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I love it

that was OFFICIAL!!!

I was sucking cock one time and the load was so big, so sudden (precum, precum, precum, – come on… bam), so fast – it came out my nose. It surprised me and everybody watching, so there was a long stringy bottom heavy translucent whitish drip slowly elongating from my nostril. My head went back enough that it fell on my lips and chin, I snorted what I could, then licked what I could with my tongue, and scooped the rest with my finger. A quick lick of my digit and I had gotten it all to my and everyone’s surprise and delight. Any way I would snort cum again especially if the exhibitionist in me is piqued. S

What a awesome idea! That was really hot. You two reached new limits.

Just because YOU love Ryan’s cum doesnt mean everyone feels the same. MAYBE they don’t like it running down their ass crack for hours afterwards or out their vagina for hours either. Doesn’t mean that they are wrong, sneaking around or somethings up. These types of responses (which is soley your oppinions) are the reasons added to make people over think situations and causes more issues instead of solutions. Maybe your reply should be to have them talk about what going on instead and find a compromise that they both can live with to make their sex life better. Not every man or woman is a professed porn star who wants to be ass fucked or swallow cum. That’s their on personal preference. So furthermore give advice that’s helpful not damming.