Our Experience: Deepthroating While He Urinates (part 2)

Deepthroating While He Urinates (part 1)

Ryan: The next day after failing to urinate while Venice was deepthroating me, Venice sent text messages and teased me for not being able to follow through with our plan. For instance, before she left for work she would make the peeing sound as she talked, “Have a good day at work Ryan, last night was so ssssssssssssspecial.” Of course she was just teasing me but I knew I was going to pull it off the next time we tried. The conditions had to be right though. I had to make sure my bladder was empty in the afternoon so the flavor wouldn’t be so potent that night. I was going to start drinking a lot of water around mid day to make sure I felt the urine sensation as my work day ended. I also thought about the position we previously tried, her flat on her back being face fucked, and knew it wouldn’t work. I’d want to be able to pee and know the stream could go down her throat, rather than pool back up into her mouth and possibly choke her. Mainly, I had to be mentally prepared. I needed to tell myself that I would pull out quick if anything happened, Venice wasn’t going to choke, and I knew I had to relax.

As my work day came to an end I felt the pressure from my urine in my bladder growing. I knew by the time I got home I would be able to pee whether I wanted to or not. I called Venice on my drive home and let her know I wanted to try again but in the bathtub. I also needed her to help set up the camera so everything would be ready. I am unsure if I could set up the phone, put in the memory card, and do a bunch of technical things all while holding in my urine like a three-year-old child who didn’t have a potty near.

Venice: The first time I was disappointed that we didn’t get to finish the deepthroat urination. Although I was nervous, I was more excited. Experiencing these “firsts” with each other is what bonds us even closer, not to mention the memories we get to make with each other and the talks following. I was excited to get a second chance. I get home a few minutes before Ryan, so I was already undressed and ready to get started. I stood there, giddy, excited to get him hard.

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