Sexcapades – Pillow Talk

Rough SexMy alarm went off as it always does. And like I always do, I extend my legs and arms and do a quick stretch to wake up. Although I’m not a morning person, every morning I look forward to waking up Ryan. I know that our mornings make his day, but it also makes mine. After the last bit of yawning and stretching, I begin to prop myself up. Today, however, Ryan scoots his body close to mine like we’re about to spoon. He pulls my hips toward him and starts to rub between my legs. I know exactly what he wants, so I grab the jar of coconut oil that I keep on my side of the bed and dab a little between my labia. He holds his already hard dick still for me as I position myself on him. Ryan glided in me effortlessly; I moved with him.

He started moving faster and faster. “Get on your stomach,” he suddenly ordered. I know better than to disobey. I turned over and put my hands at the head of the bed ready for him to grab my wrists. Or hold down. I let out the softest of moans as he plunged deep into me. He put my pillow over my head. He muffled something, but it was hard for me to understand from beneath my down pillow. I was able to make out a few words: “Don’t say a fucking word.”

I smiled secretly as I lay there, Ryan’s weight bearing down on me. I exhaled quietly, being careful not to upset him. I soon felt him stop. I felt the warm wetness of his saliva on his fingers rub against my ass hole. Very deliberately, he maneuvered himself in to my other hole. I lift my body up slightly. No matter how much I love to anal, the first thrusts always test my womanhood. I grabbed the sheets, relaxed, and sighed from the powerful pressure and sensation sliding into my bottom. “I said shut your fucking mouth,” he growled, holding the pillow down harder. His hold was strong. I couldn’t breath so I pressed my hands down into the mattress to create an air aqueduct from my mouth to the outside world. He was relentless, forceful. Ryan’s body slammed down hard, his head driving deep into my colon. I fought every instinct to scream out, “Pound my ass hard when you cum!” Moments later, his balls twitched against my ass cheeks, a telltale sign indicating he dropped his hot, creamy load into me. Again, I lifted up, wanting to feel the twitching between my thighs. He moaned in my ear and breathed heavily into my hair. I worked him good, even if he was on top. pillow talk pillow talk pillow talk pillow talk pillow talk pillow talk pillow talk pillow talk

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Would you mind explaining this dynamic further? Do you do this often? While it’s certainly described as pleasurable for you, are you satisfied without having an orgasm?