Q&A: Please Help, My Boyfriend’s Penis Is Too Big!?

penis is too big“Hey, my boyfriend and I just started having sex a few weeks ago and I immediately noticed he is by far the biggest I have ever had.  It isn’t really that long, but it’s very thick.  So thick that it feels like it is ripping my insides.  He likes it rough and tends to go a bit fast, but I am wondering if it’s possible that some guys are just too big for some women?”

Venice’s Response:   It seems to me that there would be a few factors that you would have to consider:

1)  How much time passes between sexual sessions? For me, even two days makes a difference. Anything longer than two days and it feels as if my tightness has returned to “resting” position.
2)  Are you lubricated enough if at all? It’s certainly possible that the ripping sensation you’re feeling could be from your lips and outer skin being pulled into your hole. If that’s the case, proper lubrication makes all the difference in having an enjoyable experience and ripping to the point that it burns afterwards.
3)  Are you relaxed?  If I’m tense or nervous, I find that I’m not receptive to sex. I will ask for my neck and ears to be kissed (my weak spots!).  Ryan will down and kiss me all over and tease my ass and pussy until I beg him to slide in me. At that point, I am wet and ready to feel him.

Remember:  Women are made to have babies. Even if you never go through natural childbirth, your vaginal canal is meant to stretch and receive a penis (regardless of size) and able to withstand the physical motion of intercourse.

Ryan’s Response:  This is a problem I’ve never really had so I can’t help that much.  I would suggest that if he is too thick ask him to slow down.  Foreplay.  Your vagina will loosen more as you get turned on, as well as naturally lubricate itself better.  So he doesn’t need to slow down just because it’s always better to ease it in, but also because it takes time for a woman to prepare herself mentally for a man to grab her and just slide his hard dick inside her.  Even an average size man needs to start slow.   I’d suggest him giving you oral sex and lathering your inner walls with his tongue.  He also needs to lick around the outer lips all the way to your inner thighs.  I’d imagine that he needs to lick all around the surface area his penis will be rubbing, simply to make it feel as comfortable as possible.  You can also try having oral sex with him, possibly at the same time he is going down on you.  As you suck his penis, do not suck it dry and hard but instead lather it by softly putting your mouth around it and leaving it wet with your spit.  If you have to literally push the saliva out of your mouth onto his penis, do it.  The more you are both lubed up, the better.  You could try coconut oil or any other lube of choice.  Have him place the lube on his fingers and slide it inside your walls.  Once your mind and body are ready, have him move slow for the first 5 minutes of intercourse so your body can get acclimated to his size.

As far as a woman being too small for a man?  I guess mentally, yes, every woman has her preference so I do think maybe some men are too big for women. But physically, any woman can handle a large man if the proper steps are taken and he knows how to use his tool correctly.  At the same time, I’m sure he could use his tool to make the woman as miserable as possible for 30 minutes, if that was his goal.    Know the man.