Good Morning – I want you to cum “right there”

minutemanAfter many weeks of late-night gaming, video-editing, and uploading, I went to bed earlier than usual, getting a full six hours of sleep last night.  My body woke up earlier than normal, more than a half hour before my alarm was set to go off.  I cozied up against Ryan and put my hand on his chest.  He stirred as I moved my hand under the sheet to touch his skin; rubbing my fingers over his warm balls and soft penis.   This woke him up.  He rolled over and kissed on my neck as he slid his hand between my thighs. I was already nude. We both were.  His fingers slid between my lips, in and out.  I was still wet from when he left his semen in me just hours earlier.  I pulled him down to me, hooking my arms under his and holding onto his bulging traps.  He slowly slid his dick inside me and I start to moan as I feel him get thicker inside me.  His shaft starts to rub harder and harder.  He lifts up both my legs onto his shoulders, getting even deeper in me.

“Grab my shoulders now,” I moaned into his ears.  As he does, we’re locked in a tight position and I’m forced to take all of his cock with no room to wiggle free.  Both of my legs are high on his shoulders as my own knees are forced to rest next to my ears. As my legs are on his shoulders he reaches underneath my back and latches onto my shoulders so he can squeeze me into a ball and pull me down into his thrusts.  This position forces my body into a tight ball with my pussy and ass totally exposed to his thrusting pelvis.  I wanted to be abused.

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