The Best and Safest Places to Have Public Sex

The Best and Safest Places to Have Public Sex

Rule 1, never do anything around children. It is not kinky for children to accidentally see adults having sex in public. That is just disturbing behavior.  

With that said…

Use your webcam.  This is as public as it gets, while still being totally safe.  You can do whatever you like on webcam, while people watch, chat, and consent to what they are watching.  Although some would argue this isn’t public, the footage can be saved and shared all over the world for as long as the internet exists.  It’s pretty public in our opinion!

Visit a swingers club!  Another great place to openly be able to have intercourse with your partner is at a sex club, or swingers club.  And no, you do not have to swap or share your partner with others, although that’s an option if you like.  Sometimes sex happens out in the open, and sometimes there are special rooms where you can have sex with your partner or others, while people can watch or join in (by entering the room or looking through windows set up to display the room).  

Home is where the heart is.  And your backyard is where your trampoline is!   Your backyard is a great place to have sex safely.  Wait until it’s late so the young ones are asleep, and go out and enjoy your property.  It’s not that you want your neighbors to see you, but it’s just the idea of being out in the open.  Much like being able to walk around the house naked.  It feels good.  

Go out in nature. Hiking trails, beaches, or camping out in the woods.  Our first time having sex in public was on a beach. We ended up having a group that thought it would be fun to take pictures and selfies with us in the background behind them.  

On a roof.  Go to the city, go to the roof of one of these older buildings, and enjoy the view.

In a car. Park in a good spot.  A parking lot, a parking garage, or even a romantic lookout spot.  You can also be a bit risky and have sex on the highway while driving.  The last time we did this, we ended up going 100 mph without even knowing it.  It’s hard to stay in control while getting oral sex with your foot on the gas.

Peeping Tom.  Rent a hotel room and have sex on the balcony or in front of an open window.   This is always fun. 

Go to a strip club as a couple and ask for a private dance.  Sometimes you may get a private dance, sometimes you may get a third partner, and sometimes you will have someone watch you while you and your partner fuck.  Either alternative is a good time. 

Pool time.  Late at night, hop the fence of a public pool and have at it.  Although we have talked about the negative reality of sex in a pool, you have to try everything at least once.  We marked it off our bucket list but will never do it again.  If we did, it would be because of the excitement of being in public, not being under water.  Ouch!

Boating.  Another great spot is out in the middle of the ocean.  If you own a boat, or have access to a boat, take it out in the middle of the ocean or lake, and have a blast.  This is also a great way to sunbath totally nude!

If you know of any public places we may have missed, that is legal, let us know in the comments below!

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I’ve done all this!

A few other places I can think of:
an airplane bathroom
the back of a bus
at a concert. there lot of festivals where its pretty open and you can have sex with people around you

great list!

Public sex is very hoooooot! It drives us crazy)