V’s Wet Inbox: How Deep Is A Vagina?

how deep is the vagina“How deep is a vagina? Sometimes I see large porn stars enter all the way inside a girl, like there is no limit to how much she can take.  Other times I see a man only go 3/4 of the way in and stops.  I always wondered if this was her limit or does the guy just stop because he is taking it easy.  Do you know if a vagina bottoms out?  Like, can a guy be too big and it won’t go all the way in?  If you have experienced this, how does that feel?”

First, every woman and her vagina is unique and different, just like a man’s penis.  With that being said, I’d say the average depth of a totally stretched woman’s vagina probably mirrors the average size of a man’s, of the same race, stretched erect penis.   I do not want to get into race, but it’s been researched numerous times and different races have different sized penises.  Hopefully we can all accept this.

My own personal guestimate, from using Ryan and toys, my depth is around 6 or 7 inches.  However, I’d say I bottom out at about 3 or 4 inches.   When I say bottom out, I mean my vagina is probably literally 3 or 4 inches deep.  I can stick my finger inside and feel my cervix and my entire back wall.  It’s actually very shallow.  I have learned though, with Ryan, that once the penis hits the back wall, it can stretch back maybe another 3 or 4 inches inside our bodies before it stops.   I assume this is what drives most men crazy.  They can feel our back walls rubbing against their shaft as they push deeper than our bodies can go.

Once my vagina stretches to that 7 inch point, it absolutely stops. Is there a limit?  I would say yes. Once it stretches to that point, it doesn’t go further.  Not only does it stop, it hurts.  Only when I’m extremely horny and in the mood for an intense pain does it feels good, but most of the time it really does hurt and makes me jump out of position and slap my man on his hips or chest.  If a woman can slowly stretch more and more, I have no idea.  I’d assume, like everything on our bodies, it can be stretched beyond it’s limits throughout time.  I have seen large porn cocks, like 10 inches, and the woman takes IT ALL.  I don’t know if they just take the pain that comes along with being fucked by a huge dick, but that sharp pain does nothing for me.  I’ve tried to endure this pain, but sometimes it hurts so bad that I have a “light period” the next day or I have a pain in my side.  So to see porn stars take what seems like a 10 inch dick in the vagina is crazy, but I don’t know their habits (do they stretch themselves with a dildo, do they have sex for hours at a time several times a day, etc).

Although I have experienced a penis totally bottoming out where no more can fit inside, there are different factors involved that I believe can contribute to this:

Position: There are just some positions that keep me from receiving all of my man’s dick. One is doggy style, and it’s because the angle prevents me from enjoying sex.  If I don’t enjoy sex, my man doesn’t enjoy sex. It almost feels as if his penis is drilling into my stomach. Therefore we avoid this position when his dick is 100% erect.  Another similar position I have trouble with is missionary with my legs on my man’s shoulders. This position is almost like an inverted doggy style and it feels like my vagina is curved and shortened, making it feel like the back has been tightened. Depending on Ryan’s erection quality, he isn’t getting his dick all the way in unless he wants me to cry.

Speed: If my man is fucking me slow, it doesn’t matter how hard or soft he is because he’s easing himself in and not forcing me to stretch.  If he is moving slow, even n the positions mentioned above, I can literally feel his penis hit my back walls, push in my walls, and slowly bottom out to the point the pressure builds up mini orgasms.  If he gets a bit aggressive, just once, the pain immediately throws me off.  It’s funny how some men think they know what they are doing, but working their tool inside the mysterious female body  is a lot more complex than they think.  Regardles, Ryan’s dick isn’t the same thickness or hardness every single time we have sex.  And because of his varying hardness, I have to adjust to his size every time we’re intimate.  Sometimes the thickness, hardness, or both dictate what positions and speed I enjoy the most that night.  The slower he goes, the more comfortable I am with feeling his penis put pressure on my back walls.

Pain tolerance: This goes hand-in-hand with position and speed.  If the pain is just too much for me, it becomes noticeable by me drying up.  And that can happen in a matter of seconds.  Ryan has become very skilled in reading my body language and my gasps and can differentiate my reactions of pleasure from the ones that cause pain.  In my opinion, this has contributed to him being a fantastic lover.

Dildos: Some dildos are hard and rubbery and don’t allow room for it to move back.  Whereas a penis has a little bit of leeway, meaning a man’s body is flesh so any kind of “recoil” back into his crotch will help to absorb additional length which for any reason, cannot be fully inserted into a woman’s vagina.  In other words, some guys will push so hard that their dick will actually push back into their own bodies, making the amount that goes inside the woman much less than the man’s size.  This is definitely why some positions you can take all of a man, while others you cannot.  I don’t really use dildos, but I have tried a few times.  I hate them.  A dildo is an inanimate object that can do real damage if you are not careful.  And yes, a dildo can absolutely bottom out.


December 01, 2014

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I doubt that some of the Porn stars have the capability of giving birth, after a career. It must leave lasting damage, doing some of the things that go on in film scenarios. Same as DP, the body is a bit of a design classic. I doubt it has really developed to deal with that scenario though…Somethings, you do not really want to stretch so that they do not carry out the function, they were designed for 🙂