Good Morning – I want you to cum “right there”

minutemanAfter many weeks of late-night gaming, video-editing, and uploading, I went to bed earlier than usual, getting a full six hours of sleep last night.  My body woke up earlier than normal, more than a half hour before my alarm was set to go off.  I cozied up against Ryan and put my hand on his chest.  He stirred as I moved my hand under the sheet to touch his skin; rubbing my fingers over his warm balls and soft penis.   This woke him up.  He rolled over and kissed on my neck as he slid his hand between my thighs. I was already nude. We both were.  His fingers slid between my lips, in and out.  I was still wet from when he left his semen in me just hours earlier.  I pulled him down to me, hooking my arms under his and holding onto his bulging traps.  He slowly slid his dick inside me and I start to moan as I feel him get thicker inside me.  His shaft starts to rub harder and harder.  He lifts up both my legs onto his shoulders, getting even deeper in me.

“Grab my shoulders now,” I moaned into his ears.  As he does, we’re locked in a tight position and I’m forced to take all of his cock with no room to wiggle free.  Both of my legs are high on his shoulders as my own knees are forced to rest next to my ears. As my legs are on his shoulders he reaches underneath my back and latches onto my shoulders so he can squeeze me into a ball and pull me down into his thrusts.  This position forces my body into a tight ball with my pussy and ass totally exposed to his thrusting pelvis.  I wanted to be abused.

“Go deep,” I tell him.  He pushes his weight down on me hard and hits my deepest spot where it sends chills down my spine.  “Right there…RIGHT THERE!  I want you to cum right there!”  Almost instantaneously, I see the goosebumps form on his shoulders. Before I can ask him to wait and stop, I didn’t mean for you to cum really REALLY, I felt my insides fill up with cum and his sperm rolling down my ass crack.  Ryan had came exactly where I wanted him to.  I stayed still and let his orgasm subside as I purposely kegeled  my pussy around his dick massaging his softening shaft inside me.  He kissed me on the forehead and gently got off of me.

Now here is where it gets a bit tricky.  Usually, when we talk dirty, which is every time we fuck, I will tease him while he grinds my ass or pussy with talk of how good it feels or how much I love his dick inside me.  If I mention cum, that is usually our secret sex language that means my pussy or ass is wore out and I want him to finish.  Rather than saying finish, I will push him over the edge begging for his semen or describing how it feels when he cums inside me.  Unfortunately, this morning, that wasn’t the case.  I wanted more, but little did I know, he follows directions way too well.

As he laid next to me, I left my legs spread open and my knees up to my face so he could see my freshly fucked pussy dripping with his semen. I stuck a finger in my hole to gather his cum so I could use it as lube to rub my clit and lips in front of him.  Still wanting more of his dick and feeling a bit playful I said, “I said cum ‘right there’ but I didn’t mean ‘right now’.”

Ryan laughed a little and responded, “Fuck you, V,” sensing I was in a teasing mood.

“I was just giving you an approximation of the general area of where I wanted you t–“

“Shut up.” he snarled, knowing I wasn’t going to stop teasing him.

“I mean, I wasn’t giving you an ETA, it was more of a location.”

“Oh my God!  You said, ‘Cum right there!  I didn’t realize I needed a location or a map to find my way around your vagina.  You said cum.'”

“Well thank goodness you are not in the military.  You would be on the front lines and I would say, “Shoot, I forgot my hel…. ” and before I could finish my statement you would start shooting your gun at everyone in sight!”

“Listen, you said cum so I came,” he responded.

“I know, Ryan. I  was merely suggesting a focal point for semen deposition.”

“Oh my god, drop it already.  I thought you wanted me to cum!  I had you rolled up in a little ball with your knees behind your head at 6:30 in the morning while grunting on top of  you with my hard penis smashing inside of you over and over!”

“Well, it wasn’t like over and over, more like, OVE.  O-V-E.”

“Wow, OVE?  Like, my sex didn’t even spell the word OVER?   That’s fucked up V.”

“Truthfully the E is being a bit generous.  That’s all I’m saying.”  I laugh and continued to rub my pussy in front of him.

“Whatever, if 99% of the time you say cum because you are sore and want me to finish, don’t hate when I learn to respond efficiently.”

“Hah!  Quicky McSticky….”

“OK…OK!  I get the point!”

“Well, I wish I would have gotten your point…more,” I giggled and added, “I didn’t know when I was giving you the GPS location for your semen you were already at the final destination and ready to call it a day.”

Ryan responded, “Well, I didn’t realize that I was on a journey this morning or I needed a GPS for where to cum in your vagina.  I thought I was just running to the store real fast to grab some groceries or a quick candy bar.”

“Well hopefully if you really go to the store you don’t instead stop at the edge of the driveway before the trip starts and try to buy a candy bar from our mailbox.”

Ryan laughed and got out of bed to wash off for work.  I slowly got up and walked to the shower, turned on even more by feeling his cum drip further down my thighs with each step.

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Your momma is a minute man.

Cute tags, “Ran To Home Plate Before He Ran To First”. Hah, blah.