Review: Clone-A-Willy Kit

clone-a-willyOh the joy of giving Venice both of my cocks in each of her holes at the same time. Maybe even having her hide my cock in her purse and take it to work with her so she can fuck me on her lunch breaks.  What if I get hurt or paralyzed and can never have sex again?  I’ve got to find a way to preserve my cock just in case, like a penis insurance policy.   I can imagine my attorney reading my Last Will and Testament now:

My Attorney, Mr. Finglefockin, looks over at Venice, who is in tears, “Venice, Ryan has left you his erect penis.  He has asked that each year on his birthday, please insert his cock into each of your holes and enjoy him.”   Venice, wipes her tears and smiles, giving my cloned cock a kiss and hug.  And they live happily every after.

I have to clone my willy.

After searching the internet I eventually found  Clone-A-Willy Kit, by Empire Labs.  It was around $25 dollars and it seemed like what I was looking for.  When I received the item, Venice and I planned our night around it.  I watched YouTube videos and read the instructions to make sure I did everything correctly.  I had a mixing bowl on the counter that I had to add liquid to as soon as I got an erection.  I then had to stir the mix until until it was like a thick gravy and pour it into a cylinder tube as fast as possible.   I then have to maintain my erection for 2 minutes while I wait for the mold to dry around my penis.

Okay, let’s just stop here…because that is as far as I got in this procedure.  I am sure there are more instructions like taking the mold and adding the rubber solution so it can actually make the clone, but I never got to that part.

As the session started, I had a bowl of powder near Venice as she was down on her knees in the bathroom sucking on my penis.  Knowing I had to get an erection just to stick my dick inside some weird clay cylinder didn’t help the situation. After about 10 minutes, Venice began to rock her body back and forth because she was no longer comfortable on the hard floor.   I asked her to move the bowl over to the bench and bend over in front of me.  Although I wasn’t erect, I was hard full enough to squeeze the base of my dick and slide it inside her from behind.  This usually gets me erect within seconds, and sure enough, I was hard almost immediately.  As I felt my cock grow, I explained to Venice that I was going to move the bowl over to the sink to pour in water, and when I was done, she would have to stir it until it was like a thick gravy.   I am unsure if she was paying attention because she seemed to be more into being fucked than pretending to be Bill Nye the Science Guy.

I felt I was about 90% erect, because my mind was thinking about other things, so that was all I would get tonight.  I grabbed the bowl, accidentally getting a bit of dust all over Venice’s face and shoulder, and moved it over to the sink.  The entire time, my penis is still inside her vagina.  I turn on the water and wait for it to get warm, as the instructions say the water needs to be warm. In hindsight, I should have had the water running the entire time so it was already pre-warmed.  As I finger test the water’s temperature, I fill the bowl up and then hand it back to Venice to stir.  Already, because of my mind being on everything but sex, my penis started deflating.  The problem?  Once the water solution is mixed with the powder, you have about 2 minutes until it’s no longer usable.  Because of the urgency, I grabbed Venice by her waist and thrusted hard to get my erection back.  Not thinking, this made Venice’s job stirring almost impossible.  Powder and dust flew everywhere.

Although I wasn’t erect, time was up and I knew it was now or never.  I pulled my semi hard penis out and asked Venice to pour the solution it into the cylinder.   The solution slowly poured into the cylinder, because it was already too thick and drying.  I was waiting, shaking my cock, asking Venice to hurry up.  I grabbed the base of my dick and squeezed, and tried to shove my penis inside the cylinder, but it was no good.  The solution was already hardening and my dick was doing the exact opposite.

So that’s it.  That was our experience with the Clone-A-Willy. Imagine me with grey slush on my hands and flaccid penis, with Venice looking like she did a swan dive into a bag of flour.  No penis clone, no happy ending.

With our experience being rather negative, although I can’t really blame the company for that, I will list a few pros and cons about the product.

1. If your penis is curved (or leans to the side), like a lot of our penises do, it will not sit inside the cylinder nicely.  The concept is for your penis to rest nicely in the center of the cylinder while the molding solution forms a mold around it.  If you are curved, molding your penis will be a lot tougher than sliding it inside the slim cylinder and waiting.

2. The solution hardens so quick that you have to be erect on command.  Not only that, the solution has to be mixed while you are erect and ready, so unless you have a team of people working with you, it will be very difficult.

3. If you cannot keep a steady erection with no stimulation, this product is not for you.  I personally have to have stimulation to get erect, or stay erect. Whether it be a mouth, vagina, or ass, I need friction to maintain my erection.  Truthfully, for as long as I can remember, I have been this way.  Possibly options:  Cialis or Viagra (maybe even a cock ring) may be able to help with maintaining an erection.

4. The size difference.  Yes, I’ve heard that the clones are smaller than your normal penis size.  Maybe because with your penis you can measure from the base of your cock (or in some guys case, from their backs), or you can lean forward and expose your hidden dick to get a better measurement.  The clone-a-willy allows no cheating.  I’ve read where some guys wives measure their husbands at nearly 7 inches, yet the clone comes out about 5 inches.   The girth is also effected.  If you cannot maintain an absolute 100% erection, the mold will form around your less than full penis and created a smaller mold.  The mold doesn’t make you look good, and definitely doesn’t measure from the bottom of your taint.

If you can stay erect, you will have a clone of your penis. Whether its to give it to your wife, your girlfriend, or even have sex with your own anus, who doesn’t want a clone of their own penis?


Selling Points:
Make an exact, vibrating rubber copy of ANY penis
Completely safe, latex-free, and hypoallergenic
Fun to do with easy-to-follow directions
Usable with any lube
Amazing detail

Production Description:
The Clone-A-Willy Vibrating Dildo Kit includes everything you’ll need to create an exact, rubber copy of any penis, right from your own home. Completely safe, hypoallergenic, latex free material is compatible with any lube, and the detail is nothing short of amazing! Use Hollywood’s latest, cutting edge technology to immortalize yourself just like a porn star.

Amazon Reviews: 3.4 out of 5 stars (Examples Below)

Amazon User: surfingmode01 (1 star) on October 18, 2014
One Star

not worth it. mix dries faster than they say and mold turns out to be as soft as cement.

Amazon User: Clarissa (3 stars) on October 16, 2014
It’s kind of hard to use. I’ve never had …

It’s kind of hard to use. I’ve never had success with alginate (the molding material) anyways. The main issue was that it started to cure too fast and we couldn’t keep him fully erect for the required amount. The rubber material is a bit hard and grainy which isn’t ideal.

Amazon User: Lioness (5 stars) on October 1, 2014
Prep work makes this much easier! Fun to make and came out great!

The best way to do this kit is to have everything ready ahead of time that you can. I heated the water and put the measured amount in a thermos, measured my man on another day (not right before you’re doing the kit) and cut the tube down so that was ready to rock, cut open the bag of molding powder and had it right next to the bowl and spoon. Had an adult video cued up on the laptop in case my man needed some inspiration while I was mixing the powder.

Once all that was set up, I got down to getting my man ready, then I had him pop a ring on while I flew into action, clicking Play on the video and throwing the water and powder into the bowl. He barely had time to watch the video, because I whipped the mix up in about 15 seconds, which was all it took to get it to look like lumpy pancake batter (which is what it’s supposed to look like). I poured it into the tube and we plunged his member into it, adjusting it slightly since it was touching the top a little, and waited the 2 minutes.

A few words about willy rings. Man, that sucker stays rock hard even when you want it to go down so you can pull it out of the mold. 🙂 I said “Try thinking about kittens”. Still, had to wait a good bit before he could remove the mold.

My advice to a guy doing this alone: Have everything ready, get yourself hard and put a nice tight ring on, and you will be fine for the short time it takes to mix the stuff up, pour in the tube, and shove your wiener inside. Don’t over think it or stress about it. There is no need to stir it for an entire minute before pouring the mix into the mold.

Ours came out great, with good detail, and was so much fun to do. The resulting product is harder than expected, and a bit rough in texture, not soft and smooth like you would think it would be.

This is really fun for a couple to do together.

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Gunnar and I made one of these as a bday present for Lexxi. It’s definitely not an easy thing to do with just two of you. We said that a third to stir or stimulate would have helped a lot. We were able to get it done, and it’s pretty cool, but we had similar issues as you’ve described here.

Reviews: Clone-A-Willy Kit

I made one as a surprise for my lady who lives in another state. I found a kit online with 2 mixing bags and boy I’m glad I did. Try doing the whole thing solo.

Before I mixed the first bag of powder I did some practice runs to see if I could stay erect enough for the entire time and still get the water the right temp and mix it. I found that I had to do it watching porn and with the early morning wood.

Anyway the first bag wasn’t great and the second batch ended up better. There is some shrinkage due to the mold shrinking while it sets. But my girl was surprised and says it’s not as much of a pain in the ass as the real thing 😉

Great techniques for preparing for this!

Sounds like so much fun, something to look back on and laugh together. I love projects like this.