Sex Toy Review: Kiiroo Onyx 2 and Pearl 2 for Couples Set / for Long Distance Relationships

First, let’s start off by saying this is one of the coolest ideas we have ever heard of; however, technology just may not be able to keep up yet.  We will split this review up into both of our opinions since it is two separate toys that work together via Bluetooth.  Before we get into the review of the actual product, let’s make sure we give a big thank you to the UK based Scarlet Rooms.  Their customer service, speed of delivery, and ease to work with was bar none one of the best we have dealt with so far.  

Ryan:  The Kiiroo Onyx 2 has an idea that could be one of the most amazing experiences a man could have with a sex toy.  Through VR, or through watching a POV (point of view) video, the Onyx 2 actually massages your penis to the exact same movements you see in the video.  For instance, if a girl is stroking a penis in a video, the Onyx 2 strokes you in the same rhythm.  If she is sucking fast, it also moves fast.  In the video we viewed, it was two women giving a blow job, and this thing was able to keep up with the video and vibrate to the exact same movements.  Unfortunately the Onyx 2 randomly stopped and we’d have to move it around for it to start vibrating again.  Unsure if this was a connectivity issue, but either way, I’m going to have a hard time orgasming playing Red Light / Green Light with my masturbator!   We had the same problem when we connected the item to the female compatible device, the Pearl 2.  It would randomly disconnect and go quiet for a few seconds, then come back to life by touching the sensitivity slider.  Maybe it has a mechanism that turns itself off if it thinks it isn’t being used?

For the setup we had to insert the Fleshlight sleeve, which slips inside the Onyx 2’s hollow shaft.  This is a soft material made to mimic the feel of the inside of a woman.  We had to install the FeelConnect app (android app store or ios), which will give you the ability to connect to your Onyx 2 through your phone’s Bluetooth, and also join the website FeelMe, which has interactive videos.  

To connect the two toys to each other you will both have to have the FeelConnect app.  Thankfully we both didn’t have to have our own accounts on FeelMe.  Once you have the app, you click the menu and find “share.”   You can then copy the link to a clipboard and paste it to a text message.  Once the other phone/person clicks the link, the two phones and sex toy devices are synced and connected.  Once connected, each toy will move to the touch of the other.  Pretty cool.

I do sincerely like the idea behind this couples set, but I just feel like connectivity  issues keep it from being as good as the idea.  Since we were in the same room and having these issues, I can’t imagine what it would be like from across the country. 

Him:  “Hey baby, did you stop moving?!”   

Her:  “Huh what, no I am banging myself hard as hell right now. You can’t feel it?”

Him:  “Wait, let me toggle this thing.  Oh okay, there you go.  Oh yea, I can feel it girl!”

Her:  “Okay, did you stop sliding your finger up and down your sensation slider now?”

Him:  “NO, I would never….”

Her:  “You are such a selfish lover.  And to think I stuck this thing in my mouth for 45 minutes to make your orgasm last night!”

Your first sexual argument because of connectivity issues.  

Maybe that’s a little exaggerated but you get the idea.  Overall, this couple’s set is pretty cool.   I can slide my fingers over a sensation slider on the Onyx 2 and it will vibrate the Pearl 2.  It would be possible to make a girl orgasm by rubbing your finger back and forth over a slider, if you were persistent.  It would also be possible to start a campfire from scratch with the same amount of effort. Kudos to any men out there getting their women off with this set.  Ladies, if he is able to get you off with this thing, I will admit, in real life he will rock your world.  

With that said, you can also use the sensation slider on the outside of the masturbator to vibrate the inner sleeve around your penis.  Imagine being DJ Penis Pumpy Pump and you have the ability to record scratch your way to an orgasm.  Well, imagine no more my friend, this is the set for you!

Venice:  I really don’t want to go into the technical aspects of a product like this.  Like most of our reviews, I get bored trying to copy what other reviewers seem to write about, the specs, the materials, etc.  Instead I will try to focus on the ideas and philosophy behind what this couples set offers.  

The first thing you need to do with using a product like this is to let go of all your basic ideas on the purpose of sex toys.  My first impression was, “I have to insert this and move it back and forth so you feel it?  That won’t even feel good to me though! No thanks.”  For me, a sex toy is something I am going to use to please myself.  Unlike sex, where we put ourselves in various positions, and go through various motions just to please our partner, I’d like to think a sex toy is all about my pleasure.  For instance, I don’t have a sex toy that I insert into my mouth and give blow jobs for my own pleasure.  With the Pearl 2, it can be a lot like actual intercourse, because you will have to do things you probably won’t orgasm from, but your partner will.

And  yes, if you want to be creative, you could insert the Pearl 2 into your mouth and give your partner a blow job from across the world.  Although at this point, I believe the vibrations of the Pearl 2 may make that difficult.  Kiiroo should consider a future [mode] that turns vibrations off.  

With the above said, that’s why this couples set is so neat.  It can teach you things about your long distance lover that you haven’t met yet what type of lover they are.    Is your lover selfish in bed?  Is your lover patient?  Does he/she have the mental stamina to last long enough to bring you to an orgasm?  And if some of these things are missing, it can help you communicate and teach each other to be better partners. This couples set can help you work on things long distance that just wasn’t  possible a few years ago.

Now, let’s get into the nitty gritty. I normally only use a sex toy to vibrate my clitoris.  This is how I orgasm with toys.  I am sure I am not alone in this.  Inserting dildos or vibrators into my vagina doesn’t feel good to me or compare to a real penis.  I’d never pleasure myself alone by inserting anything into my vagina except maybe a finger to play with my wetness or tickle my labia.  It does nothing for me other than irritate my insides.  This is probably why my go to toy is a wand, because it’s entire goal is to vibrate where I need to be vibrated.  However, the basic idea of the Pearl 2 (when being used as a couple’s toy) is to be inserted inside a woman’s body, and vibrate the male counterpart, the Onyx 2, through the movements inside me.  Much like sex can be at times, you do things to please him, although it isn’t how you’d prefer your own stimulation.  It can also be used as a basic vibrator, with various modes, but that isn’t what I am going to review.  We snagged up this item with the intentions of using it as a couples toy.  With that said, I would say this is a great item for couples long distance that want some sort of interaction.  Maybe even webcam models that have clientele that want a more ‘hands on” experience.   To thrust something into yourself that on the opposite end will vibrate your partners penis, seems like a great idea.  With Facetime, these toys, two people newly in love that will do anything for each other, this set could be a gift from the sex toy heavens.

When I put the vibrator up to my clit.  We did notice that the Onyx 2 (Ryan’s massager) had a small slider that Ryan could rub his finger back and forth on.  As he rubbed, the toy would vibrate my clit.  So cool!  

The Kiiroo Onyx 2 and Pearl 2 for Couples Set is a powerful idea.  It would be great for a couple dealing with distance.  And it could get you off solo through the basic vibration functions that almost all sex toys have these days.


Website Description:

Kiiroo Onyx 2 and Pearl 2 Couple Set 

Price: $348.95 / £279.99

When you are miles apart from your significant other, the distance can put a strain on your relationship. Kiiroo has created the solution to your problem.

The Kiiroo Couple Set 2 was designed to ease the distance and close the gap, because who wouldn’t like to feel their lover’s intimate touch when they are away Both devices are equipped with Kiiroo Technology that allows you to feel every movement made on your device.

When the Pearl 2 is inserted into the body, the touch sensors signal to Onyx2 mimicking intercourse in real-time. With a swipe of the touchpad on Onyx2, control her vibrations and make her pleasure yours. 

Onyx 2

Materials: ABS, POM Sleeve. Fleshlight SuperSkin Finish.  Matte and silver

Size: 8.9X7.9X26.3cm Opening Hole Size. 4.5X4 Hole Height. 16.5cm

Charging:  4 to 6 hours User time. 45 min 1 hour

What you get in the box.
USB Charging cable
Authenticity Card
Quick Setup Manual
Fleshlight SuperSkin Sleeve 

Pearl 2

Materials. ABS, silicone Finish. Matte chrome for ABS, matte finish for silicone.

Size: 200 x 39 x 36.5 mm

Charging:  2 hours User time. 1 hour

What you get in the box.
USB Charging cable
Authenticity Card
Quick Setup Manual

We are not affiliated with and get no revenue from this review.  We are just sharing our experiences with our readers.  This item was sent to us as a promotional product, with a disclaimer from us, that if we did not like the product, we will not review it.  

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