Golden Showers and Peeing Myself

Golden Shower waterfall from mouthGolden Showers and Peeing Myself

Without my husband being the wiser, I followed @LenoirGold on Twitter because of his love for water play, or what it is commonly referred to as “the golden shower.” I’d been planning on a new photo shoot and this was going to be it. It wasn’t until about a week or so later when I made the suggestion that I should pee in my panties on camera to my husband. He was down to do it, as he is always down to do anything with me. We thought of different ways to do it: “Doing it in the shower is going to be corny.” I thought about doing it outside (which was the idea that we originally agreed on) or on the couch with plastic tarp or even in a kiddie pool. Then I got it. I would combine bondage and water play together.

What Is A Golden Shower?

At its most basic, the term “golden shower” ― also known as “urine play” or “water sports” ― is slang for a sex act involving urine. It’s the act of peeing on or around your partner(s), or getting peed on yourself….

It’s a fetish, more common in the dominant/submissive role-play scene.

So Let The Golden Waters Flow…

Golden ShowerNaturally I am submissive so I was excited. But I wasn’t just going to be submissive, I was going to let him give me a golden shower while orchestrating the photoshoot.  So a bit of a balance.  I planned what I was going to wear, the way I’d be tied up, I even told my husband to drink a few glasses of water about an hour before the shoot. I was thrilled to get to be the writer, director, and producer. I felt like how M. Night Shyamalan must have felt while directing “Lady in the Water.”  My husband knew somewhat what my plans were, but for the most part I was steering him. I asked him to help blindfold me, using an old t-shirt I had torn and cut into long strands of cloth.  I then asked him to help place me in the corner of the tub so I can squat and get the feel of the shoot.   Once in place, I told my husband where the rope was and asked him to tie my legs and hands together using the rope and other torn t-shirt strip.   My husband bound my wrists with nylon rope and tied my feet.  I was now helpless, completely in my husband’s control except for his willingness to keep me happy.  I trust him completely.  He lifted my skirt and exposed my pink panties. I chose pink for a reason.

I have a Golden Shower Surprise

dry panties before the golden showerI asked him to get a few pics of me “cowering” in the tub.  I felt like a prisoner whose captors were photographing  for the news reporters. I kept my head low and cocked to the left, trying to look as innocent as possible. He stood over me and pulled my head back using my hair, but I willingly followed the tug.  At this point, we were both in control.  He snapped a few pics with his cock near my face (which may be shown later if we add more photos — we like to keep the shoots around 20 photos).  I wanted to stuff it in my mouth and suck it until it got hard, but I had to show some restraint and wait until later.  I then felt him beat his penis on my face and he even put his cock inside my blindfold.  These are things he does on his own, as the power of me being helpless  begins to give him an adrenalin rush.  At one point, I believe he put his foot on my throat, taking pictures of me helpless and totally under his control.  I love it.

wetting myselfMoving away from me, I hear him shuffle to the other end of the tub.  He told me to keep my mouth open. There is silence. I can’t see a thing, but I know what he’s doing: he’s releasing the micturition reflex, which relaxes the muscles in your urethra, releasing urine from your bladder. I’m eager to taste his hot urine, and then I  feel it fountain into my mouth. I take a mouthful in and half way seal my lips. I feel his stream hit my face, my chest, down my tank top, over my skirt. I look at where I think the camera is and open my mouth to reveal it full of his urine.  He again grabs my hair and pulls my face to the camera.  I gargle his urine, letting it bubble over my tongue, before finally letting it dribble onto my chin and down my chest again. I swallow the rest in my mouth. It’s a pungent taste, like overcooked beef.

peed my pantiesI lay there and listen to the camera snap photos.  I feel him open my legs, I believe to take photos of my panties.   To our surprise, my panties are still dry.  Since my husband figured we were still doing the outside shoot with me peeing in my dress, he didn’t drink the water like I asked him to earlier.  Frustrated, I tell my husband to aim the camera between my legs so I can try to play with myself.  As my husband unknowingly takes shots of my panties, I relax my  body and release. The pictures revealed later just how well my pink panties looked as the pool of pee in my crotch darkened the cloth and puddled around my black skirt. The air is filled with the smell of our fluids. It’s not just in my mouth. I stand up and my husband takes a few more pics of my pee-soaked body and clothes. My face and body was glistening with wetness.  My husband then demanded I take my pee soaked blindfold and move it down to my mouth (photos for our own personal collection).  I again taste his urine, deep in my mouth and on my lips as I watch him take photos of me, soaking wet with urine.  It felt so wrong and dirty, but I loved it.

Cleaning Off After A Golden Shower

soaking wet from our pee and golden showerI took off my clothes and slapped them into my husband’s arms, wetting his nude body with both of our fluids.  I ordered my husband to put it all in the wash. He does it immediately, knowing I am no longer tied up and helpless.   When he returns from the laundry room, he admits that he loved the smell and look.  I nodded and agreed.   He then suggested doing it again and fucking each other while soaking wet with each others’ urine.

If he is good, we will see.


If he is bad, we will see.

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