Threesome Memoirs – Confessions

confessionsAdult videos make threesomes seem absolutely perfect.   As with everything that gets glamorized, the actual experience isn’t as glamorous as the idea or fantasy. Below we will give our readers a few confessions that we may or may not have already talked about. Although our stories also glamorize our experiences, that isn’t this blogs intentions.

Ryan: My relationship with Venice is autistic. We aren’t understood and the decisions we make probably don’t make sense to anyone but us.  We have the outside world totally locked out.  Our inside jokes, our talks, our dislikes, and yes, even our threesomes.  The things we do bonds us closer together, but the third person becomes just an object we have totally used.  Whether to talk about after they leave, or to talk about while they are there.   Obviously we have no bad intentions to hurt them or anything, but we both like the idea of using the other person and seeing what they will do with us. When they leave, we move on with our life as if they do not exist. I find this behavior very psychopathic. However, because Venice and I do this together, it bonds us and gives our minds this, “us against the world” feeling. This is also how you maintain a successful relationship while adding other women to the bedroom. A total shutdown afterwards is important.

Venice: Threesomes aren’t as glamorous as they’re believed to be. Yes, it’s a turn on to be in it at the moment, and yes, I love being in one. But afterward, we start to recap the night and don’t feel like sex gods. And as it turns out, there were no harps playing in the background as I ate a chick out. We’re all human, we all have flaws, and we’re all imperfect.

Ryan: The idea of threesomes is better than the experiences themselves.  The freedom of having a spouse that almost becomes like a partner in crime (of passion), is liberating.  It’s like a sexual Bonnie and Clyde, where we use women together, talk dirty to them, then go back to our normal lives like it never happened afterwards.  It’s a rush and it feels invigorating.

Venice: I liked fucking the other women with strap-ons.  I liked hearing them moan when I pushed my dick in too deep.  I liked watching their walls stretch because the cock is bigger than what their bodies are used to.  I like watching the girls lips pull out and grab on to my strap-on each time I slide it out of their bodies.  I can understand why men fuck hard or enjoy hearing a woman moan and cry while being fucked. It’s exciting, dirty, and the one time in our life where we can hurt someone and not feel bad about it.

Ryan:  I am unsure how a threesome would be as a single man, but when you are in love, it’s not as amazing as you would think it is. It’s also not fair to the other women, but I guess we never planned on it being fair.  Because they are not your wife, no matter what they smell like, it isn’t going to be the same.   Too much perfume, too much sweat, too much seafood (old cum), too much (fill in the blank for various things you have smelled while with a woman for the first time).   For me, I was turned off by anything that wasn’t my wife’s natural smell.

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