Review: Clone-A-Willy Kit

clone-a-willyOh the joy of giving Venice both of my cocks in each of her holes at the same time. Maybe even having her hide my cock in her purse and take it to work with her so she can fuck me on her lunch breaks.  What if I get hurt or paralyzed and can never have sex again?  I’ve got to find a way to preserve my cock just in case, like a penis insurance policy.   I can imagine my attorney reading my Last Will and Testament now:

My Attorney, Mr. Finglefockin, looks over at Venice, who is in tears, “Venice, Ryan has left you his erect penis.  He has asked that each year on his birthday, please insert his cock into each of your holes and enjoy him.”   Venice, wipes her tears and smiles, giving my cloned cock a kiss and hug.  And they live happily every after.

I have to clone my willy.

After searching the internet I eventually found  Clone-A-Willy Kit, by Empire Labs.  It was around $25 dollars and it seemed like what I was looking for.  When I received the item, Venice and I planned our night around it.  I watched YouTube videos and read the instructions to make sure I did everything correctly.  I had a mixing bowl on the counter that I had to add liquid to as soon as I got an erection.  I then had to stir the mix until until it was like a thick gravy and pour it into a cylinder tube as fast as possible.   I then have to maintain my erection for 2 minutes while I wait for the mold to dry around my penis.

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