Review – Manview Sheer (see through) Boxer Briefs

mv201991A review for men’s underwear?  Absolutely.  These briefs linked are highly recommended for new piercings, for fun, for comfort, and believe it or not, for quality.  Nothing, and I mean nothing I have ever worn feels as comfortable as these briefs.  And I have worn boxer briefs since the day they came out.  I can still remember being young and wearing tighty whities, really because I had no choice and didn’t know better.  As my teenage years came, I switched to the loose boxers most men wore.  From prison reality shows, to business men, we all went through that stage where the loose boxer was more manly than the tighty.  However, in the 90s, retail stores began selling the tight version of boxers, which still covered the legs but were form fitting. The word boxer brief was born.

manview-trunks-underwear-a3001-totomomo-1402-25-totomomo@40The days of my penis slipping through the penis hole and rubbing against my jeans or zipper of my loose fitting boxers was over.  No more sitting on my balls sac on accident or running and feeling my penis bounce back and forth between my legs.  The things we never speak about but still happened to us all.  The snug fit of boxer briefs kept men from having to look like 8 year olds, but maintained the comfortable fit that kept our manhood curled up and tight against our body.  To be honest, I probably wouldn’t have been able to play basketball in high school without them.   So why are these boxer briefs better than the cotton ones we have all grown to love?  Well for one, they are see though.    This reason alone makes them the best boxer briefs ever.  If I am in my underwear, chances are I am okay with you seeing me nude.  I don’t parade around in my briefs for people who I am not going to be nude in front of moments later.  I wouldn’t suggest these for prisoners of course, because that would probably send the sexual crimes through the roof.    However, for men who like having that secret sexy feeling, wearing these briefs does that for you.  Venice loves how they look on me, it keeps my crotch and ass totally aired out so there is MV201992no sweat build up, and if you have a new piercing, the air keeps your guiche, penis, ass, balls, and body as dry as possible under your jeans.   Cotton briefs are like wearing a sweater for your balls.  So yes, sweat creates odors, odors creates wives not wanting to pull your pants down and put your balls in their mouths.  Bad.   However, all the reasons I mentioned above still isn’t why I wear them.  I bought one pair (they ship from China — make sure you buy a size one or 2x bigger than your real size, as their sizing is different) to be kinky around Venice.  Just a spontaneous purchase because I was horny one day and wanted to walk around in see through boxers…

…it happens.

After I got them I wore them and realized, they never loosen up.  They do not stretch around the legs or crotch area during the day.  Unlike cotton boxer briefs, which after wearing them for a few hours, begin to loosen up and no longer look like “briefs” because the cotton stretches.  Of course the cotton tightens back up temporarily after you wash them, but during the day the crotch and leg area loosen up and I hate this.  I’ve always hated this.   With these boxer briefs, that doesn’t happen.  The sheer stays very comfortable, but form fitting throughout the day.  No matter what I do, even the most physical activity such as Brazilian jiu jitsu, they stay totally form fitting and do not lose their elasticity.   Highly recommended, not feminine, and probably the most comfortable boxer brief I’ve ever worn.  I own about 30 pairs in white and black now.  If I am not commando (free balling), I am wearing these.

Men’s Underwears Sexy See-through Boxers Briefs

Cost:  $5.99

Selling Points: 

  • Item Material: 92% Polyamide + 8% Elastane
  • Item Color: Black/White (As pictures show)
  • Item Condition: 100% brand new
  • Size: Waistline S:26~33 inch/ M:28~35 inch/ L:29~36 inch

Product Description: 
See through boxer briefs.  Snug and sexy.

Amazon Reviews: 3.9 out of 5 (examples below)

Amazon User: Eeee (5 starson August 20, 2014
Wife loved them.

Very comfortable and well made for the price.
Order one size larger then normal. They don’t offer extra large but they actual send that size when you order large. They fit great . Wife loved them

Amazon User: Dale Ice “Marvin Dale Ice” (5 starson March 28, 2015
…but they turned out to be comfortable.

I bought these as a joke for the wife . But they turned out to be very comfortable. I think this summer they will be great on a hot day. I may buy more. For the price how can you go wrong.

Amazon User: Shopping For Suzy (4 starson March 18, 2015
I bought these for my husband. 

I have ordered a few pairs of these and he loves them (well I like seeing him wear them lol). My only slight complaint/comment is that about half of the time they send the wrong size. Not a big problem as they are quite similar between the small and medium but I t would be nice to get the exact size you ordered.

Amazon User: Robq (3 starson March 1, 2015
Watch the sizes.

I only wish that I had ordered ONE size larger than what I normally wear as opposed to the two sizes I did. I have a 32/33 inch waist and purchased the XL, but think the L would have fit just a bit better. Still very comfy, just feel more like boxers than briefs.

Amazon User: AZMAC (1 staron March 17, 2015
The price has its reason. Low quality.

Not impressed, have to constantly pull them out of your az.

We are not affiliated with Manview and get no revenue from this review.  Our goal isn’t to make money promoting things in hopes you buy it, rather we are just sharing our review on a product we have tried and want to share with our readers. We review items we buy ourselves or get sent to us as promotional products.   All reviews are just our opinions and experiences with the products.  

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Okay, you’ve convinced me to give them a try. Who doesn’t like to surprise their significant other. 🙂

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Our good friend @CharlieNoodz reminded us when ordering Manviews to go up in size (L is 29″-36″). Order accordingly☺

Since originally posting this blog, the price of a pair of Manviews went up to $15/pair!

Manview Sheer Boxer Briefs