Sex Toy Review: The Electric Penis Pump from Bestvibe

The Electric Penis Pump from Bestvibe

In the past I have dealt with cheap penis pumps that I would try a few times and eventually lose interest in.  Although they gave me erections, I would deflate as soon as I removed the air pressure.  I do know that cock rings are important to keep the penis full, but for me, I just wasn’t interested in keeping an erect penis held together by a rubber band.  I have never been big on cock rings or anything of that nature.  

Make sure you research and find out exactly how penis pumps are designed to work

However, Bestvibe has sent me a cool pump that does everything automatically.  In the  past, I would use a pump like I was blowing up a bike tire.  Pump, pump, pump, pump.  As my penis fills the tube, the pain gradually gets worse, I stop, and look at how huge my penis is inside the tube.  It looked amazing.  However, Venice and I can’t touch it, can’t use it, can’t do anything with it other than go, “Wow, I bet that would feel good if it didn’t look like it was in a penis museum!”  

This penis pump didn’t change any of that!  LOL.

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