have that footage online so no one will ever really care.

NFL Arrest Record

After the document loads, hit CTRL F, put term domestic violence in the popup box, and be prepared to hit next a whole lot. Star wide receiver Dez Bryant is in there for beating up his own mother.  Yes, he beat up his own mother.  This is a big problem in the NFL, and because a video was released doesn’t make it worse. Do we really need a video to sympathize with domestic violence?

Domestic violence is real and happens each day.  Videos don’t make it more serious.  A  #hashtag isn’t activism.  Find a domestic violence organization (Laura’s House) and donate.  That’s my challenge for anyone that actually cares about the real issue here.

So let’s talk about Ray Rice first.  Although he has publicly apologized, married the woman in the video that he punched (or should I say, she married him), continues to go to counseling, was suspended for 2 games by the NFL, and had to deal with third-degree aggravated assault charges, most people that cared still felt he still got off too easy.  I agree.  Since it was his first offense, I guess I understood why he was sentenced to counseling, but I couldn’t figure out why his fiancée would still marry him. However, it’s their life and if she could forgive him, he must have made the right changes.  They are adults.  I didn’t like what happened, but I accepted his punishment and hoped a first-time offender who managed to stay out of trouble for 27 years, would go the next 27 towing the line.

The New Jersey Superior Court Judge, Michael Donio, sentenced Ray Rice to a pre-intervention program for first-time offenders. The program carries no jail or prison time, but requires Rice to undergo extensive counseling and obligates him to stay out of trouble upon threat of immediate incarceration. While many people regarded the penalty as light, especially for such a violent offense, Rice had no prior criminal record and placement in a pre-intervention program is arguably consistent with penalties for most first-time offenders.

Ray Rice should have never hit his fiancée, because no matter what their problems are, a man should never lay his hands on a woman.  The same should be said for a woman.  No matter what their problems are, there is never a reason a woman should lay her hands on a man.  I do not care who is stronger, who can hurt whom, physical violence between a couple is absolutely unacceptable, and both should have the same consequences.  The double standard with this issue is absolutely asinine.  Ray Rice needs help.  Judging by the new video I have now seen, they both need help.  She seems to have laid her hands on him first, two separate times, before he responded. They both acted immaturely, and Ray Rice is a coward.   I would have told you this in February.

Let’s move on to TMZ.  The footage of Ray Rice is disgusting.  The footage having huge watermarks all over it, over the entire video and in the bottom left corner is almost just as disgusting.  What better way to get publicity for your garbage paparazzi company than to bid the highest price for some surveillance footage and share it with the world.  And the social media is eating it up.  I’ve even heard TMZ being called heroes.  “TMZ had the guts to release that video when the NFL failed us.”  What?!  TMZ released that video because they want to make money and these types of videos make the biggest splash.  They whore out controversial footage to the public and hope we bite.  The more we bite, the more they make.   Now, I am not against the paparazzi because how would I ever know which star is getting drunk on which strip if it wasn’t for TMZ. However, I find it to be absolutely classless to splatter your watermark all over video footage you didn’t capture, you didn’t film yourselves, you simply bid on, from someone who probably obtained it illegally (and you’ll absolutely protect your source), and then add a watermark to it. Hopefully TMZ donates funds to Laura’s House or some other domestic violence organization, otherwise, using this footage for shameless self-promotion is classless and disgusting. I do wish this footage was released in February, as seeing people react now when no one cared in February, boggles me.  It also boggled me that Ray Rice is being punished twice, although some would argue he deserves to be punished forever.  I am not one of those people.  He has now been suspended from the NFL indefinitely and the Raven’s released him from his contract. Double jeopardy anyone?  He fucked up, he admitted that he was wrong by laying his hands on her, he was wrong, they were both wrong, and no one but football fans really cared.  I’m glad something as serious as domestic violence can get the appropriate attention, but I just feel this issue is more serious than seeing a viral video that next week no one will remember.  If you have a problem with domestic violence, don’t wait for your friend to link you to YouTube so you can get upset and start a #hashtag boycott.

Speaking of large TMZ watermarks on elevator videos.  Watch this below.  This is the video of Jay Z in an elevator being mauled by Beyonce’s sister, Solange (nut kicks, face punches, everything), and was seen as nothing more than a freak show or joke.  The reaction videos on YouTube mocked Jay Z for acting like a statue while dealing with the attack.  There have even been parody videos made. There was no cries for sending Solange to jail and no #hashtag boycott.  Just a bunch of people treating rumors about why Solange was so upset..  I’m sorry, I do not care if Solange couldn’t hurt Jay Z if she tried, her violence is equally as bad.  How Jay Z reacted should be commended.  If anything, he is a hero for remaining calm.  What’s scary thoug, if Jay Z would have reacted, his career would have been ruined.

I know I am coming off bitter and I guess maybe it’s the sensationalism behind the release of this new Ray Rice video that is causing a reaction.  I mean, domestic violence is common, and this problem existed long before TMZ released a video of Ray Rice in an elevator.  In this day and age, with viral videos and the next trending topic, sensationalism sells.  Each news station announcing prior to playing the clip, warning viewers that they may want to look away because the footage is extremely graphic.  Of course, this makes people only want to look more.

Oh wait, please do not view the video at the beginning of this blog, because it is extremely graphic and I do not want to ruin your life.   Hopefully you got to this disclaimer before you clicked that YouTube link with 3 million views in less than 24 hours above.

Below is a clip from Fox & Friends, who actually broadcast early in the morning and saw the footage prior to knowing the public reaction, when they decided it was a joking matter.  “The message is, take the stairs,” (each person laughs).  “The message is when you’re in the elevator, there is a camera.”

What a shame.

This clip shows how the media views news until they see public reaction.  Rest assure, Fox & Friends will have a much different tune tomorrow.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they tear up and say how watching that clip makes them feel sick to their stomachs.  The lady in the middle who laughed may possibly faint tomorrow to sensationalize the moment.

With all that being said, I do admit, the NFL is failing the fans.  Not only is it failing the fans, it is using Ray Rice as a public relations move to hide the fact that they are currently allowing Ray McDonald, San Francisco 49ers defensive end, actively play while his domestic violence case is pending.   Maybe if TMZ showed the world a video the NFL would actually care about their players abusing women rather than pretend they care. Does anyone know Ray McDonald?  Did anyone see him playing this Sunday?  I did. Shame on the NFL, and shame on anyone worried about Ray Rice but totally oblivious to the issue itself in the NFL (and outside of the NFL).  Bandwagon boycotts because it’s trendy for the day and will get you a few new followers.   NFL commissioner Roger Goodell admitted that after he read his domestic violence policy and found out people were upset that Ray Rice only got a tw0-game suspension, he felt the policy needed to be changed.  It wasn’t strict enough.  Ray McDonald agrees.

Finally, let’s talk about the fans.   Although the Ravens fans knew what Ray Rice did (there has been footage released for almost 5 months now), you can hear them cheering him on during training camp.  Apparently him dragging around his unconscious fiancée wasn’t such a big deal in preseason. I mean, look at Ray Rice, he looks like a specimen.  Woman beater or not, he should carry the team to the playoffs this year!

Those same fans cheering are now asking for Ray Rice’s head on a platter.  Why?  Because they saw a video.

If the public wants these issues to be taken seriously, take them seriously prior to a video being released on whatever social media site you are trying to get followers on.  Ray Rice being crucified for his actions may be something he deserves, but he deserved it six months ago.  I suppose it’s better late than ever, but how can anyone take people being outraged or “sick to their stomachs” seriously, when in February they didn’t give one single fuck.

Think about it.

And yes, I’m guilty of not touching on the topic of domestic violence on this blog until now, but we talk about pussy, cumming in asses, and having threesomes.  I also didn’t see the footage of Ray Rice being a coward and all of the sudden pretend I am outraged any more than I was in February.   He has been in counseling and accepted the consequences to his actions.  His fiancée forgave him and married him.  If she can forgive him, who am I to judge him again 6 months later.  Domestic violence is wrong, but it’s not just wrong because I see a video trending on my timeline.

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There are currently 2 NFL players who have murdered people on roster. The league has over 40+ DUI cases and a number of other assault chargers. A superbowl MVP was once investigated for rape. The potential number 1 pick in next year also was investigated for rape. A former number 1 pick stole laptops and got kicked out of schools. A HOFer murderedd his wife and is jail for Felony robbery. Another former number 1 pick electrocuted puppies after forcing them to fight each other to the death. I can go on and on but the fact of the matter is, Football Players should be far from role models.

Ray Rice made an awful mistake and should be punished, but lets not act like letting him play goes against the moral code of the NFL. It’s full of people who SHOULD NOT by any means be a role model for life.

The term “Role Model” is a fallacy anyway. People are human. They make mistakes. You should model yourself after the qualities that make up a person, not that the person themselves.

Tiger Woods cheated on his wife and I heard is a notorious a-hole. Yet if my son wanted to be golfer, I would want him to model is work ethic, attention to detail, and desire to be the greatest after him. You model yourself around qualities, not people. People are too flawed for that.

Heres the sad part.. Hear me out before you attack.. Ray came out and apologized, he admitted striking her and he was handed out a punishment.

So the NFL sees this video and now they are making this guy and Wife relive this whole thing so they can save face. As if they had no imagination of what it would take to knock a person out. They should have suspended him for the season in the first place and set new policy that day, that way the video wouldn’t make much difference. Roger Goodell is the worst commissioner in sports, hes nothing but a modern day Politician, kissing babies and stealing their lollipops. Drip, drip, drip… these stories are more popular than the games and you can think the NFL and ESPN for that.. the self fulfilling prophecy in motion.

Ray Rice, TMZ, NFL, General Public, Shame On Us http://t.co/Bo3VDrhb6U

Ray Rice, TMZ, NFL, General Public, Shame On Us http://t.co/cYydRcG4nO via @venicebloggs

Ray Rice, TMZ, NFL, General Public, Shame On Us http://t.co/GuKScJdEbF via @venicebloggs

Ray Rice, TMZ, NFL, General Public, Shame On Us http://t.co/iPC0RfBGQo via @venicebloggs #RayRice