Naughty Selfies – Like A Virgin

Naughty Selfies – Like A Virgin

I’ll try to keep these selfies limited to new outfits, panties, and ideas, rather than the exact same poses and panties every day.  Thankfully, I do change my panties! Unfortunately, until I learn how to stretch and morph my body into alien-like positions,  I am a bit limited at what I can do with my camera!

Dear Naughty Selfie Diary:  November 19, 2019. 

Like a virgin, selfie for the very first time!  Again…. 

Oh gawd, did my age just show?  Madonna would be proud. 

This is one of the first naughty selfies I took when I started tweeting again on my naughty account.  I am sure I got 2 major reactions.  One, people looked at it and said, “WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT AND WHAT IS SHE WEARING.” 

Shut up, I know someone that likes it!

And the other response is from the few people that actually remember me from when I was very active on social media a few years ago.  “Wow, she never dared take a photo like that before…”  They are right, I wouldn’t.  And I probably won’t again.  Just because I post naughty selfies doesn’t mean I am not insecure and self conscious.   I’m working on it! 

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