Sex Toy Review: 2019 FondLove Male Masturbator with Electric Pump

Sex Toy Review: 2019 FondLove Male Masturbator w/ Electric Pump

As with all our reviews, we do everything as a couple.  This is a Male Masturbator so there isn’t much Venice can do except hold it for me and watch. 

What we’ve decided, Venice can help get me erect while lubricating me, and observe my reactions if I lose control.  

This FondLove Male Masturbator was received from, but the best part is, you can purchase it directly from  Shipping is free if you have an Amazon Prime Membership.  As always, we are not sponsored by the seller, nor do we sell any products online.   Just to make sure that is clear.  

I wish all websites had Amazon options.  I really do prefer to order almost everything from Amazon.  It’s safe, it’s quick, and it’s just how I prefer to shop. 

Our Night with FondLove

As I lay in bed with Venice sitting Indian style between my legs, lathering up my penis so she can slide my dick inside this masturbator.  With a little dirty talk and her loving touch, it doesn’t take long for me to get erect.  I quickly grab the masturbator, turn it on, and hand it to Venice.  She places my head at the entrance. I immediately notice that the opening, which is shaped like loose labia, is extra wide.  This is a good thing.  The pumping action is intense.  Venice tries to slide my penis inside, totally lubricated and my dick stops about 2 inches in.  My penis starts bending and the pumping action mechanism groans to a stand still.   Instead of my penis sliding in and out, the inner area of the sleeve is so tight, that it actually pushed down on my penis rather than slides back and forth over it.  As Venice applies force, the pump grinds to a halt.  Venice stops and says, “Let’s put this thing all the way on first, and then turn it on.”

This isn’t my first rodeo, but I agreed.  Maybe this masturbator is a bit different and I will need to insert my dick first before turning it on.  Unfortunately my erection has subsided a bit.   This is probably a good thing because this next time we will make sure my dick is soaking wet with lube.

Venice, still sitting Indian style wets my entire shaft, my man bush is now dripping and shiny because my whole pubic aea is soaking wet.  I am fully erect again and she slides my penis as far as she can inside the masturbator.  Like before, the first few inches is perfect, yet the lower few inches is extremely snug.  Although reviews say this has a lot of depth, I’d say it has at most, 5 to 6 inches of depth with the sleeve.  If your penis is bigger than 6 inches, you will not be able to insert yourself all the way in.  When I am as far as it will go comfortable, Venice hits the power button.  We watch as the inner sleeve pumps up and down.  Rather than my penis sliding in and out, the inner sleeve actually grabs onto my skin.  I guess I can say it feels like someone holding on tightly as they jack me off.  There is no real movement of the inner sleeve sliding over my penis.  Maybe I am spoiled or just didn’t understand the intention of this masturbator.  The previous ones I used all slide my dick in and out.  More specifically, a flesh light is made to slide over your dick, not grab onto it.  This one instead seems to hold onto your penis snuggly and tugs.   If that’s the case, it’s a great stroker that almost mimics a jackoff session.  However, it doesn’t mimic a vagina.

Personally, I do not enjoy the sensation.  I also didn’t like how it would almost abuse the base of my penis, which I was not able to insert, and bend my dick uncomfortably as it pumped.  

Admittedly, this type of product is hard to review.   It is meant for solo pleasure.  Venice prepping me felt much better than any toy ever could, yet I have to do a quick switch and try to see the positives in a masturbator that doesn’t feel as good as what Venice was doing to me.  It just doesn’t work for me.  This may effect how I reviewed the product.  However, I did check the reviews of others, and it seems to have great feedback.  I left a few below so you can get other perspectives.

5.0 out of 5 stars  Fun product!

This product was bigger than expected however it is a great product. The motor is strong and will last around 2 hours on a full charge. Be sure to use lots of lube. The deepness of the sleeve is awesome for well endowed users. Different modes and speeds are available for complete satisfaction. Clean up is easy, all you have to do is pull the sleeve out, it may be a little tricky putting it back in at first but you’ll get it. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for extra pleasure. Comes with a moaning feature as well, you just need to plug in headphones. 

5.0 out of 5 stars  Husband loves it!

I gave this to my husband as a gift. He has used various masturbatory items, several of which were more expensive than this item, and he says that this is his favorite so far. He said the insert is very soft, but also seems very durable. He said he was pleasantly surprised by how strong the thrusting and suction action was. He did struggle at first to find/get into a good rhythm using it, but with some readjustments, he has figured out what works for him. It is extremely easy to clean; you just pop out the insert, clean it out, dry it and reinsert. He hasn’t utilized the vocal features, so unsure as to how good that is, but he has no complaints regarding anything else so far. 

The Second Day

I tried the product again solo and was able to enjoy it fully.  However, rather than letting it pump, I purposely pulled it up and down off my dick as it pumped.  This created a cool sensation.  There is a lot of suction as you pull.   And a lot of friction if you force your penis back and forth inside it.  I was able to achieve, which I wasn’t able to do on previous products.  Clean up was extremely easy. Simply pull out the inner sleeve, reverse it, and wash it off.  Probably the easiest male masturbator I have cleaned.   This is due to the size being about 5 to 6 inches, rather than 8 to 9.  It makes the sleeve much easier to open and turn inside out.   That would also explain why the creators decided to make it so shallow.  The truth it, I enjoyed it shallow as it does mimic a shallow vagina on a smaller woman.

Moreover, you could also use the FondLove Male Masturbator as a flesh light without turning it on.  It has all the features the older Fleshlights have, with extra options if you choose.  With the price being one of the lower prices available, it may be worth the experience.  If you’ve tried the product and have had a different experience, share with us below.

FondLove Male Masturbator – $54.99

We are not affiliated with and get no revenue / commission from this review.  We are just sharing our experiences with our readers.  This item was sent to us as a promotional product, with a disclaimer from us, that if we did not like the product, we will not review it.



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