V’s Weekly Wet Inbox: My Boyfriend’s Small Penis

HarryPotterMy boyfriend has a small penis or smaller than average penis and I want him to be confident and strong about his body, as if he is hung like a horse. What can I do to make him more confident?

Taking ownership of your man’s body and confidence is the best approach when it comes to this kind of situation. Does your man have the fattest or longest cock in the world? No. Is his the biggest you’ve ever had? If you’ve asked yourself this question, most likely the answer is no. You can’t change his dick size. But what you can do is change your attitude towards it.

 When I orgasm through oral sex, I promise, I only want Ryan to insert one finger halfway inside me.  It’s not sex and I do not want to brace myself for 4 fingers, a fist, or a huge horse cock sized dildo while enjoying oral sex.  I suppose so men can understand, would you prefer to feel a huge dildo or the tip of a finger inside your ass while getting a blow job?  I personally love to feel just the tip of Ryan’s finger, rubbing in a circle motion, which feels good on the surface nerve endings during oral sex. Now, as I orgasm I may moan for him to slam his whole finger inside me and let his fist pound on the outside of my vagina.  I do not mind that thrusting pressure, but I do mind when he decides to shove an extra finger inside me because it throws me off, making me focus on any impending pain.  I do not need this sensation. Basically, the pressure of his hand slamming against my lips and clit feels great, like when a man is as deep as possible inside you and his hips and crotch slam against your pussy mound.  That pressure feels great, and a woman with no dick at all can give this pressure. The rubbing inside doesn’t feel as good as the thrusting on the outside.  I understand everyone is different and not all women may enjoy what I enjoy, but I felt this was a good example on how any man can feel like the perfect man, regardless of his size.

You have no idea how much power you have as a woman, and fortunately, I believe this is an easy fix. Let your man know that you worship his body by telling him you love his dick. Tell him you love the texture of his shaft inside you. Text him throughout the day telling him that you can’t wait for him to fuck you. Send him pussy shots of yourself and tell him you need him to fill you up with his fat cock. When you give him a blow job, treat it like a big serving of cherry cheesecake, i.e. moan each time it enters your mouth, lick the sides like you want every crumb, and stuff your mouth each time you go down.

It’s not enough to say, “I love you, no matter how big you are” or “I’d love your dick even if it were 3 inches.” And it seems no matter what you say and how often you tell him, there’s just no boosting his confidence.

Tell him that he’s the biggest you’ve ever had and you don’t want any other dick. Make painful faces as you feel him deep inside you.  Now, the first part may not be true, but the second part should be. In his heart and mind he may not believe this to be true, but the more you keep telling him, the more he’ll believe that YOU believe it. I’m not saying lie to your boyfriend, but rather tell him what he needs to hear because it will help him to be more confidence, which in turn will help him perform better in the bedroom. You can turn any doubtful, reserved boy into a sex-machine with your actions.

Maybe I will include below some sex tips for men with small penises:

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