V’s Weekly Wet Inbox: My Boyfriend’s Small Penis

HarryPotterMy boyfriend has a small penis or smaller than average penis and I want him to be confident and strong about his body, as if he is hung like a horse. What can I do to make him more confident?

Taking ownership of your man’s body and confidence is the best approach when it comes to this kind of situation. Does your man have the fattest or longest cock in the world? No. Is his the biggest you’ve ever had? If you’ve asked yourself this question, most likely the answer is no. You can’t change his dick size. But what you can do is change your attitude towards it.

 When I orgasm through oral sex, I promise, I only want Ryan to insert one finger halfway inside me.  It’s not sex and I do not want to brace myself for 4 fingers, a fist, or a huge horse cock sized dildo while enjoying oral sex.  I suppose so men can understand, would you prefer to feel a huge dildo or the tip of a finger inside your ass while getting a blow job?  I personally love to feel just the tip of Ryan’s finger, rubbing in a circle motion, which feels good on the surface nerve endings during oral sex. Now, as I orgasm I may moan for him to slam his whole finger inside me and let his fist pound on the outside of my vagina.  I do not mind that thrusting pressure, but I do mind when he decides to shove an extra finger inside me because it throws me off, making me focus on any impending pain.  I do not need this sensation. Basically, the pressure of his hand slamming against my lips and clit feels great, like when a man is as deep as possible inside you and his hips and crotch slam against your pussy mound.  That pressure feels great, and a woman with no dick at all can give this pressure. The rubbing inside doesn’t feel as good as the thrusting on the outside.  I understand everyone is different and not all women may enjoy what I enjoy, but I felt this was a good example on how any man can feel like the perfect man, regardless of his size.

You have no idea how much power you have as a woman, and fortunately, I believe this is an easy fix. Let your man know that you worship his body by telling him you love his dick. Tell him you love the texture of his shaft inside you. Text him throughout the day telling him that you can’t wait for him to fuck you. Send him pussy shots of yourself and tell him you need him to fill you up with his fat cock. When you give him a blow job, treat it like a big serving of cherry cheesecake, i.e. moan each time it enters your mouth, lick the sides like you want every crumb, and stuff your mouth each time you go down.

It’s not enough to say, “I love you, no matter how big you are” or “I’d love your dick even if it were 3 inches.” And it seems no matter what you say and how often you tell him, there’s just no boosting his confidence.

Tell him that he’s the biggest you’ve ever had and you don’t want any other dick. Make painful faces as you feel him deep inside you.  Now, the first part may not be true, but the second part should be. In his heart and mind he may not believe this to be true, but the more you keep telling him, the more he’ll believe that YOU believe it. I’m not saying lie to your boyfriend, but rather tell him what he needs to hear because it will help him to be more confidence, which in turn will help him perform better in the bedroom. You can turn any doubtful, reserved boy into a sex-machine with your actions.

Maybe I will include below some sex tips for men with small penises:

1.  Move slow.  This is probably the most important tip of all, especially if your penis is smaller than average.  The last thing you want a woman to focus on is the size of your penis, and if you move quickly your penis tends to exit our vagina, then reenter.  We can feel the sensation of your penis leaving our bodies then reentering us.  This also tends to pull our lips inside with your shaft.  This doesn’t feel good.  It may feel great to you because the lips rub against your sensitive head, but it doesn’t feel great to us.  Although I will admit, teasing a woman with a larger penis, there is a time and place for this technique; the smaller men need to stay away from it.  Move slow and steady.  The slower you move, the larger your cock will feel.  Most men move quickly, especially when they get over excited.  This makes a 6 inch man feel like a 3 inch man.  I’m Asian but this  is simple math.  How long does it take for a man to reach his full potential of movement?  The faster a man goes, the smaller it feels.  The slower he moves, the larger it feels.  If your stroke is slow and deep, you can make your dick feel almost twice the size, but this takes a good man with a great stroke.

2. As you get as far as  you can inside a woman, use your crotch to grind against her pussy lips and clit.  This should be your best move.  Sometimes when a larger man hits the back, he cannot get this grind to feel good because his penis is too far in the back.  Rather than feeling good, we only feel the pressure of our cervix being pushed into our stomach.  This painful pressure does feel good, but it doesn’t mean the pressure of the crotch grind doesn’t feel just as good.   As a smaller man, your main goal should be to press your hips forward deep inside our bodies so we can feel your pubic bone pressing against our clits.  Steady pressure, steady stroke, and if you really want to get creative, rotate your hips to really tease our clits.

3. Find your angles.  Do not hit angles where your dick feels like it will poke through our ass holes.  Yes, as a smaller man, you need to pay close attention to your angle.  Larger men can lean forward and let their whole shaft slide against a woman’s clit while still driving their head into our vaginas.  As it enters from this high angle, it slides down hard against our lower walls and pushes into the anus area.  Fortunately, a larger penis is a bit longer so instead of giving us a poking feeling into our colon, it then slides back inside us and almost feels like analing.  As a small man, please do not do this.  It will literally feel like your penis head is going to push out our ass holes.  Your mind should be set on having your penis aimed upwards, towards the G-Spot.  I don’t care how small you are, you can find this spot.   Get under the girl, or lift her legs up to your shoulders, let the head of your penis rub against the top of her pussy walls. This is where you will find her G Spot and maybe even her cervix.  It’s possible for a smaller man to hit one of the best spots inside a woman if they know what they are doing.  The position doesn’t matter (although see #5 ).  If in the doggy position, position yourself higher so your penis angles down towards the G-Spot.  When missionary, position yourself under, so the penis angles up, towards the G-Spot.

4. This is somewhat like 3, but not quite.  Do not focus on letting your dick slide directly down our vagina holes.  I understand that the penis is shaped like a cylinder and amazingly enough the inside of our vaginas are shaped to create this perfect fit.  However, we aren’t trying to solve a flesh puzzle, we are trying to create pressure and friction.  Keyword, pressure.  As a woman, I am telling you that you have the tool to make us orgasm probably quicker than any other tool.  It sounds dumb or unbelievable, right?  Wrong.  Most dildos are curved upwards to focus on the G-Spot.  The dildo that focuses on the G-Spot is not made to just slide through our walls as deep as possible perfectly.  With a smaller penis you can seriously be the ultimate G-Spot finder.  Just focus on rubbing against our walls rather than making your penis slide in and out perfectly.  The rubbing sensation will also make your penis feel much larger.  We love this pressure.

5. Do not making “riding” or her on top a huge priority.  Pun intended.  Unfortunately, you are not well-endowed and you need to learn your power positions.  Her on top is the least of your power positions.   Your love making can still be great, but you have to know your role.  Although a romantic slow ride can be intimate, or maybe a few minutes of her on top between transitions into another position, but do not leave your partner riding you for too long.  The most criticism I have ever heard regarding small penises is how women just can’t feel them well enough when they ride on top.  This is not good, fellas.  We look down on you, we see a big strong man, we watch all the faces you make, including your eyes rolling back in your head, and we visualize this strong, alpha male, but we just don’t feel that powerful strong manhood.   When we are on top, it’s our energy, our pressure, our bodies doing the work, so you better have the tool to make our pussies ache before our legs, hips, and back ache from exercising on your cock.  We can feel your thrusts and truthfully, this is the position where we end up feeling sorry for you or being tickled inside.  Get the porn images out of your heads and stick to the positions where the woman can feel the muscle and power in your movement and strokes.  If you insist on having her on top, dig your nails into her ass, pull her hair, or pull her down from behind her neck,  and pound your body up into her from underneath.  These techniques will take her mind off what she ISN’T feeling between her legs.  Let your balls slap against her ass and make sure she knows you are still the man.  A woman wants to feel your power.

6. Lubricate your penis well and instead of sticking it inside the woman, make love to her lips and clit.  A larger man can pull out and rub his head through our lips and clits before he sticks it back in, but what he can’t do is grind and put time into it.  His penis head would be up by our stomachs and his lower shaft down by our butts.  It seems, if a man is smaller, he could almost lip fuck a woman while grinding against her.  If lubricated right, this would feel amazing.  It actually excites me thinking about it.  Think, sliding your dick up and down through her wet lips while your penis head rubs against her clit the entire time.  Your balls should be near the pussy hole and her ass while your shaft is rubbing through her wet lips. Your head, massaging her clit. Even your orgasm, right on top of her clit, would be an amazing feeling.  Women love creativity, they also love knowing their men gets off to them in different ways.  This would be a special treat.

7.  Anal sex.  Need I say more?  I don’t want to advocate that smaller men should have anal, because I think all women should let their man anal. It is an amazing experience and definitely a whole different type of intimacy.  However, the truth is, a smaller dick will feel better to most women experimenting with anal. I think, at first, Ryan sticking just a few inches inside me was all I wanted to feel.  This is actually a give and take, because the more experienced I got, the more I wanted.  The best feeling I get when analing now is feeling Ryan drive himself in me as deep as he possibly can.  I am unsure if I get the satisfaction from taking all his manhood, from the feeling of pressure it gives me, almost feeling like his dick is going behind my whole pussy, or just the idea of his semen being deeper inside me so I get more effects from the absorption.  Either way, this turns me on.   However, the process of loosening, easing inside, and just having anal sex, would feel better if a man’s dick didn’t poke your lower intestines.  It is what it is. The smaller dick gets the win when it comes to anal sex.  A small penis would feel much better having anal sex, especially for women just experimenting and wanting to enjoy the process with their partner.

8. Sleeves or extenders.  When you do purchase a sleeve (thickness) or extender (length), put a condom on to really hold everything in place.   I personally think this is unnecessary but if you want to walk a day in the shoes of a larger man, look into these accessories.  I’ve had horrible experiences with anything that isn’t real flesh.  I hate them.  I want my guy to feel what he is hitting, not using his bionic dick as a blunt force weapon that rams way too far and way too hard inside me because he won’t be able to feel what is going on.  No thanks.

9.  Oral sex.  Do not depend on just your dick to win a woman over.  The funny thing is, the biggest downfall to a man with a big dick is he thinks his large dick is enough.  Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way.  A man that works hard to please a woman is the man we remember. Whether it be oral sex and getting us off during foreplay, or eating us out during or even after sex.  A woman loves to be pleased and nothing relaxes us more than feeling a man’s soft tongue between our legs flicking at our little pearls.  You can purchase a big dick online or at your local sex shop, you can’t purchase a man who knows exactly how to please a woman in every way.

10. Don’t insist on hand jobs or jacking off in front of us.  If this is something she wants, that’s fine.  A good woman can enjoy a man for who he is, not what hangs between his legs.  Obviously, a good woman wants her man to enjoy everything, including feeling like a stallion while she strokes or sucks his dick.  However, there are just as many bad women as good women, and these tips were written from an advice perspective, not an “everyone is equal and if someone judges you for something you can’t help, then they suck” perspective.   With that being said, let’s remember what’s sexy.  It’s no secret most men love large asses.  It’s no secret most men love large breasts.  Well, it’s no secret most women love large dicks.  A large cock is great for show, and the best way to show it is to have a woman sit there for 20 minutes sucking or stroking it.  This would be the most impressive part about a large penis to a woman.  This is what larges penises are made for: display; the trophy cock.  If a woman has to use two hands and still has another 3 inches poking out from the top, it’s a turn on.  Like it or not, it’s a turn on.  This isn’t just something for small penises, this includes your average man who also isn’t huge.  I understand it feels amazing to sit back and let a woman stroke you until you cum, but just know she isn’t watching your ripped abs or face while she is stroking, she is looking at the size of your package.  This is the one time where even a women who could care less about your size, sizes you up.  With ex-boyfriends, with porn stars, with whatever their mind has fantasized about.  While she is stroking your dick waiting for you to cum, she is doing nothing but watching your cock.    If you do not have the greatest display, it lessens her experience, it obviously doesn’t impress her, and it leaves a lasting impression.  She knows you’re small or average.  Can you imagine anything less sexy than seeing this big strong man you like so much, laying out in front of you, asking you to grab his tiny penis and pull on it until it twitches and leaks cum?   I get that some men just don’t care.  “I’m small, oh well, I want to enjoy everything I see in porn and fantasize about them regardless of the impression I leave on you.”   That’s okay, but as a lover, know your strong suit.  Jacking off in front of her or having her jack you off, isn’t the best way to impress a woman when you have nothing to really display.  No one wants to celebrate with their small trophy.

11. Get a woman to love you.   How about that tip?  This is probably the most effective tip for every small penis in existence.   No husband, no current boyfriend, no side lovers have small penises, ever.  All the small penises of the world belong to ex-husbands, douchebags women had one night stands with, and shitty ex-boyfriends.  Everything is out the door when you find someone who loves you.   From there, you become the largest guy on earth.  As long as she truly loves you and respects you, no matter who she talks with, you will be the stud of her life.  If your penis is small and you want to feel what it’s like to be the largest guy ever, find a good woman, treat her with respect, communicate, and fall in love.  I promise you, nothing makes a penis more desirable than being in love with the guy behind the cock.

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