What Makes A Penis Attractive To A Woman

CocklineWhat Makes A Penis Attractive To A Woman

So I decided to write an article dealing with what women find the most attractive about a man’s penis.  In doing so, I have searched for various responses and took a poll that I sent out to other women from all walks of life to get their answers.  Everything quoted throughout this article is the responses from various women about what they find the most attractive about a man’s penis.

First, let’s talk about the survey, published on July 23, 2015, in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, aimed to find out which qualities women consider most carefully when deciding whether a penis is attractive. This survey seems to almost want to prove that women are attracted to more than just size (which goes against previous studies). Researchers from the University of Zurich in Switzerland (I believe these poll results would be drastically different depending on nationality — and even more so if you asked a specific race in a country such as America: Asian, White, Black, Spanish) first asked a group of 105 women, ranging in age from 16 to 45, to look at pictures of male genitalia and rate how “normal looking” they found each penis to be.

Next, the women were asked about which penile qualities they considered most important when assessing the attractiveness of a man’s package. Specifically, subjects were asked to rate the following attributes in order of importance: length of the penis, girth of the penis, position and shape of the meatus (the opening where certain fluids come out), shape of the glans (the rounded tip or head of the penis), appearance of the scrotum, appearance of the skin on the penis, appearance of pubic hair and the overall cosmetic appearance of the penis.

So to break it down, here is how those qualities ranked:

7. Position and shape of the meatus
6. Appearance of scrotum
5. Length
4. Shape of glans
3. Appearance of skin
3. Girth
2. Appearance of pubic hair
1. General cosmetic appearance

slide13At first I thought the study was going to give me a specific answer – as if there was a definitive answer, one that a person could get wrong should they not choose it on a test.  “Oh…you like a long dick? Wrong.  You like average dicks only.” Yesssssss…score one for 95% of all human males on the planet. But as it turns out, the study is not an end-all-be-all revelation about what women think is attractive, but rather it states (the obvious) what exactly women see that translate to what makes a penis attractive. And of course, it goes without saying that women will not agree with the list and the particular order, the same way we all don’t think Brad Pitt is the most gorgeous man in America.

“Is my dick pretty?”

I am no stranger to being asked this question by, you guessed it, my sugar muffin, my husband. He asks me all the time and of course I say yes. But do I really think it’s pretty? Hell yea. It’s my dick, I only get one, and I’m going to love everything about it. Then it occurred to: Why exactly do I think it’s pretty?  Well, I believe most women will describe the attributes of their spouses/partners penis when asked what makes a penis attractive.  You may get a few that suggest they want something huge, which they probably do, but a lot of women find the most attractive penis to be the penis they have sleeping next to them in bed each night.  I believe it’s a woman’s nature to adjust our preferences to make sure we adore everything about the person we love.   Much like a mother always finds her hideous distorted child to be beautiful.

See men, your hideous distorted penises can be loved (yes, I know our little roast beef vaginas aren’t the most beautiful things in the world — until you feel one for the first time and realize it’s a gift from the heavens).

There is nothing attractive about a penis to me.  I am attracted to the man, not his penis.

gazingSo if my husband’s cock didn’t hijack my brain and place itself on a penis pedestal in my mind, would I find it attractive?  There had to be something more than just “Because it’s my husband’s dick,” although that is a factor. My love for his dick is attached by my feelings for him, our relationship, and not just because it’s fat and makes me bleed when it wants to.

A man’s visually-pleasing features are subjective, so let’s dissect why precisely these features are attractive to me.

What Makes A Penis Attractive To A Woman

thNote: I had NO idea that the “Position and shape of the meatus (the opening for urine)” was even a thing! I’ve never looked at my husband’s penis and said, “Should we get corrective surgery to make your urethra closer to the top? Because your dick is looking like a hungover cyclops.”  Maybe I just didn’t notice because his pee hole is perfect and that’s why I am attracted to it?

1. General cosmetic appearance.  To me it could mean “Free of oozing blisters” or “No patches of missed pubic hairs.” I will, however, concede to it. I wrote an article stating that I didn’t believe in love at first sight. I still don’t. We’re very visual creatures. Women will look at a dick that she thinks is attractive and judges it immediately, comparing it to a porn star she has seen, an ex boyfriend she can’t forget about, or just her idea of what a penis would be like when she was a little girl. Some men have pearly penile papules (small bumps all around their penis heads) and fordyce spots (tiny bumps on the shaft and testicles).  I find the pearly penile papules to be hard to even look at.  Unsure if these are considered “general cosmetic appearance” or “appearance of skin.” Seems like the same thing.  I assume general cosmetic also means veins, curve, etc.

Truthfully, the more I work on this article (it started with the study above), the more I believe the study has an agenda beyond finding out what it is about the penis that is attractive to women.  It seems to want to show that length and size isn’t what women are really attracted to when it comes to a man’s penis.   Maybe it’s the counter study to this: Science Proves Women Are Attracted To Men With Bigger Penises

Hey, it’s still newsworthy on a sex blog, so let’s keep going.

Obviously, before I can figure out what attracts me to a penis, I need to know it’s clean and healthy.    I think this preference would be across the board with all women, but it’s almost like adding an attribute that would almost always take precedence over what really attracts us to a man’s penis.  I mean, I don’t care if a guy is gorgeous, his cock is huge, with the sexiest veins and perfectly trimmed hair, when his penis skin has warts, pearly penile papules, ingrown hairs, it’s dirty, and has herpes.  I pretty much am not attracted to it no matter what the size and girth.   Who would be?  This is almost universal and not really a “preference.”  It’s more like, if I have to choose between grape and orange soda, and the grape soda has mold floating on top of it while the orange soda doesn’t, so everyone picks the orange soda.  The survey then concludes, “It seems that the appearance of soda is more attractive to women than the taste.”

I think any penis that is healthy, clean and well-used is beautiful. I appreciate variations like veins, pearly penile papules, etc. A natural manly smell is also attractive. But not TOO much of a smell. Some guys use a penis health creme to keep the skin soft and smooth, which makes it more pleasing to the touch and to the eye. It’s got natural antibacterial ingredients, too, to fight odors.

Maybe they should have added the question, “Do you prefer a human penis or an elephant penis?”  The new number 1 thing that attracts a woman to a penis would be that it was a human penis (and obviously size doesn’t mean anything because the elephant penis is much larger).   Oh dang, I’m just warming up here…

In all honesty, the penis is unattractive. I love men, love sex with men, they are my preference. However. I can’t just sit and look at a penis and start thinking “wow that’s hot.” its more about who it belongs to, etc. If it were a guy I was dating or was into, id like to see him with a hardon, but his penis wouldn’t turn me on- it would be more about him.

Veins. Personally, I absolutely love veins. For two reasons: 1 – it reminds me of muscular arms that have been doing some kind of manual labor (mowing the lawn, trimming the hedges, moving furniture, etc.). Let’s face it: a working man is sexy. When was the last time a woman has drooled over the accountant slaving away at his Excel spreadsheet? Haha! Never. The veins in his arms represent energy, strength, and seeing raised veins when the blood pumps is exhilarating. Women love a hard-working man, a blue collared man. It’s a woman’s instinct to be attracted to someone who successfully displays his strength; and 2 – the veins in a penis represent this same force, energy, and strength as he pumps into a woman. If you don’t believe me, look at a dick (whether it’s your own or your lover’s) right as he’s about to orgasm and you’ll see them. It should look as if it’s been working for U-Haul all day.

I find the penis to be an extremely attractive organ! I find variety is nice. In real life, I can find something to appreciate in most of them (but i’m shallow like anyone else and i do have preferences when it comes to girth and size). In porn I prefer abnormally large ones.  It’s just fantasy though. I mean, I guess they’re real dicks. But my interest in unusually large ones is all fantasy.  But hey, everyone’s got a quirk!

Curve. Although I’d assume symmetry is important (much like we obsess on the symmetry of our breasts).  Therefore a curve isn’t desirable.  I know before meeting my husband, it had never crossed my mind, but since his penis is curved, I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.  One of those, “I like it because I love him” type things.  If I see a penis (#twitterafterdark) that looks like his, it absolutely turns me on.   Physically there are just to man upsides to a curved penis. For me, this is undeniable.  I also find it strange if I see a perfectly straight penis, and when I do, I think: I bet his penis head can’t even feel the wonderful textures of a woman’s vaginal canal…he would just go straight in! Yes, I do think that. A curved penis pleases a woman regardless of what sexual position they’re in. That’s just fact.

No matter what direction it bends towards, there will always be a position that’ll hit that gspot like fucking magic. A straighter penis has to be more creative.  But that’s just my opinion.

Cut/Uncut. Being circumcised is something men normally don’t control, unless his parents are progressive enough and have the foresight to say, “Let’s allow little Jimmy to make the decision to remove his foreskin later in life.” It’s purely aesthetic in my opinion. I’ve read about odors, smegma, and other issues that uncircumcised men have to deal with (although some claim it isn’t true).   I’ve heard uncircumcised men claim the flap of skin over their head makes sex so much more better and circumcised men are missing out.  That may be true for masturbation, but during sex, no man regrets or is missing out because his penis head is making direct contact with the vagina textures, the throat textures, the ass textures.  Regardless, my preference, even before I met my husband, was the look of a foreskin-less penis. To me, that was normal.  My husband’s preference is to be uncut and has even suggested regrowing his skin (which is possible), and I am totally against it.  I just really prefer the cut look.

Circumcised & hairless.

2. Hair. Pubic hair (as well as scrotum hair and anus hair) is probably the most made-fun-of feature next to penis length and the mushroom head. The only difference is, this is something you can fix and control. If your bush is breaking free from the sides of your briefs, then maybe you should consider trimming. A wild and unruly he-bush also connotes a pungent, musty odor that comes with the retention of sweat and funk.  It’s why 90s men started shaving and how the term “metrosexual” came to fruition. When we as a society turned our backs on the 80s porn star, I believe it was because of all that hair: the Magnum, P.I. do, the chest hair, and of course the happy trail…that always led to a happy prairie. I’m not saying that every woman embraces the hairless man, but the clean shaven look is now widely accepted and has quickly became the norm. It meant the man took extra care of himself, which meant that being more manly meant self-grooming and treating your body like a work of art.

This being number 2 surprised me.  However, I do believe that it falls under the category of cosmetic appearance.  If women believe the ungroomed man isn’t as hygienic as the guy who takes care of his pubes, health and hygiene trump size.  Not to mention, manscaping makes the penis look bigger anyway.  I’m beginning to think it really is just all about the size.

Nothing. The penis is a very unattractive organ. It’s where you stick it that counts.

*Edit:  I now absolutely love the totally hairy and natural look.  See, our ideas of the perfect penis changes!  Just like everything around us, we are constantly changing.

3. Girth.  Among the non scientific studies, the 1000s of internet sites where men and women have been polling their preferences for years, this was always number 1.  There’s been some debate as to what “pleases” a woman more: girth or length. From my experience, I have never orgasmed by using an extremely wide dildo. In fact, to me, it’s painful and I cannot enjoy its penetration.  It feels like ripping and tearing. However, some women enjoy this pain (fisting, for example) and love the challenge of putting wide objects into their vaginas.  Maybe it’s the visual of seeing just how much a woman can take, or seeing her in pain as she slides a 2-liter bottle inside her, or maybe it’s being able to see her insides when she takes out the girthy object from inside her. Or maybe it’s just all of the above.  I orgasm from a deep penetration, so personally, I am attracted to length over girth. However, I can see why girth is visually appealing, because it looks like a muscle almost, and a man with a thick penis will appear strong when nude.

I like a thick penis about 7 to 8 inches long. Veins. Yum.  Nothing is more sexy than a thick power vein that runs the length of the penis and changes it’s texture.  However, a penis can be perfect to my liking but be totally ruined if it isn’t shaved.  To me, a penis and balls should be clean shaved.  I want it to look taken care of and clean.  I imagine a shaved shiny dick smelling like baby oil or some exotic lotion.  It makes me want to put my face in it.  If it has hair, especially on that balls, I imagine it smells like an old locker room or a 16 year old’s dirty underwear.

3. Appearance of skin.  This attribute tied with girth, which make sense I suppose.  Again, the appearance of skin has to do with the penis being healthy.  I feel all these attributes are tied into “General cosmetic appearance.”  It seems the study added attributes to challenge girth and length, and I agree, if a penis has warts it doesn’t matter how long or thick it is, it isn’t attractive.

I can’t stand it when a man’s penis looks dry and chapped, like a baby with ashy elbows.  Is that from jacking off too much?

dedication-wm4. Head shape / Shape of glans (the tip). I read somewhere that a penis head is shaped the way it is because it’s designed to create a reverse vacuum when he inseminates a woman. With each pump after an orgasm, the suction pulls the semen closer to the cervix to increase the chance of impregnating her. So for all you extreme mushroomheads, this is good news.

I hate the way a big mushroom head looks on a penis, but I love the way it feels.

5. Length. Only the trained eye can determine the length of a dick. But first let me mention: if a guy tells his chick that his dick is 8 inches long, she will believe it. But really, he is about 5.5 inches. She won’t measure it, she’ll just take his word for it because she doesn’t want to seem like a size queen. So for the entire time they date, she believes her man is 8 inches long. Then they break up and she starts dating someone who legitimately has an 8 inch penis and she thinks he is 10 inches.  Now, women think they have boyfriends with 10 inch cocks and our entire system of measurements is inaccurate because of men and their dick size lies.  God forbid some of these girls work at subways and give us 8 inch subs but charge us for the foot long!   Dammit!

Well I don’t want a huge dick but a medium sized one, kinda thick with no hair.  It’s a total turn off if it tastes bad and sorta smells.  So no hair but that’s about it.

lust6. Appearance of scrotum. Like penis veins, the size of the scrotum depends on the stage of orgasm and even excitement. Some women like saggy balls, some like tight balls, and others like it in the very middle. I can see why saggy balls are desirable – they’re loose, making it very easy to grasp and fondle, and at this point, they’re smooth. For me, I prefer a smooth, loose scrotum during sex. Why? because depending on the position, I can feel the freeballing gonads slap against my sphincter or my vagina lips and even my inner thighs, and it feels really, really good. It’s like having an all-natural sex toy. On the other hand, tight, walnutty balls are also sexy. I only see tight gonads when my husband is about to orgasm. They tuck up against his body seconds before he ejaculates. Seeing his uniball is exciting because it means that I’ve done my job and succeeded in liberating his semen, and I am ALWAYS turned on by my own sexual successes.

Personally I prefer large balls.  An ex-bf of mine had a large penis but extremely small balls. The longer we were involved the more I began to wonder if it effected his personality. He really was a nutless-wonder.

My current man’s jewels are BIG and I find that sex with him is more pleasurable because of them. They feel so good against my body!!!

7. Position and shape of the meatus.  What?  Pretty much if your pee hole is on your ball sac, I am not turned on at all.

No quote for that one.  Sorry.

So, which dick type is right for you? I’ve assembled a chart for you to help you decide.

Penis Chart

So the next time you get a random dick pic from TightPussyLuvr2000@hotmail.com, you can reply back to him and let him know what type of dick he has:  “Cool man, your dick is a bloomin’ shroom with a downward curve. Plus you got the walnut going on.”  He’ll be impressed no doubt.

So I’ve learned a lot today.  I learned that apparently us women get more wet if a man’s penis is clean, healthy, and his skin looks smooth and shiny  than we do when we see how long and thick that sexy ass cock is.   Good work science!

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