Wearing My Wife’s Used Panties

Wearing My Wife’s Used Panties

When I first got married I went through a phase with my wife that included experimenting with sexy undies, shaving my legs, and exploring various adult curiosities that you aren’t allowed to explore until you live with someone else that enjoys trying new things with you.  However, I never imagined I’d feel sexy wearing my wife’s used panties.  And honestly, from the beginning, my wife made it clear, she wasn’t cool with variations in my undergarments.  It just wasn’t attractive to her.   

Below are selfies of my wife wearing the same panties, taken the day before my selfie above. 

The History of Wearing My Wife’s Used Panties

When my wife and I first moved in together, neither of us really knew what was or wasn’t appropriate. All we knew was that now that we were “adults” things would change and we could do whatever our young hearts desired. Walk around nude, have sex at any time, dance around naked playing air guitar together, and pee in each others faces for fun. Finally we got to to all the things adults do when they are all grown up! Oh boy!

I remember shopping one day and I saw male thongs at the local store. I recall thinking to myself, “I am going to look sexy as hell in these.  Should I buy the slight thongs or pure thongs that look like dental floss?”

“Dental floss it is!”

I bought the thongs and rushed home to try them on. I remember looking in the mirror, unable to fully put my sac inside the thong, so half a testicle on each side was kind of hanging out. My penis also didn’t stay where it belonged so I laid it along the waist line hoping to cover it with the strings that wrap around my hips. Although not much coverage, I felt it still looked great and just knew my wife would love it. She was still at work and she wouldn’t be home for a few hours. So I just kept the thongs on and otherwise was nude on the couch. Just wearing the thongs made me horny with excitement and I couldn’t wait to see her face.

Unfortunately I passed out on the couch and when she walked in, I was laying there, turned away from the door, with my ass and thong exposed to the world. Unable to put on my Zoolander look to make the thongs more appealing, my wife walked over to me and let me know she was home. I believe she was too uncomfortable to even touch me because she kind of hit/tapped me on the shoulder like you would if you were waking up a bum on a park bench.  I stood up.  My vision a bit foggy from still being tired, penis plump from falling asleep horny with man thongs on, each ball hanging out the side of the thong because the fabric could no longer hold half of them inside, and the floss like backside of the undies totally hidden by my ass cheeks.  My wife didn’t say a word. She didn’t laugh, she didn’t smile, she didn’t blink…I am unsure if she even took a breath to be honest. After this awkward 20 seconds, which seemed like an hour, I asked her if she liked them?

My wife looked at me and responded as stoic as I had ever seen her, “Please throw those away and never put anything like those on again.”

I was immediately defensive and I used the old line, “You said you loved me and I would look sexy in anything…”

She looked me up and down and responded, “I lied.”

I never put on thongs again.


My First Time Wearing My Wife’s Used Panties

Fast forward 20 years and a Christmas photo shoot where we were planning on doing role reversal for entertainment on our blog.  The idea was to take photos the opposite of what we had taken 7 years earlier.  For instance, if my wife was bent over in front of a Christmas tree with a yo-yo tying her hands behind her back, with the title, “Santa’s Workshop”, we’d do the same with me.  So we’d put her panties on me, tie my hands behind my back, and try to take the same photo 7 years later.  

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