Prone Masturbation – The Embarrassing Truth

gandy6It is estimated that 90 percent of males regularly masturbate by using their hand(s), which is considered normal.  About 5-10 percent masturbate in what is called, a prone masturbation position.   This is a technique learned by young boys where you lay face down and dry hump either your hand, a pillow, a rolled up towel or sheet, or even a stuffed animal (Sorry Ted).  Now, the term “rolled up towel” may be a bit misleading, because some people may think that they actually insert their penis inside the hole and try to mock a vagina sensation.  This is not what I mean. The towel is rolled up to create a solid object, so the man can lay on top of it and grind / dry hump it.  Most men that masturbate prone, actually prefer not to have an erection. Prone masturbation with an erection is extremely painful and crushes the erect penis (and engorged urethra) between the object and your own pubic bone, and pushes the base of the shaft into the prostate area.  How do I know all this?  Because this is the only way I masturbated until I met Venice.

tumblr_nlhxr3eS9E1u58ccdo1_250To clarify, this is not something guys do to pretend they are having sex, this is how they masturbate exclusively.   Like a man stroking himself thinks about how the hand has the same sensations as the mouth or a tight vagina, a man masturbating prone is dry humping, using his body to create friction rather than his hand.  I’ve never masturbated prone and actually thought I was having sex with a towel.  It was just a way to get off, except being able to balance on my elbows, move my hips, and relax much more than when a man jacks off.  Some men have masturbated prone for over 20 years and cannot orgasm in the traditional “stroking” fashion. I also couldn’t orgasm through stroking, and to be totally honest, jacking off just didn’t feel good to me at all.

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