Letting Our Body Hair Grow Out And Living All Natural. Are We Hippies Now?

Letting Our Body Hair Grow Out And Living All Natural.  Are We Hippies Now?

First let me say, as much as I am enjoying letting our bodies be natural, I can’t embrace growing out my underarm hair!  That may be something I never embrace, as I wouldn’t feel attractive.  In fact, I’d feel quite the opposite. However, I am starting to grow my pubic hair with no plans to ever shave again!  For us, this is exciting! I shaved every other day for 20+ years (other than my Project:  Asian Bush – Growing Out My Bush in Photos), it’s time to be free!

Throughout the blog we will drop random fun facts from various studies, but regardless of what any surveys or studies say, your pubic hair and the way you enjoy your man or woman’s body, is totally subjective.  Porn can alter our perception.  As well as the new generations that never had an attraction to a body with hair, because everyone being shaved is all they have ever known.  I’ve personally seen instances where women and men are bullied to fit what is now considered “normal”.  This type of group mentality can alter what we find beautiful.  But eventually, you do what makes you happy. 

I grew up enamored by a woman’s breasts, body, and bush.  I thought everything about a woman was beautiful.  The truth is, I didn’t even know what an actual vagina looked like!  Just her breasts, body, and bush.  And although I didn’t have access to nude men, if I did see their bodies, they had hairy chests and crotch hair.  It’s what I learned to visualize that a man should be.  Somewhere along the line, shaving became cleaner, easier to navigate, and something I preferred.  As I get older, I am finding my tastes are going back to where it all started.  Full bush, full circle.

Now wouldn’t you be happy if you were attracted to a woman and saw her in her  small little shorts, smelling good, and she teases you, opening her legs slightly, showing you hints of her pubic hair?  If that totally turns you off, I get it.  But for me, it’s sexy as fuck. For my husband, it drives him wild.  Enough so he pulled out his camera and turned our latest camping trip into a photoshoot for the blog!  

  • A recent study regarding grooming and STIs (sexually transmitted infections) may be an read for those who care about this topic.   Specifically gonococcal infection (GC), chlamydial infection (CT), or human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).   Although the study didn’t find that grooming your pubic hair made it more likely to get these STIs, it did show that 98.1% testing for STIs that agreed to survey, have shaved their pubic hair.  53% of those people were extreme groomers, which meant they shave regularly.   In other words, the majority of people (or at least those testing for STIs) shave regularly.  Another thing to note, although I hadn’t previously thought of this, having a fresh shave and being with someone else who is also freshly shaved, would create a lot of “raw” skin on skin contact, which is probably why there were recent findings that extreme grooming could make it more likely to get HIV during intercourse.  

Although shaving is now common, more and more people are getting injuries due to shaving and cuts.  As men get older they can develop a life-threatening, tissue-destroying infection called Fournier’s gangrene. It only affects 1 in 7,500 people, but is more common in older men and can destroy the scrotum. (Though rare, women can also contract the infection in the external vaginal folds as a result of some surgical procedures.)

Certain conditions, like diabetes, lupus, Crohn’s disease, leukemia, or HIV, could increase your risk for Fournier’s gangrene. If you have any of these conditions or a weakened immune system, talk to your doctor about the safest methods for pubic hair grooming. If you do nick the scrotum, clean the cut thoroughly with soap and water, and follow with alcohol. Seek medical attention for sudden pain or a rapid change in skin color at the site, or a high fever.

How does the thought of putting alcohol on your scrotum sound to you fellas?

  • Research is still in the works on this topic, but leaving your pubic hair in place could be a minor safeguard against STIs.  That’s because some removal methods present a risk for breeding bacteria via cuts or by exposing the hair follicle. However, don’t ditch condoms and other methods of protection just because you decided to grow your bush!

Here are some interesting comparisons done through a survery that compares groomers to non groomers.  This is not an argument for growing your hair out and being natural, it has various pros and cons of either choice.  It’s actually kind of interesting!

Body Hair or Not?

  • Groomers report more lifetime sexual partners, compared with nongroomers
  • A larger proportion of groomers reported having sex with men than the proportion of nongroomers
  • A larger proportion of groomers report daily sex compared with nongroomers
  • A larger proportion of groomers report daily oral sex than compared with nongroomers
  • A larger proportion of groomers admit to masturbating much more than when compared with nongroomers
  • Groomers reported a modestly higher genital satisfaction than nongroomers
  • More groomers had a bachelor’s degree or higher than nongroomers
  • Men who groom were younger than men who do not groom

So it’s safe to assume that most men that shave are young, gay, educated, and stand in the mirror looking at themselves while they masturbate all day huh?  

That was just a joke!  Relax my hairless kings.  We know that your shaving has nothing to do with your Grindr notifications that keep blowing up on your phone all night.  You just like to keep track of all the gay men in your area so you know where not to go!

If only the dumb uneducated hairy straight guys knew how to even operate their phones or download apps, they’d probably want to keep track as well. 

  • The majority (91%) of male groomers remove the hair above the penis. Scrotal grooming was more prevalent among men aged 34 to 44 years, with a peak prevalence of 72%. Removing inner thigh hair seems to decrease with age, with a prevalence of 45% in 18- to 24-year-olds and a prevalence of 26% in 55- to 65-year-olds. Although less common, more than 10% of groomers in all age categories report grooming the hair around the anus. Twenty-four percent of groomers aged 25 to 34 years groom the area around the anus, and 11% of groomers aged 55 to 65 years groom the area around the anus.

Ah yes, the obvious rise of the rim job era.  This was also my husband’s main reason for shaving his anus.  He kept it shaved so he would feel more fresh when I went down on him.  As he is getting more comfortable and confident with our body hair, with me loving his body hair and embracing his manliness, we both still very much enjoy rimming.  It also seems more naughty when it’s not shaved.  In a good way!

  • Those who groom are more likely to engage in or receive oral sex

Dang, being a hippie is really not going to go well for us hairy folks is it? However, I do agree, we will be less attractive to people who think about sex more often.  This is the downside of being natural.  None of these statistics really match us, as we don’t seem to fall into any of these ideas.  We are intimate twice a day, which means with or without hair, we are both extremely sexually active.  For us, it may effect if we ever get another woman in our bedroom, but hair has no effect on the amount of times either of us receive sex or sexual attention from each other. In fact, no survey really matters when you are in a relationship, because the only person’s opinion that counts is your partners.   However, I’d imagine that if we added another woman to our bedroom, she’d probably be totally turned off by my husband’s hair.  And maybe even mine!  This is something we have talked about and decided we both want to embrace our bodies, our age, and enjoy each other’s natural hair growth. Maybe it’s something animalistic, but when in a relationship, you can break all the rules of what others want, and be yourself!

  •  According to a recent survey,  73 percent of men and 51 percent of women prefer grooming prior to sex.  60 percent of men prefer totally hairless, to 24 percent of women prefers her man totally hairless.

I used to be part of the 51 percental and 24 percental.  I preferred my husband totally hairless and can remember telling him, “I am the one that has to go down and deal with it, so shave it.”  My attitude towards body hair was based off cleanliness.  I also wouldn’t swallow his cum unless he asked.  I didn’t know how to deepthroat, nor care to learn.  And sex wasn’t something I really desired or wanted.   This attitude may have been why I insisted that he was totally shaved below.  I wanted him to be as clean as possible, or maybe in hindsight, as close to a woman as possible.  Because I later found out I was very much into women and I love going down on them. 

  •  40 percent of women shave prior to going to a doctor’s appointment

Bush-Growth-9-WMI am also in this category.  Although I will try to embrace my natural body and hair growth around my vagina, it will be extremely hard to go to a doctor’s appointment and not feel embarrassment.  The idea that I do not take care of myself, do not care about my vagina and grooming, and that I would “let myself go” is a bit intimidating.  It’s not like I can sit there and tell the doctor that I am almost a hippie and I am growing out my bush because me and my husband want to be all natural below!  It’s a kink, a lifestyle, and now a days, having a bush is more rare than not having one.  And we have always went against the grain when it comes to following what we considered normal.  

Either way, embrace change.  Find the beauty in everything!  Men without hair, you’re beautiful.  Men with hair, so are you.  And ladies, I have never seen a woman I am attracted to and saw her panties come down and been anything but turned on.  Hair, trimmed, shaved, it never mattered.  I just wanted to be between your legs, smelling you, feeling inside you, and making you squirm!

All photos used on this particular blog are of us, with and without hair. 


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I like to grow my hair once in a while