Public Service Announcement for Men: Don’t Ruin Our Orgasms!

Public Service Announcement for Men: Don’t Ruin Our Orgasms

If we say we are about to cum, don’t stop what you are doing!

Ladies, has this ever happened to you?

You are trying to focus your vision, while feeling his penis slide back and forth inside your body, but everything is a bit blurry.  You feel  totally paralyzed but can still feel the jarring of your body from your man fucking you.  Your spine is tingling, you feel a spark in your labia, and your vagina has this warm sensation growing deep inside of your cervix.   You are so high from his dick, you can barely function.  You can’t even mumble a phrase properly, let alone talk in coherent sentences.  And then you snap out of it.  It’s about to happen.  The orgasm almost surprises you so you scream out, “Oh my God, I am about to cum!!!!

And then… his reaction.


Reaction 1:   Your man pulls his dick out and jumps down to your pussy and starts sucking on your clit and eating you out.

Reaction 2: Your man starts jackhammering and choking you as you try to cum.

Reaction 3: Your man slows down and tries to kiss you passionately, showing you how much he loves you while you are trying to cum.

Reaction 4:  Your man immediately pulls out and cums all over you, your breasts, or your face right in the middle of your orgasm.

Reaction 5:  Your man gets so turned on from hearing you say, “Oh my God, I am going to cum” that he immediately cums inside of you and flops down like a sloth on top of you.


Now, I am not saying all these reactions are wrong for every girl, but definitely wrong for me.  Some women may love these reactions.  Knowing they can control you.  Some women may even say they are going to cum just to manipulate you.  It’s easily the fastest way to trigger your lover and make him lose control.  Famous words to make every man stop watching the clock, “I’m going to cum!”

However, let’s say we were actually in the middle of our orgasm.  For the love of God, hold off from cumming for at least 40 more seconds!  Maintain and edge!  Don’t start jackhammering, choking us, or spitting in our faces.  Definitely don’t slow down and try to kiss us, whispering how much you love us while we’re in the middle of an absolute explosion.  Don’t pull your dick out and start eating us out.  I know you want to taste my cum, but wait until I am done and you can taste all of my cum you want, and if you are really kinky, yours too!  And for sure don’t pull your dick out and cum all over our faces.  The last thing I want to do while I cum is pull off a matrix dodging cum and doing a squint dance with my eyes.  I just want to fucking cum!

Keep doing exactly what you are doing! Trust your movements, your pace, your sex.  You already did everything you need to do to get us off, so keep fucking doing it!