Snapshot Wednesdays – Lust

lustWe have decided to add erotic photography of us to our blog each Wednesday, now known as Snapshot Wednesday.  These won’t be low quality candids or shots taken from our cell phones, these will be photographs we love from our own little photo shoots.  Hopefully these pictures will come out more like tasteful erotic art rather than amateur pornography.  We will update the gallery each week with a new photo to share with our blog followers.

This week we took a photo we have decided to name Lust.   This is something we both wanted to try, as we have both liked various pictures similar in style.  We wanted a high quality photo that focused more on the connection between Ryan and I than the naughty act of sucking balls, which for us really isn’t that naughty.    Ryan’s ball and guiche piercing showing were more of a lucky accident, but they definitely add a variety I haven’t seen before.

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