Threesome Memoirs – Confessions

confessionsAdult videos make threesomes seem absolutely perfect.   As with everything that gets glamorized, the actual experience isn’t as glamorous as the idea or fantasy. Below we will give our readers a few confessions that we may or may not have already talked about. Although our stories also glamorize our experiences, that isn’t this blogs intentions.

Ryan: My relationship with Venice is autistic. We aren’t understood and the decisions we make probably don’t make sense to anyone but us.  We have the outside world totally locked out.  Our inside jokes, our talks, our dislikes, and yes, even our threesomes.  The things we do bonds us closer together, but the third person becomes just an object we have totally used.  Whether to talk about after they leave, or to talk about while they are there.   Obviously we have no bad intentions to hurt them or anything, but we both like the idea of using the other person and seeing what they will do with us. When they leave, we move on with our life as if they do not exist. I find this behavior very psychopathic. However, because Venice and I do this together, it bonds us and gives our minds this, “us against the world” feeling. This is also how you maintain a successful relationship while adding other women to the bedroom. A total shutdown afterwards is important.

Venice: Threesomes aren’t as glamorous as they’re believed to be. Yes, it’s a turn on to be in it at the moment, and yes, I love being in one. But afterward, we start to recap the night and don’t feel like sex gods. And as it turns out, there were no harps playing in the background as I ate a chick out. We’re all human, we all have flaws, and we’re all imperfect.

Ryan: The idea of threesomes is better than the experiences themselves.  The freedom of having a spouse that almost becomes like a partner in crime (of passion), is liberating.  It’s like a sexual Bonnie and Clyde, where we use women together, talk dirty to them, then go back to our normal lives like it never happened afterwards.  It’s a rush and it feels invigorating.

Venice: I liked fucking the other women with strap-ons.  I liked hearing them moan when I pushed my dick in too deep.  I liked watching their walls stretch because the cock is bigger than what their bodies are used to.  I like watching the girls lips pull out and grab on to my strap-on each time I slide it out of their bodies.  I can understand why men fuck hard or enjoy hearing a woman moan and cry while being fucked. It’s exciting, dirty, and the one time in our life where we can hurt someone and not feel bad about it.

Ryan:  I am unsure how a threesome would be as a single man, but when you are in love, it’s not as amazing as you would think it is. It’s also not fair to the other women, but I guess we never planned on it being fair.  Because they are not your wife, no matter what they smell like, it isn’t going to be the same.   Too much perfume, too much sweat, too much seafood (old cum), too much (fill in the blank for various things you have smelled while with a woman for the first time).   For me, I was turned off by anything that wasn’t my wife’s natural smell.

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Taxi Cab Confessions


The romantic cab setting.

After spending a few hours at a club in Downtown San Diego, my husband and I head back home. We drove our car, but we both decided to drink and take a taxi home. It is a humid evening and my husband is wearing a black and white plaid shirt with black jeans and I am wearing a short black skirt with a white halter top. As we stand outside of the club and wait for the taxi, drunk, we laugh at the people still waiting to get in. My husband’s breath smells like gum and White Russians as I kiss his soft, smooth lips and nibble on the edges. I move down his neck and smell the sweet aroma of his cologne mixed with his warm sweat. I undo his top button and lick his chest. We start kissing and my husband moves his hands up and down my back as I squeeze the bulge in his pants. The people in line stare at us making gasping sounds, but we are oblivious. I hear the faint brake as the taxi pulls up to the curb behind me. Ryan opens the door for me and I step in first. The air conditioner is on and it circulates the pina colada air freshener. The leather seats are cracked and sticky under my thighs. The cabbie, who is middle-aged with a scruffy beard and wearing an old Polo shirt, asks, “Where to?”   My husband gives him our address and looks back at me. I see his name with his picture on the dashboard: Robert Jones. “And take the scenic route, Mr. Jones,” I add. He puts the car in drive and accelerates away from the club. 

I reach for the lump under my husband’s pants again as I kiss him, “I can’t wait to fuck you Ryan,” I say. “I want you right now.” The cabbie hears the clicking of my husband’s buckle as I undo his belt. At first the he’s uncomfortable because he knows that I’ve pulled my man’s dick out. I put my warm mouth on it and immediately he starts to moan quietly. The cabbie looks into the rear view mirror and his suspicions are right: it is just  in the reflection with his eyes closed and his head tilted back. I reach under to rub my husband’s balls and he moans louder. I slide my mouth down lower, working my way to the base of his dick. My husband’s breathing is getting more intense as my lips get closer to his crotch. I sit up on my knees and now my ass is up in the air; it’s a lot easier to deep throat him now. I lower my mouth inch by inch and gag on his cock. My eyes start to water. It takes me a few tries but I finally swallow him down into my throat. I love feeling it deep in my mouth. I move my throat muscles and massage my husband’s cock. He reaches around and rubs the outside of my pussy lips. When he pulls his fingers away, my froth makes his fingers slick and slippery. I am dripping all over him. My husband sticks two fingers in me and they instantly become coated with the clear, sweet juices that ooze out of me as I swallow his cock.”Your pussy is so fucking wet, girl,” he says to me.  I look up at him and respond, “I only get wet for you,” before I swallow his entire manhood again. My husband lifts my skirt up over my back and exposes me. He licks his fingers clean and sticks them back in me. He fucks me with his fingers, quickly going in and out of me. I’m so wet that the cabbie can hear the loud smacking coming from between my legs. He looks at the rear view mirror and sees my husband’s hand sliding in and out of my pussy. He wants to turn around so bad to get a look at my clean shaven pussy, but he’s still afraid to. Ryan’s moans sound like helpless whimpers now. I bob my head up and down, every other thrust gliding his dick down my throat and covering him in slippery spit. The cabbie finally turns around and gets a glimpse of my ass, but it’s too dark. He sees my husband look at him and is embarrassed, but he can’t help but turn around again. “I want to fuck you so bad Ryan! Let me fuck you, PLEASE!” I beg. But I don’t wait. I straddle my husband’s thighs and sit on him reverse cowgirl. It’s a smooth dip onto his hard cock as the cabbie sees my hands grasp the headrest of the passenger seat. I moan in ecstasy and immediately feel his 8 plus inches hit the back of my vagina. I rock my hips as my nails dig into the seat in front of me. The cabbie undoes his pants too and pulls out his own dick. There is a thick puff of dark hair that sits under his shirt and leading down to his pubic area. He looks like he has never shaved in his life. His dick is short and thick; as he strokes it the cab slows down and we veer slightly to the right and into the other lane. “Keep your eyes on the damn road,” My husband orders him. His eyes go back and forth between my rising and falling body, my husband’s face in the mirror, and the road in front of him. I bounce on my husband faster and harder without trying to hit my head on the roof of the cab. I rest my head on the seat and let my husband grind in me. “Give me your finger,” I demand.  My husband obeys and I leave slimy spit on his finger down to his knuckle. “Stick it in my ass, baby. Let me feel you in both holes.” Ryan happily does it and now I’m whining in pleasure just inches from the cabbie’s face. “Fuck me hard, Ryan!”  My husband speeds up the pace of his pumping cock and the sound of my thighs landing on his legs echoes in the cab. I’m breathing hard; every time my husband’s dick beats deep into my pussy, he jars my body, making my breaths sound like hiccups. “Fuck my ass hard Ryan…show me how deep and far  you are going to cum in me!”


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