Review: blueMotion NEX|1 by OhMiBod

blueMotion-2-BTalk about the greatest thing ever made. I’m totally sold and I love this sex toy more than any sex toy I’ve ever owned. I wish something like this could have existed for Venice and I when I was off in college.

Definitely a must for long distance relationships.

I will try to explain how it works. First go to the app store and download the OhMiBod Remote:

Android – Google Play store

iPhone – iTunes App Store

Once the app is installed and on your mobile device, you will need to sign up an account before you get started.  All you will need is an email, username, and password. I know this may sound like a lot of work and as soon as you touch a vibrator your mind is programmed to think, “Orgasm, Dick, Pussy, Shake, Shake, Shake” but you will have to follow these simple steps to get your body into the high tech world of long distance vagina play.  Your partner will have to follow these same steps if you want him/her to control your toy long distance.  Your phone controls the signal to the toy, his/her phone controls your phone’s signals. That is how this device works.  However, if you do not have a partner and you just want to ride the subway and pretend you are texting while this vibrator uses your clitoris as a punching bag, you can use your own mobile device to control that pink button bulging from your panties.

upskirtThe vibrator itself slides inside the panties provided by OhMiBod. The panties are sexy as hell.  Not sure how it is “one size fits most” but they look sexy for sure. The vibrator has a small lump that will put more pressure on the clitoris area. It lights up near the lower portion.  This light is the actual button you will use to turn off the vibrator and turn it on.  This is also the light that blinks when it is not connected to any Bluetooth device.  Your vagina and panties now look like they have the terminator hid inside them.


Once the vibrator is in the panties you will need to hit the button on the lower side of the vibrator.  The light will blink as it looks for a Bluetooth device to connect to. Some people may have trouble with this because it’s not as easy as just hitting a button and everything works. I’ve noticed a lot of bad reviews with people having trouble with this feature, but I’d say that it has very little to do with the product and more to do with the person using the product.  I’d suggest not opening the app until after the vibrator is connected to your phone. You can check your Bluetooth settings on your mobile device while the vibrator is blinking and manually “connect” your mobile phone to the vibrator. It will say “connected” if it is connected.  Once it’s connected, open the app and login (if you haven’t already).  If you are the one wearing the vibrator your app will let you know you are connected. If you are the partner who is controlling the vibrator long distance, it will ask you to connect your mobile device to a vibrator.  Hit X.  You are not controlling the vibrator, you are controlling the other person’s phone. Once inside the app, you can search (connection) for your partner’s name and give him/her access to your vibrator.  The small heart icon above the area that says “connection” will light up as the person sends signals (intensity, speed, etc).

It sounds a lot more complicated than it is.

Now onto the cool stuff.  You can record your voice and it will signals to vibrate to your voice. You can manually tap your phone and it will send signals to vibrate the vibrator in the same pattern you tap the phone. You can draw circles and it will vibrate your partner’s vibrator somewhat similar to how you are drawing. Or you can chose default music (silent) for it to thump away at your partner’s clitoris. It’s a cool toy for sure.

I’d assume you could lick your screen rather than touch it if you wanted to fellas.  Although I am not trying to give you thrush from licking your dirty screens, but I know if I was long distance from Venice, I’d be licking the hell out of my screen and watching her on Skype as I made her orgasm from it.  But that’s just me.

Venice Review:
Ryan and I are always looking for ways to connect. In this case, we’re able to connect even when we’re miles away from each other; he gets to keep touching me, if you will. This is by far the coolest thing that we’ve used!

ohmibodThis morning I woke up and slid on my cute blue panties that come with the blueMotion NEX|1. Although these panties are super sexy with a v cut in the back, they also have a purpose. The crotch has a pocket in it so you can slide in a cute vibrator that is only controlled by your mobile phone (or someone else’s). I left the house wearing my blueMotion and felt no discomfort. I couldn’t even tell I had anything on and because us girls have to wear pads or tampons once a month, or have to sleep next to horny guys who won’t quit trying to finger us all night, so having something in my panties really isn’t an issue. Once I got to work I sent Ryan a teasing photo of my crotch with the blueMotion bulge showing.  Because I wasn’t familiar with the location of the [On] button, I had to go into the restroom, take it out of the panties insert, and manually turn it on. Now, the three-stall restroom was empty, but by the time I turned it on, someone walked in and the toy vibrated what seemed like the entire floor. I feared looking into the toilet and seeing little ripples like the spoonful of jello in Jurassic Park. I was mortified.

SquatAfter I turned it off and the building quit shaking, I realized that it could have just been someone calling my phone while it was on vibrate – the lesser of two evils.  I relaxed, turned it back on, slide it back in my panties, and walked out of the bathroom like everything was okay.

After Ryan and I got connected, I set my phone down on my lap and watched as a notification kept popping up telling me exactly what Ryan was doing on his end – making circles, tapping, playing a song. So awesome!

Because I’m at work, it was hard for me to concentrate on trying to orgasm – people constantly walking up and down the hall, phone ringing, nosy folks sticking their heads in. But all the while, Ryan has the “intense and fast” setting on between my legs. It’s 56 degrees out this morning, but I set my desk fan on the floor and turned on Pandora on my work PC to drown out the buzzing coming from my panties.  Oh the things we have to do to drawn out the vibrator sounds while working.

Okay, let’s talk about how it feels.  It’s very relaxing and feels great, but it’s not powerful enough to give me a heart-pounding orgasm in public. In the privacy of my bedroom, it definitely could.

ButtWhat I really like about the blueMotion NEX|1 is being able to connect with Ryan while we’re not physically near each other. I have a “massager” at home, so I’m not looking for something to reproduce that sensation. This toy is perfect for letting him know that he’s on my mind. I turn it on and send a request for him to take control from wherever he is. Because of that, I absolutely love it. I’ve never had a toy to use at work, but what was even more strange was having it controlled by Ryan 20 miles away and not knowing what was coming next. Each time it changed, I giggled to myself. My co-worker walked in as I had a big, cheesy smile on my face. She smirked, “What’s so funny?”

“Oh, nothing. Just reading this e-mail. Drama between these two departments. You know how it is,” I explained to her as Ryan pulsed “ocean waves” under my dress.

More Info and Price:
blueMotion NEX|1 by OhMiBod

The riches of life are in the thrills. With blueMotion, the only limit to the thrill is imagination. This Bluetooth enabled, wearable massager maximizes your pleasure while delivering the ultimate in discretion. Whether you have a partner in crime or enjoy going solo, blueMotion has the power to tantalize and titillate–anytime, anywhere, and with any iPhone or Android device. 




We are not affiliated with OhMiBod and get no revenue from this review.  Our goal isn’t to make money promoting things in hopes you buy it, rather we are just sharing our reviews on products we have tried and want to share with our readers. We review items we buy ourselves or get sent to us as promotional products.   All reviews are just our opinions and experiences.


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I cannot wait for ladies to share their codes over kik!

Finally! A real remote control vibrator

Review: blueMotion NEX|1 by OhMiBod via @venicebloggs

Review: blueMotion NEX|1 by OhMiBod via @venicebloggs @ohmibod