Review: Hipster by Liberator

First of all, Liberator is a local company just a few miles away from us, so let’s just say we may be a bit biased.  🙂

Okay, not really, being bias is for the weak. Venice and I are strong like bull! However, it is cool to know that the flagship store is near us. Knowing that if this order didn’t turn out right, I could easily storm into the flagship store and flip over tables of anal plugs and penis pumps until I got my satisfaction.  “First of all Ms. Liberator Store Manager Person, either you guys need to add a few inches to this Hipster’s height, or you need to make my penis a few inches bigger.  No exceptions.   I’ll wait over there by the strap ons and ball gags until you decide what you need to do.”  Let’s just hope the Hipster is everything we wanted it to be…

So we got this small package in the mail and had no idea what it would be.  We hadn’t ordered anything small and the box was the size of computer tower.   I opened the box (in the future, if anyone is interested in us recording our box openings, leave a comment and let us know) and saw what appeared to be a cute red velvet material folded nicely, a nice zipped up bag the size of a round couch pillow, and a promotional photo of a woman and her Hipster.  Seeing the red velvet and the promotional photo let me know this was the Hipster. My first thought was, “Oh God, this is blow up furniture.”  A bit disappointed, I pull the material out of the zipped up bag.  It looks like a very durable material. My next thought was, “How long will it take Venice and I to pop this damn thing.”   I saw printed on a small piece of paper, “Vacuum compressed.”  Unsure exactly what that meant, I dug my fingers into the plastic and ripped the material out of the bag.  And then… I was attacked!   As soon as the air hit the inside of the bag, I learned that not only was it not inflatable, it was ready to come out of the package and launch at me.  I panicked, thinking the Hipster would get stuck in the plastic as it expanded, I fought back to rip off all the plastic wrapping so it could expand without any problems.  It did.  In fact, I was blown away by the packaging.  The Hipster is huge, sturdy, and I don’t think there is any way Venice and I could do anything destructive to this thing no matter how rough we got.   I grapple/mma on material similar to what is inside the Hipster, and this stuff is durable as hell.

2015-07-14For me, this is a good thing.  Because recently Venice broke a bouncing sex chair (and my penis) a few months ago and it scarred/scared me for life. We just happen to be filming as it happened.  Yes, that *.gif is the bouncing sex chair breaking mid bounce.  Thankfully my penis made it out of the accident with only a few minor scraps and bruises.

Anyway, I promised myself that if we did more reviews, we would not judge how safe a sex toy is on the environment, how certain rubber will loosen the vagina much more significantly if it’s twice the size of a softer rubber dildo, or how rubbing a sex toy against your body may cause red marks if you do it too hard.  We review for fun, for the experience. I’d like to make sure all our reviews talk about our own personal experience with the product and not something we’ve read or researched.   I also like to have fun, make jokes, and just be myself. No infomercials allowed.  Let’s leave those types of reviews to the sex toys gurus… I just want to fuck Venice while she bends over this sexy ass red velvet pillow.

With that being said, when Venice saw the Hipster on the bed, she ran full speed with her jeans on and belly flopped onto the cushion yelling out, “I’m so tirrrrrred.”  She grunted when she landed. I turned around and laughed when I saw the position she landed in: ass up / face down.  I wanted to rip her jeans off on the spot.

Don’t move, I want a photo!

After laughing Venice said she jumped on it thinking it would be soft.  Wrong.  “Dang, this thing is like a tank.”

It is.  Not in a bad way, it’s just sturdy so you can use it to prop yourself up on during sex without worrying about your hands  or arms sinking into it.  Perfect.  Something a pillow can’t do.

So we stripped nude pretty quick, not to really get dirty and fuck, but to connect our bodies as many weird ways as position using the Hipster as the middle man.  Pillow Sutra.  At times it got clumsy, at times I got carried away and wouldn’t let Venice switch positions because of that sexual high, that euphoria we get during sex that turns us men into erection zombies. We had fun spending the next 30 minutes jumping from position to position, seeing what the Hipster has to offer. Did either of us orgasm?  No, because we were too busy taking mental notes and trying to think of other positions to switch to.  Sexual crash dummies if you will.

Enter into the crash zone…

So pretty much we tested every position from the photos on the website and freestyled a few other random positions to see if we liked anything.  Remember, these are just our opinions. Our body types, leg length, penis length, vagina size, and many other variables which makes us different from you and your partner, could make your experience better…or worse.

hipster_illustrations6_169?  Yes please. This position works with either her on top, but for us, being that Venice enjoys being face fucked, this is perfect.

Other than the slight blood rush to the head for the person on bottom, the Hipster is perfectly shaped to lift the the person on bottoms torso (penis / vagina) up into the face of the person on top, while also wide enough for the person on top to rest his/her elbows so they can brace themselves for moving the head (blow job).  I could be under Venice all night easy.  The bottom person’s head is still slightly elevated , so it’s still easy for him/her to put his/her mouth where it needs to be.

Face Fucking? Jackpot.  it creates the perfect angle.  Teeth scraping is at a minimum.  This is almost like when the girl lays her head slightly off the bed, creating the perfect angle to turn any woman’s throat into a perfect cock massager.  Although for me the sensation was perfect, Venice didn’t like being on bottom because of the angle it put her head (blood rushing to the head).  To be fair, she also doesn’t enjoy hanging her head off the edge of the bed while being face fucked either.  She likes to be on a flat level surface.  So this is one of those positions that I may love, but Venice would prefer to just lay on the bed.

hipster_illustrations4_1The Try Hard? No.  I just made that name up.  I don’t know what to even call this, but we tried it. Talk about awkward.   I mean, we may be a little clumsy, but bumping faces, arms being tied up, a very weird angle for penetration, and unless the person on top is an ostrich, the knees don’t find a comfortable spot because of the peak of the cushion.  Neat photo, but not something we’d do.  Even just foreplay and kissing is weird in this position.


Doggy style?  Hell yea. This is what the Hipster was made for.  In fact, this cushion is a gift from the sex gods for this position alone. Let me explain why, which may not be obvious from looking at the photo. When I fuck Venice doggy style, as much as I want to be the alpha male/fuck all night/never get tired/beast mode, I still get tired.  Venice orgasms so much from this position, that there are times when I have to get into a zone and wait for her to let me know when she is done using me.  At times this can take up to 30 to 45 minutes in one position.  Whenever I lean forward and rest of my elbows or use her body to hold myself up, she can’t hold my weight so it flattens her out a little and she loses that deep penetration she loves.  She always asks for me to sit back up and go slow and deep.

Dammit woman, I am human and need some down time!

With this cushion, you can lean over and still get that slow deep penetration. Because of the Hipster’s shape, her ass stays up and supports us both.  Also, it keeps the proper angle so the penis gets maximum insertion into her body.  This is why the Hipster is amazing.

hipster_illustrations3_1The Van Damme?  This photo is a bit deceiving because it suggests that the man can straddle the Hipster.  No. The best thing about this cushion is its width.  It’s very wide, which we love.  However, this position, with the man’s legs on the outside of the cushion while the woman is on the inside? Not unless you are Van Damme.  It would be possible to have one leg in the center of the Hipster, between her legs, and one leg on the outside like this illustration shows, and that seems like it would be a good deep penetration angle.  Maybe.   Usually anytime you get one leg in between, it’s  good for a deep bottom stroke.

hipster_illustrations5_1Reverse cowgirl. Not for us. Not because it wasn’t comfortable, but because reverse cowgirl has never really been our thing.  With the pillow being high up, like in the photo above, the girl can place her hands on it to give herself better leverage so she doesn’t tire as easy.  For Venice, it didn’t matter, she still wanted to lean forward.  Unlike laying on a bed, she can’t lean forward because the angle of my body makes it much harder for her to lean, without breaking my penis. Therefore she is forced to stay in the upright position.  This doesn’t work for us, especially if it’s one of those days where we want to get off, it becomes a marathon and we want to be able to switch from postured up, to laying forward.  Of course, this is our preference.  Also, the Hipster is very wide and the woman straddling the cushion on the outside isn’t very likely.  Usually Venice likes to put her legs on the inside of my legs, with her feet wrapping around to the outside (like a pretzel), but because of the curve, her knees can’t go on the inside.  It forces her to do the splits and be off balance.   Very hard to explain, we should have taken photos.

hipster_illustrations1_1Hipsionary, otherwise known as Missionary on top of a large camel shaped cushion?  

My original opinion on this position has changed.  The original response is below:

I like it, Venice doesn’t.  Venice wasn’t big on this position because it leaves her at a very awkward angle.  Of course, the photo doesn’t really show how humans really look, because Venice had her ass up in the air and the rest of her body looked like she was hanging upside on the monkey bars.  If you look at her in the pictures above, she naturally slides her ass down midway on the Hipster so she is comfortable.  Sexy right?   For sure, but unless I were to drill a hole with my penis right into the Hipster, I am not entering her vagina. Some would say (me) that sex isn’t always the most comfortable position.  I mean, I force Venice’s head into our pillows and demand that she keep her ass up in the air while I pound her anus with my erect cock. That can’t be comfortable.  However, we are to the point in our relationship that we won’t purposely go out of our way to make the other person comfortable unless we really enjoy something.  I didn’t enjoy missionary on the Hipster enough to keep asking Venice to get dizzy from the head rush it causes at that angle.  It’s a fun position for the man, not so much for the woman.   With missionary I like to be as close as possible to Venice anyway, smell her hair, her face, her neck.  Missionary is really the position I use when I want to be gentle and intimate.  This pillow can do achieve this position and get a very deep penetration, but the cons may outweigh the pros for us.

So, what has changed with the Hipsionary position?  Anal. Venice and I used the Hipster again, for fun (not to review).   She had a total of 5 orgasms, and we finished the long night in this position.  The only difference is, I was inside her anus. Because of the way the Hipster props her body up so high, I can be on my knees normally and still put my penis inside her anus.  This also exposes her vagina so she can easily play with her clit with her fingers or a toy (in our case, we used a vibrator).  Her final orgasm of the night was one of the best orgasms she has ever had.  Now granted, every orgasm she has had while being analed is usually in her top 5, simply because the pressure from anal is exactly what she wants while she orgasms.  Vaginal penetration just can’t put the same pressure on her insides as anal.  The Hipster helped make this much easier, especially since we could do it missionary, which is usually hard to do if she isn’t propped up on something.  Venice’s review of that night is below:

Venice’s Review
After I recovered from belly-flopping onto the Hipster, I was excited to try it out.  The first night we ran though different positions, just to try it.  I didn’t really like reverse cowgirl because of my leg and body positioning.  Face fucking, my favorite position, wasn’t comfortable using the Hipster.  Ryan loved it because he said the angle keeps my teeth from rubbing against his shaft.   I wanted to mention those 2 things prior to moving on.  I believe Ryan reviewed each position accurately so I won’t get into too much detail about the first night.  Our mindset was more on being reporters and less on just enjoying ourselves.

On night 2, we had a great time.  By far, the best position for us was doggy. As I said earlier, the support I got from underneath was unbeatable. Ryan slid into me from behind and got a clear view of both my holes.  He pushed down into me, hitting my cervix with every push. The penetration was very intense. My body can’t go long with that type of pressure. The hipster turned me into a minute girl, because within minutes, I came for the first time that night and immediately I felt my lips and his dick get soaked. I grabbed onto the corners of the Hipster and it held me into place as he pounded harder and faster intermittently. He lifted his left leg up and was on one knee. He stirred his hips in a circular motion and grazed the back of my vagina for about 15 minutes. Each time he stirred, I can feel the head of his penis rubbing against my posterior fornix, before it randomly rubs past the lump of my cervix and makes it “pop” inside my body.  I could feel his hips and stomach sweaty, as he was working hard to grind inside my body.  I relaxed and slightly pushed myself against the Hipster to force my hips into his lap.  Every now and then Ryan would lean over and talk dirty in my ear as his dick dug deeper and stirred wider.  I came again. By this time my inner thighs were moist with my juices smacking. He held his body forward for me, keeping his dick pressed firmly against the tiny button in the back of my vagina; my cervix was sore, but it felt so good. I pushed back against him as it was my turn to stir my hips. I leaned my ass back as hard as I could trying to hurt Ryan’s cock by breaking it inside my vagina. Immediately, I felt the build up and I came for a third time. I wasn’t done.  I didn’t want to stop feeling the sensation of his cock bottoming out so I kept circling my hips and forcing my pussy onto the base of his dick.  I could feel his head pushing hard against the bottom of my vagina and literally bending inside of me.  Ryan moaned slightly and whispered to me “You’re breaking my dick right now…” I could feel Ryan ease up and start to give up his alpha position because I was hurting him from the pressure inside me.  I loved it.  I screamed out and came again for the fourth time.  I was so excited to feel Ryan give up his position because he couldn’t handle how hard I was fucking him. Ryan still hadn’t came so I rolled over and positioned my ass high on the Hipster.  I grabbed my vibrator and smiled at Ryan, whose body was dripping with sweat from fucking me for the last hour. Me, I was comfortable, the support of the Hipster kept me nice and relaxed. At first Ryan was sliding his dick slowly in and out of my pussy as I played with my clit. He knew his crotch hitting the toy with each stroke bothered me, so I watched him lick his fingers and rub them on my ass. I knew what was next. I pressed the toy hard against my clit as I felt his fat dick stretch the rim of my ass and force its way deep inside me. Unlike some days when this pressure makes me feel like using the bathroom, today it was perfect. The pressure made me want to smash the vibrator against my clit. Usually, a vibrator makes me cum in seconds, but because I had came so many times already, this wasn’t going to be quick. Ryan picked up the pace and I could tell he had rammed my ass so much at this point that my rim was totally loose. This is one of those times when I am being fucked in the ass and it’s total euphoria. No discomfort, no weird friction, just feeling my man pound his body against mine, creating this amazing pressure. The Hipster kept my body perfectly positioned so he could pound me as hard as he wanted, while the angle of my clit and vibrator weren’t being disrupted by his stomach or pubic bone. Without the hipster, each time he thrust inside me, it would have also hit my vibrator, throwing me off. I felt my orgasm growing and I screamed out. I couldn’t open my eyes, and I felt my body twitching as my sphincter squeezed on his dick.  Halfway through my orgasm, I felt his pace change as his body fell forward. He was cumming inside my ass. Oh god, I loved it. That was probably one of the most intense sessions we’ve had. His hardness, the positions, my horniness – it was a perfect storm that couldn’t be avoided. I am definitely using the Hipster when we doggy. Every time.

Okay, so there are no more fun little photos of positions we tried.  We tried various things not shown above and enjoyed ourselves.  I’d say the Hipster is well worth the investment for couples who enjoy experiencing new things.  For me, I’d pull out the Hipster any time I wanted to face fuck.  Venice, she’d use it for doggy style.   I think this is built for that.  Regardless of position, we’ll be using the Hipster a lot.

The Hipster by Liberator


Product description:
Curves in all the right places.

Sculpted to follow the contours of the human form, this shape cradles you perfectly to provide ideal comfort and support with the flowing arches giving you and your partner access to an assortment of new sexual positions that will thrill and intensify your lovemaking. The high and low curves are designed to bolster your head, back, and knees to create optimal lift and angles in missionary or from-behind positions, and reinvigorate oral by boosting the body to provide better access. The Hipster is just as useful when playtime is finished—the slope provides comfortable neck and back support while reading or watching TV in bed.

  • High and low curves offer easy access and options for lift.
  • Lower angle is perfectly suited for longer oral sessions without soreness.
  • Higher angle delivers deeper penetration for doggie.
  • Multi-use Shape provides comfortable neck and back support for inclined relaxation.
  • High-density foam supports the body and prevents sinking into a bed while offering angles for maximum satisfaction.
  • Soft microfiber or plush Velvish cover feels lush against bare skin.
  • Cover is removable and machine-washable.
  • Moisture-resistant liner.
  • Measures in inches: 33L x 24W x 10H

Delivered vacuum compressed – get details about our eco-compressed packaging and product set-up tips.


We are not affiliated with Liberator and get no revenue from this review.  Our goal isn’t to make money promoting things in hopes you buy it, rather we are just sharing our reviews on products we have tried and want to share with our readers. We review items we buy ourselves or get sent to us as promotional products.   All reviews are just our opinions and experiences.


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OMG the pics are amazing. Great review and we are fans of the liberator collection as well?

It looks pretty cool! Not sure I can afford that on my sex toy budget at the moment though 🙁

Review: Hipster by Liberator vía @venicebloggs