Wearing My Wife’s Used Panties

Wearing My Wife’s Used Panties

When I first got married I went through a phase with my wife that included experimenting with sexy undies, shaving my legs, and exploring various adult curiosities that you aren’t allowed to explore until you live with someone else that enjoys trying new things with you.  However, I never imagined I’d feel sexy wearing my wife’s used panties.  And honestly, from the beginning, my wife made it clear, she wasn’t cool with variations in my undergarments.  It just wasn’t attractive to her.   

Below are selfies of my wife wearing the same panties, taken the day before my selfie above. 

The History of Wearing My Wife’s Used Panties

When my wife and I first moved in together, neither of us really knew what was or wasn’t appropriate. All we knew was that now that we were “adults” things would change and we could do whatever our young hearts desired. Walk around nude, have sex at any time, dance around naked playing air guitar together, and pee in each others faces for fun. Finally we got to to all the things adults do when they are all grown up! Oh boy!

I remember shopping one day and I saw male thongs at the local store. I recall thinking to myself, “I am going to look sexy as hell in these.  Should I buy the slight thongs or pure thongs that look like dental floss?”

“Dental floss it is!”

I bought the thongs and rushed home to try them on. I remember looking in the mirror, unable to fully put my sac inside the thong, so half a testicle on each side was kind of hanging out. My penis also didn’t stay where it belonged so I laid it along the waist line hoping to cover it with the strings that wrap around my hips. Although not much coverage, I felt it still looked great and just knew my wife would love it. She was still at work and she wouldn’t be home for a few hours. So I just kept the thongs on and otherwise was nude on the couch. Just wearing the thongs made me horny with excitement and I couldn’t wait to see her face.

Unfortunately I passed out on the couch and when she walked in, I was laying there, turned away from the door, with my ass and thong exposed to the world. Unable to put on my Zoolander look to make the thongs more appealing, my wife walked over to me and let me know she was home. I believe she was too uncomfortable to even touch me because she kind of hit/tapped me on the shoulder like you would if you were waking up a bum on a park bench.  I stood up.  My vision a bit foggy from still being tired, penis plump from falling asleep horny with man thongs on, each ball hanging out the side of the thong because the fabric could no longer hold half of them inside, and the floss like backside of the undies totally hidden by my ass cheeks.  My wife didn’t say a word. She didn’t laugh, she didn’t smile, she didn’t blink…I am unsure if she even took a breath to be honest. After this awkward 20 seconds, which seemed like an hour, I asked her if she liked them?

My wife looked at me and responded as stoic as I had ever seen her, “Please throw those away and never put anything like those on again.”

I was immediately defensive and I used the old line, “You said you loved me and I would look sexy in anything…”

She looked me up and down and responded, “I lied.”

I never put on thongs again.


My First Time Wearing My Wife’s Used Panties

Fast forward 20 years and a Christmas photo shoot where we were planning on doing role reversal for entertainment on our blog.  The idea was to take photos the opposite of what we had taken 7 years earlier.  For instance, if my wife was bent over in front of a Christmas tree with a yo-yo tying her hands behind her back, with the title, “Santa’s Workshop”, we’d do the same with me.  So we’d put her panties on me, tie my hands behind my back, and try to take the same photo 7 years later.  

Unfortunately, that wasn’t going to work.  My ass isn’t quite the same as her ass.  In fact, I’d say the photos came out absolutely hideous.  And the fact it’s 7 years later for my body, made it even worse.   Scratch that idea.

But what did happen was, I really felt connected to her when wearing her panties.  I also liked the look of my hairy body and bulge in her panties.  

wearing my wifes used pantiesAnd then I thought how hot it would be if my wife and I shared panties.  Not the same matching, but instead after a day of her wearing her panties, she puts them on the dresser for me, so the next day I could wear them.  This way I could enjoy that naughty feeling of being kinky, while also creating a huge connection with my wife.  I have already tattooed her name on my penis, so obviously I have an obsession with giving all of myself to her.  In fact, I tattooed a pinup style photo of her on my calf, a full sleeve dedicated to her and my family, and share the same quote on my other arm that she has on her sleeve.  I have an obsession with turning my body into a temple dedicated to her.  And wearing her used panties makes sense to me.  I am worshiping her vagina, her juices, her sweat, and her oils and pheromones.  Do I really need to explain why a woman’s used panties are sexy?  Probably not.  Do I need to explain why I have a desire to wear them the day after she has worn them all day?  Probably.


Panty Raid and Wearing My Wife’s Used Panties

I have story that I have never shared with anyone other than my wife.  When I was 14 years old I got caught shoplifting.  However, I didn’t shoplift because I couldn’t afford the item, I shoplifted because I was too embarrassed to buy the item I wanted.  Fortunately I got caught pretty quick in my crime spree, so I didn’t spiral out of control and end up doing life for stealing panties for a living.   That’s right, you heard me.  I got caught stealing panties!  

A Panty Raid of a Different Kind.

No way in the world was I going to buy panties.  I was too young, too naïve, and too shy.  But the urge to see what it was like to wear them was just too much. 

I remember walking around a store and seeing these cute red panties, laced, with a nice v cut to them.  I remember thinking to myself, just walk by as fast as possible and grab a pair and walk out.  (Un)Fortunately, I was stopped by security and got caught red handed.  Literally.  I was so embarrassed. And now I had to sit there while the security guards insulted me.  It was probably the most humiliating thing I had ever been through.  Because not only did my parents find out, but the security guards themselves couldn’t understand why I was stealing panties.  They kept saying to me, “Are you a homo or something?  You like wearing girl panties huh?”  Of course, at the time, I lied and said I was stealing them for a girl I liked.  But the truth was, I was stealing them for the exact reason they were ridiculing me for, I was curious.

That night I felt so disgusted at myself.  I threw out anything that even resembled panties.  My superman undies?  Gone.  My tighty-whities?  Gone.  I was humiliated and shamed.  My curious spirit was broken.  I never thought of trying on panties again.  

And then… Wearing My Wife’s Used Panties

wearing my wife's used panties in blueAnd then there is the nurturing and patience of a woman that loves you.  A woman that not only loves you, but she does everything in her power to keep you happy and in love with her.  An open mind.  A woman that instead of insulting and humiliating me, embraces intimacy and the various ways we keep our spirits connected.  

We’ve previously blogged about our  extreme sexual ideas that enhance our connection.   If you understood that blog, you will understand why we do the things we do, including me wearing my wife’s used panties.

The Pros of Wearing My Wife’s Used Panties:

Intimacy when wearing my wife’s used panties

If you have read our blog, you know how we feel about intimacy.  Intimacy is the key to a long, happy, and successful marriage.  No matter how bad things may seem, if you exercise intimacy each day, your relationship and connection will grow, despite what is going on around you.  Intimacy and communication will fix almost every problem a relationship can face.

With that said, it feels very intimate to keep my wife’s body and panties on me throughout the day.  It reminds me of the movie Braveheart when William Wallace holds on to an article of his wife’s clothing until the day he died.  Although it’s just a film, the idea of an article of clothing representing a person’s spirit still make sense and connects with the audience.  We can view an article of clothing as a keepsake. We can also have a favorite blanket, or a lucky t-shirt.  For me, wearing my wife’s used panties makes me feel closer to her… while away from her.

I’ll try another comparison.  The only thing I could compare it to so women can better understand my perspective, is allowing your husband/boyfriend to cum inside you.  Some of you may clean yourself thoroughly for sanitary reasons, but a lot of women will just clean the outer labia after sex.  Purposely keeping their husband/boyfriend’s fluids inside them.   My wife says she loves feeling me drip out of her body throughout the work day.  She says that it makes her feel close to me and she always wants to feel me inside her.  I do not think this is uncommon, however, because of the idea of cleanliness, a lot of women do not really talk about it.  They just do it.  They want the world to see them as perfectly clean, but deep inside (pun), love the idea of feeling moist with their husbands cum seeping from their bodies all throughout the day. 

And I totally understand why!  I want to feel the exact same thing.  I want to appear normal with my proper work attire, but underneath it all, I am wearing my wife’s used panties from the day before, keeping her on me throughout the day.

It feels sexy to wear my wife’s used panties

wearing my wifes used panties scarf and necklace lolNothing about wearing men’s underwear feels sexy to me.  It’s almost caveman-like to throw some ugly clothing on our bodies simply to cover our genitals so our pants don’t smell like our balls.  

However, this isn’t something I have ever embraced.  I like to feel sexy too.  This why I have always worn sheer briefs and have blogged about them numerous times

And to be totally honest, my pants would never smell like musty balls.  Although the word “groomed” is synonymous with trimmed or shaved, it also includes washing your body hair.  I am all natural and hairy but still clean my lion’s mane thoroughly.  I use shampoo that has a special antiperspirant that helps keep the oils and sweat from building up.  I pride myself in my body smelling fresh. 

It Looks Good  

Well, to us it just does.  No need to explain, you can judge for yourself.  Some people may be turned off by the low cut appearance, but nothing pleases everyone.  With the natural hair and lower waistline, it reveals more.  The dick fits across the waistline and the balls cup snuggly in front, much like the support of a jock strap.

Naughty hidden secrets

Like genital piercings, it’s a turn on doing things that no one but you and your lover know about.  The dirty secrets.  The geek in the streets but a freak in the sheets.  I have taken out all of my penis and ball piercings because it interfered with us exercising our intimacy twice a day.  Although I loved them, it just didn’t fit into our active sex life.  And taking my piercings on and off to fit our deepthroat or anal schedule, became too much of a task.  In wearing my wife’s used panties, it just seems to put the secret hidden naughty back into our life.  And when it’s time to get dirty, I can easily slide them off.

Good support wearing my wife’s used panties

Even though it is not designed to cover a man’s bulge, it still has great support.  However, if I get erect at work, I’d be in trouble. Thankfully I haven’t got erect during the middle of the day since the 6th grade.   Well, not thankfully, but fuck it.  Although it’s much snugger, it does support my flaccid package and keeps my balls up, rather than hanging between my legs.  Basically her panties feel just like a jock strap to me.  And nothing is more supportive on a man’s goods than a jock strap.

However, below you will notice this is also a con.  This is because it depends on which pair of panties my wife wore the previous day.  If it’s tiny and lace, it looks great but has no support for the fellas.

She likes the idea more than me. 

Unsure if it’s territorial or just something that turned her on.   She loved the idea of me wearing her used panties the following day.  A bit of a pet thing, or maybe ownership?  Definitely pussy worship.  And maybe a bit of her man loves her so much he wants to wear her dirty panties the day after she wears them.  As a woman she understands that it feels good having your lover’s fluid on you, and in you, throughout the day.   Plus, she finds it attractive to look at.  Which leads me to the next Pro.

Great photos wearing my wife’s used panties

I just wouldn’t want to have various pairs of men underwear that show so much variation.  If it wasn’t something my wife wore, I wouldn’t be interested.  However, wearing my wife’s used panties gives me the opportunity to take various photos each day and let her see me in them.  She loves it.  And to be honest, I had no idea how much I would like doing it.  Usually she sends me pics throughout the day and I send her nothing.  Neither of us are into dick pics.  But this variation makes it almost fun to see her man each day.  One, I am in her used panties so it’s a bit of a power trip.  Two, she says I look amazing.  This was been the biggest shocker of a Pro.  Especially considering my story of me trying on a male thong for her the first time.

Connected wearing my wife’s used panties

An intense feeling of being connected at all times.  Our relationship has ascended into something else entirely thanks to Our Circle.   Our connection and the amount of times we bond has surpassed what feels like 3 lifetimes.  We both now talk about how we are just one person, one being, that work together because we were given two bodies.  If I wake up and get a massage until I orgasm, it is more like together we helped us  orgasm.  Basically masturbation.  Much like I would if I was single and alone in the morning.   I don’t have to suffer or neglect my daily releases just because I am married.  How much sense does that make?

This is confusing to blog about and something I won’t try to explain beyond what I have said above.  However, sharing panties follows the same rules as being one person.  It makes her happy because it shows my dedication to her.  It makes me happy because I have a part of her with me.  When we are apart, neither of us are happy.  And it makes us happy to know we are connected at all times.

What My Wife Says about Me Wearing Her Used Panties:

wifes used panties montageMy initial thoughts when my husband proposed the idea of wearing my used panties were, “Why would he want to wear my used panties? Wouldn’t he be disgusted by them? Is he testing to see if I’d actually say yes to that, and then change his mind?” Then my next thoughts were, “He would never suggest something sexual like that and not have a reason for it.” For the record, I never questioned it in a negative way. I thought it was an amazing way to worship me, my vagina, my womanhood. The thought of that being an emasculating act never crossed my mind, especially if a man does it willingly. No man has ever put me on a pedestal and went out of his way to make me feel appreciated and worshiped. It’s flattering to say the least. I get to wake up every day and turn a mundane task, like picking out a pair of panties to wear for the day, and turn it into an event. Hmm…what pair should I have him wear tomorrow? I say “tomorrow” because that’s when they’ll be considered used – after I wear them for an entire day! Plus, have you seen him in them?  He looks better in my panties than me!  And now, we can both go to Victoria’s Secret together and pick out panties that we both like! I’ve always wanted a panty-shopping buddy, and mine will pay for them!

She has spoken.  

I am going to list a few cons but before I do, I will ask a few questions to the reader.  Not so much a pro or con, just a curiosity.  

Smell Wearing My Wife’s Used  Panties

wife's used panties side by sideHow will I smell wearing my wife’s used panties?  I assume my crotch will smell like day old panties.  Ladies know better than me I suppose.  Do your panties smell after wearing them for a day? Personally, through my experience, a woman’s used panties just don’t smell bad after a day.  

I have blogged about how much I love smelling my wife’s used panties.  We also had a blog about my wife selling a pair of her used panties to someone online. I think the first time I smelled her used panties was when she mailed me a pair in a ziplock bag while I was in college.  I used to smell them while she talked dirty to me on the phone.  This was my entire sex life for a few semesters.  Her used panties and scent was the closest I could be to her.  With that said, smelling used panties is not something I normally do.  I don’t want to really violate her privacy or make her feel like she has to always be perfect.  So I don’t just go into her dirty laundry basket and smell her panties without her knowing it.  I may mention it through text, tell her I want to take her panties off, smell them, and then shove it in her own mouth while I eat her out.  You know, give her a heads up.  And truthfully, in the handful of times I have smelled her used panties, I’ve never really smelt anything.  I assume this is common?  So although not a pro or con, wearing her panties may have me more self conscious about how I smell.  


The Cons of Wearing My Wife’s Used  Panties:

Emasculating wearing my wife’s used panties

I have a huge issue with feeling emasculated. In fact, I get cold sweats from the thought of even publishing this blog.  It’s pretty damn exposing.  However, behind close doors, I am totally okay with my wife doing anything with me.  As much as I would like to have an open mind and share everything, it isn’t easy to open  up and really leave yourself vulnerable for people to judge you.  And whether people disagree or not,  it is hard to look masculine wearing a woman’s panties.

This con really comes down to me worrying about what other people think, rather than doing what I feel.  You kind of have to say to yourself, “Fuck what other people expect from me, do what makes me and my wife happy.”

Creepy wearing my wife’s used panties

Although I have never had issues with wearing sexy underwear, I have always felt a man wearing a woman’s panties is a bit creepy.  It’s much harder for a man to open up, and when we do, we are usually judged by other men who are too scared to open up themselves.  A real man just doesn’t wear panties.

Again, this con also comes down to me worrying about what other people think, rather than doing what I feel.

Ruining her panties wearing wife’s used panties

Obviously I am much bigger than her, in all areas.  This seems like a guarantee for stretching her panties so she is unable to wear them.  To be honest, this is probably the biggest con as of right now because who wants to wear stretched out panties?   The only answer we have for this is, if we share undergarments, we will just shop together and buy more.  We will see how that works out, or how many times we can share before she is not able to wear her own panties.

Currently, after a full day of wearing her used panties, she tried them back on and they didn’t appear damaged or stretched.  So it will be possible to share panties a few times, before inevitably needing to buy more.  Over time I would assume twice the usage will wear them out twice as fast.

No Support wearing my wife’s used panties

wearing wife's used panties and balls fall outAs you see I have support listed as a pro, but it’s definitely also a con.  This depends on the type of panties my wife decides to wear.  So far, the snug cotton panties have been great.  The support is perfect and it feels like a jockstrap.  However, the lace panties  have no support at all.  My balls will fall off to the side.  Although they look good when standing still posing,  throughout the rest of the day I have little to no support.  

Cleanliness  wearing my wife’s used panties

Although my wife is clean, I do wonder how wearing used panties will effect me.  There is a reason why we change our underwear/panties each day.  With her used panties and juices rubbing against my taint and balls the next day, could it possibly create “jock itch”?  I know that sounds gross, but it’s a reality.  Unsure exactly what will happen, we will just have to experiment and see.   The good thing is, I only plan on wearing them for my work day, when we are apart.  I shower first thing when I get home and usually throw on some shorts or sweats, with no underwear.  So really, I’d just be wearing her panties to work, when we’re apart, so I can still have her body against mine.


Conclusion on Wearing My Wife’s Used Panties

my wife's used panties naked in bedPretty much I am going to ignore the cons.  The cleanliness and stretching will be something that may lead us to stopping eventually.   The other cons are the reason why we hold back on anything we want to do, because we are so scared of being judged by others.  I am no different.   But I want to be different.   So every day I will wear my wife’s used panties she wore the previous day.  I will enjoy knowing she he used panties are rubbing against me.  I will enjoy knowing that underneath my boring work attire, I am celebrating our bond and keeping her as close to me as I can.  All while looking sexy as fuck in the process.  

If you want to catch updates of the her panty shots, and then mine the next day, my wife will be posting a few pictures to her twitter account. Since I would be a bit too embarrassed to post them on my account.   Don’t worry, she also posts plenty of selfies of herself!

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I don’t give a crap what you decide to wear, you both look sexy as hell!

I love the new changes you guys are going through.

I could never do that, because both my wives were tiny, forget stretching I couldn’t fit in. But we did have fun using them for masturbation. Love cleavage and that is one sexy photo of her bending over. Glad you are doing what pleases you.

you are awesome, guys! like you so much 😉

Just wore my wife’s used panties last night – at her personal suggestion! Mind you, I do like it and am certainly not against it. In fact I recently (within the last couple years) told her how much the scent of her used panties is a huge turn on. When she asked me to wear them last night, she said it almost jokingly- I think she was afraid of what I’d say. I put them on and she was staring, speechless and salivating. I immediately received some of the best oral ever – while wearing her used panties. She loves the scent too.

Thanks for sharing. I read many of your blog posts, cool, your blog is very good.