The Yoni Massage – Worshipping The Vagina (A Woman’s Perspective)

Below is an interesting article about the Yoni massage by  Psalm Isadora. A Yoni massage is just a fancy way of saying a “vagina massage.” I will add my own opinion to various parts of the article so our readers can get another female’s perspective on the different things being said. Although the article is great, as was Psalm Isadora who passed away last year, there isn’t one technique that works on all women, and no matter how well thought out these techniques are, every manual to your lover should be exclusive and unique to what she enjoys.

The Yoni Massage

The vagina is called yoni in Sanskrit ( standardized dialect of Old Indo-Aryan) and loosely translates to “a sacred space.” In Tantra philosophy, they approach the vagina from a place of the utmost love and respect. Yoni massage is a practice intended to truly honor a woman, to give her selfless pleasure, and to explore the sacred side of our sexuality.

This isn’t about having one orgasm. It’s about trying to feel more and more pleasure that will become waves of multiple orgasms throughout the massage. It can be done alone, or done by a partner, either individually or as foreplay to lovemaking.

It’s especially beneficial for women who have never had orgasms. The Yoni massage allows you time to slowly explore your body in a more sensual way. It can also help women who have one orgasm and feel finished to achieve multiple orgasms. It can be very healing for those who have suffered sexual trauma in their past, because the approach and technique is all about giving to the woman—making her feel loved, cherished, worshiped, and honored.

What I Think About The Yoni Massage

Worshipping any part of my body is an amazing feeling, especially my vagina. When a man cherishes his time with my naughty bits, it makes me feel like a queen.   It makes me feel beautiful and sexy.  


1. Set the scene.
As you must when exploring all new things, start with an open mind, open heart, and no judgment of yourself or your body. Lie on your back in a comfortable place with a pillow under your hips, your knees up, and your feet on the ground. Have your favorite massage oil handy. We prefer coconut oil for its silky feel and sensual aroma.

2. Connect to your breath.
Breath work is a key element in any Tantra practice. The one we’ll use here is called Bliss Breath. Constrict the back of your throat, inhale, and hear a whispering sound, then exhale and release that sound again. Continue to take deep, slow, and audible breaths.

This grounds you in your body and keeps you out of your head, and it helps to spread the orgasmic energy throughout your body. We don’t want the energy just in your clitoris. This type of deep breathing can help move that energy from the yoni to all parts of your body.

3. Warm up.
While clitoral stimulation is great foreplay for sexual intercourse, a body massage or tantric breast massage is a great warm-up for the yoni massage. The goal here is to get relaxed and slowly build arousal.

Start with some coconut oil on the belly and gently massage there. The belly is an often overlooked area of the woman’s body but has many nerve endings. Massage the rib cage, between the breasts, and the lower abdomen.

Once the body begins to respond, slowly circle the breasts before circling the areola—don’t touch the nipples yet. Once her body responds more, begin to tease the nipples by alternating between circles and light pinching, and between light, medium, and strong touches.

What I Think About The Warm Up

Foreplay isn’t a new idea or something the ancient scrolls of India need to teach us.  This advice seems more like what you’d do before a yoga class then preparing to orgasm. All girls aren’t the same, try not to weird out your significant other asking her to breath like she is in Lamaze class.  I’d suggest both you and your partner do what makes you both feel the most comfortable and sexy.  I do not need breathing exercises to focus my inner orgasmic powers.  I prefer to lay on my back nude while Ryan is nude around me.  I may reach around and fondle him while he works all the crevices of my body with his hands.  I get the most turned on when he puts his flaccid dick over my face and in my mouth.  Much like a child with a pacifier, his penis in my mouth soothes me and keeps me turned on and focused on myself.  This may sound unusual, but it also keeps your man focused on pleasing you, because he is getting physical sensations that keeps him motivated to keep spoiling you in return.  I’ve read from various men that they can massage their women’s back for hours while they watch a movie, if she is laying in his lap and playing/sucking on his penis.  There was one couple that claimed to have done this ritual every night for the last 10 years. The husband bragged about how he gets oral sex every night, while she was happy to get her back massaged for hours.  We’ve also tried this, and it’s extremely relaxing to nicely suck on Ryan’s penis while he massages my back when we’re watching a movie.  With that being said, I’ve learned that my man can please me for hours if he has some sort of physical stimuli himself.  In a perfect world, we’d expect him to work his hands and tongue over our bodies and want nothing in return, but this isn’t a perfect world. I do not mind giving a little effort to make sure he has his balls rubbed while he is exploring my body.


The Five Yoni Massage Techniques
Once you’ve warmed her body up with a breast massage and nipple stimulation, move on to the yoni massage.

1. Circling
Circle the tip of the clitoris with the tip of your finger to stimulate arousal, varying from smaller circles to larger ones. Alternate the pressure from light to heavy.

2. Pushing and pulling
Push down on the clitoris and make small push and pull strokes, and then slide your finger down the shaft of the clitoris. Do this on both sides of the shaft, keeping in mind that some women are more sensitive on one part of the clitoris than another.

3. Tugging and rolling
To tug the clitoris, pull it gently away from the body by grasping at the sides and tugging back and forth. You can also move lower and tug the sides of the lips. Keep varying strokes from the top of the clitoris to down to the lips. To roll the clitoris, start by holding it firmly and rolling between the thumb and the index finger—kind of like you’re making a tiny violin motion with your fingers.

4. Tapping
Using one or more fingers, tap the clitoris in varying rhythms from fast to slow to learn what the body responds to most.

5. G-spot massage
To find the G-spot, curve your first two fingers like the letter C and slide them into the vagina. Feel for a soft, spongy piece of skin behind the clitoris. You can massage it by making a come hither movement with your curved fingers. Vary between fast and slow strokes. You can also tickle the clit simultaneously at the tip, or place pressure on or above the pubic bone.

Make sure to mix up all the above and vacillate between stimulating the clitoris in the various ways, while also involving the G-spot and nipples.

What I Think About These 5 Techniques

The only techniques above that I enjoy is the circling and pulling.  I do not enjoy the tapping at all.  This only irritates me and throws me off.  The G-spot massage has worked on me in the past, but it is not gentle for me, nor is it something I want while trying to orgasms.  I do prefer the circling motion, or feeling my vagina sucked on.  I assume the pulling simulates the sucking motion, but I would just prefer to be sucked on, much like most men would prefer a blow job over a hand job.  Since I am just one girl, it’s safe to say these techniques should work, but just remember, your woman isn’t a machine.  There is no  manual or blueprint to what makes her body tick. Only she knows.  Communicate with her, ask her which techniques she enjoys, and do not read an article and be too proud to talk with her while you massage and find out what she enjoys the most.  

There is no technique in the world better than communication.


What is edging and how do you do it?
The goal is to reach the edge of orgasm over and over again. When the body seems ready to explode, slow it down, pull away, then build it back up again to create multiple waves of orgasms instead of just one.

During the cool-down periods, place your hand on the heart to help keep the body grounded, connected, and feeling loving energy. Then build the arousal back up to the edge of orgasm once again, and then back off and slow it down.

The longer the foreplay or the back and forth, the more pleasure will be experienced.

What I Think About Edging

I do not enjoy the idea of being edged.  To put this concept of edging in perspective, I want every man to grab your significant other’s vibrator and put it on the tip of your penis.  I am sure this will relax you and feel somewhat good.  Now orgasm. 

It’s going to be a lot harder cumming this way than it is with the friction of sex, hand jobs, or oral sex.  You’ll have to really concentrate on having an orgasm (rather than just cumming because it happens) from just the sensation of the vibrations on your head.  Ryan has had orgasms in front of me where I will use a vibrator on his head while I rub his balls and ass.  This orgasm is so hard for him to achieve because any wrong movement throws off his entire orgasm.  He has said afterwards, “Its possible to cum, but it’s so hard without all the friction, the moving back and forth, and the other small variables that make me feel like I am having an orgasm.”  My response?  “Welcome to my world.”  The last thing he’d want is for me to edge him when he finally gets that feeling is he is working so hard for.  Men, we are not you.  Because edging feels great to you, or the idea makes your orgasms better, doesn’t mean we have to enjoy the torture of edging too.  There are some situations where edging can be fun, but 99% of the time, if I finally reach my point of feeling my orgasm, I will bite off your head like a praying mantis if you slow down and gradually make that feeling go away.  I am dead serious.  Do you realize how difficult it can be for a woman to feel this orgasmic feeling? 

I am multi orgasmic, but my multiple orgasms are sparked by my first orgasm. The first orgasms puts my body through a series of sensations, and after the first one, I can follow up with multiple orgasms immediately after.  However, I under no circumstances want to be “edged” while I am reaching the point of my first orgasm.


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