What’s A Fetish?


  • An inanimate object worshiped for its supposed magical powers or because it is considered to be inhabited by a spirit.
  • A course of action to which one has an excessive and irrational commitment.

“All fetishes are acceptable as long as all involved parties are in the right mind and age to consent.” This means if you enjoy urolagnia (finding sexual pleasure in the act of urinating), you cannot place a hidden camera in a women’s bathroom. This means if you have a fetish for leather pants, you cannot walk up to someone wearing them and start rubbing their ass cheeks. But as we become more connected to people at parts of the world, we find more and more fetishists who share the same interests.

This article will not talk about zoophilia (beastiality/bestiality), necrophilia, or pedofilia (child pornography). None of these fetishes are done with consent (or legal).

When I started this article I  thought I didn’t have many sexual fetishes, but I found out that I do engage in several. I didn’t realize that a lot of what we did were considered sexual fetishes. Nowadays, the lines that delineate sexual fetishes are blurred as they become commonplace and even accepted. Many people don’t even consider their sexual desires as a fetish anymore perhaps because the Internet brings together like-mined fetishists.

1. Autoerotic asphyxiation. I’ve blogged about my own experiences with autoerotic asphyxiation not too long ago (see previous article on autoerotic asphyxiation http://sexblogging.com/auto-erotic-asphyxiation/). For the record, I do not condone it, but I do notice similarities in the way it’s practiced and the way I heighten my own orgasm through autoerotic asphyxiation. It is dangerous, and even fatal.

2. Sadomasochism (S&M). According to the article entitled, “Is Sadomasochism a Destructive Form of Sex,” they claim to have cited resources that point to YES. It opens with the statement, “Sadomasochism is a humiliating and degrading form of sexual perversion practiced by those who suffer from emotional problems. Studies have shown that prior emotional, sexual, and/or physical abuse can contributed to a person’a need to engage in this self-destructive behavior. There are two roles in the sadomasochistic setting. The dominant person (sadist) who derives sexual pleasure by degrading, humiliating, binding and/or inflicting pain upon his/her sex partner, and the submissive partner (masochist) who receives this mistreatment, and in the process, claims to derive sexual pleasure. Unfortunately, death has resulted from this form of sex-play. It is my belief that sadomasochism is a dangerous form of sex-play and should be addressed as a perversion that requires psychological therapy” (http://www.csun.edu/~psy453/sado_y.htm)

This article takes a clear stance by choosing to use certain persuasive words: humiliating, degrading, perversion emotional problems, self-destructive, mistreatment, and dangerous. I don’t doubt that S&M can be extremely painful, especially if the receiver is not participating fully, mentally and physically. But it seems to me that they are generalizing S&M as a whole and not taking into consideration that there are degrees of severity. Take me, for example. I do not enjoy S&M in a way that I derive sexual pleasure from it; Ryan does not enjoy pain at all, so he steers clear from any kind receiving of pain. Although I’m not a frequent user of whips, chains, belts, and the like, I do like a little bit of hair pulling, hard spanking, and nibbling. Ryan and I are, however, in a controlled environment where he understands fully my limitations and my threshold of pain.  We also do role play certain scenerios that have S&M ideology  (see previous blog on us role playing rape  http://sexblogging.com/rape/).

3. Urolagnia. This is finding urine or the act of urinating sexually pleasing. It has other underlying components to it, such as the sadomasochistic perspective (making someone hold their pee) or humiliation (being urinated on and urinating on someone). I’ll try anything once. If I don’t like something, there is nothing lost. This is not something that Ryan and I practice, but we have experimented with it. The biggest drawback for us is that it is just too messy. We enjoy each other’s fluids (spit, semen, froth, pee) but the element of spontaneity is removed if the only place we can have a golden shower is, well, the shower (see a previous blog  http://sexblogging.com/photo-shoot-the-golden-shower/).

4. Retifism is having sexual feelings toward shoes, feet, and/or heels, also known as a “foot fetish.” I do not have a foot fetish, but I’ve asked Ryan to cum on my feet so that I can eat it off. I like eating cum anyway so what better way than to eat it off myself?

5. Anal. I’m not sure if this would classify as a fetish, but I can certainly see it being so because of its biblical derivatives, i.e. the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. A more modern definition, and one that most of us are familiar with, is anal sex. Because of Sodom, (anal) sex has been considered dirty and perverted. If you were a woman who engaged in anal sex, you were a slut; if you were a man, you were a homosexual. Because of these stigmas, anal sex has been looked down upon and kept secret by those who practice it. Until I learned to love it, embraced it (see previous blog http://sexblogging.com/her-perspective-on-the-anal-butt-plug/), realized that my best cums were when I was being fucked in the ass, I used to look down on it, too.

My anal fetish goes beyond just analing though.  When Ryan is licking my body, nothing pleases me more than him sticking his face and tongue in my ass.  I love feeling his tongue dig deep into my vagina while at the same time his lips and teeth open up enough so that I can feel them rubbing and scraping on my ass hole’s texture.  It is the ultimate feeling for me and it seems like everything is being stimulated at the same time.   Even as a young girl, if Ryan played with my vagina while eating me out I would almost orgasm immediately when I felt a finger “accidently” rub over my ass hole.  Eventually his pinky would find a permanent spot deep inside my ass while his face was buried in my thighs.  The thought of this drives me insane.

Other pleasures I get from anal or ass play is knowing how much it turns Ryan on to rub his ass hole with my free hand while I suck his dick.  Or sticking my tongue in his ass while I am trying to catch my breath face fucking.  When in the mood, I want to dig my tongue in him as deep as I can because I know it drives him crazy.  I love letting him know I worship his body, including his ass.  As for Ryan, for as long as I have known him, this was his biggest fetish.  I remember when we were still dating, him barely knowing how to kiss let alone fuck a girl properly, bent over the bed asking if I ever licked anyone another man’s ass.  I hadn’t.  In fact, I had never even been asked before that.  I giggled and spread his cheeks.  I remember saying, “It looks like a balloon knot!”   A few moments later, my mouth was submerged in his ass, two butt cheeks on each side of my face, and my tongue deep in his young butt hole.   I will never forget hearing his moans, it was the first time I’d heard a man moan from oral/anal pleasure.  

6. Oral.  This isn’t normally classified as a fetish because in today’s pop culture a woman is expected to give her man oral sex, and vice versa.   However, if I wake up each day thinking about sucking my husband’s dick, I have a fetish.   Or if my husband gets so turned on by me sucking his dick that he has to pry my mouth off of him just to fuck me, I would say I have an oral fetish (true story).  I enjoy feeling his warm organ in my mouth, soft or hard.  I enjoy feeling it grow on my tongue.  I enjoy the texture as it rubs past my lips and down my throat.  I enjoy watching his eyes roll back in his head as I look up at him with his penis in my  mouth, watching his facial expressions.  I enjoy making his body sweat and tense up from what I do with my  tongue and throat.   That isn’t all though, I enjoy licking under his arms and around his nipples.  I enjoy my body being licked, behind my neck, down my back.  I love feeling his tongue slide over my ass crack and into my sphincter  or vagina.  I love oral, and I’d say it’s a fetish of both of ours because we please each other with our mouths  every night. 

Now that I realized my fetishes are not-so-newly-found ones, I’d like to point out an article in Psychology Today entitled “Fetishes Do Not Exist.” It opens with a the definition of a paraphilia: a type of mental disorder characterized by a preference for or obsession wit unusual sexual practices, as pedophilia, sadomasochism, or exhibitionism.” Author Dr. Ogi Ogas led a team of researchers on an investigation of online data for paraphilias (one of the goals was to determine “if online behavioral data could enhance our knowledge of the distribution and prevalence of fetishes”), there were several conclusions: data found didn’t support atypical, unusual, or disordered paraphilias; the majority of men who research erotic content have at least one significant sexual interest, e.g. “small breasts, busty Asians, or forced feminization” (the most successful adult video/image hosting sites feature a broad spectrum of interests; the male sexual brain is “designed to imprint upon individual sexual cues […] (namely breasts, butts, and feet,), female types (young or MILF, skinny or BBW,) or reproduction-oriented sexual situations. These all direct men towards intercourse and are a sign of the healthy, natural functioning of the male brain.” These paraphilias were then compared to natural sexual behavior in birds and mammals, like male baboons fetishizing female buttocks or male roosters fetishizing red female combs (http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/billion-wicked-thoughts/201205/fetishes-do-not-exist).

What I found I found to be extremely refreshing is their desire to move away from the terms “paraphilia” and “fetish” because they tend to have a derogatory connotation like “retarded,” “spastic,” and “hysteria.” Further, “these men and women don’t suffer from these “atypical” and “deviant” fetishes, but rather a range of typical sexual interests that can mostly be predicted from the natural operation of healthy sexual mechanisms in the brain.”

I found Psychology Today’s definition of addiction to be spot on as it relates to sexual addiction: “Addiction is a condition that results when a person ingests a substance (alcohol, cocaine, nicotine) or engages in an activity (gambling) that can be pleasurable but the continued use of which becomes compulsive and interferes with ordinary life responsibilities, such as work or relationships, or health. Users may not be aware that their behavior is out of control and causing problems for themselves and others” (http://www.psychologytoday.com/basics/addiction)

I’ve heard some women refer to the man in their lives as “sex addicts.” What does that mean? That he wants to have sex with you a few times a week? That he grabs your ass while you’re grocery shopping? That he fondles you in the middle of cooking dinner? That is not a sex addict. That is a prude woman who doesn’t appreciate the way her man shows his affection. On the other hand, if he’s paying for sex instead of taking you on vacation, if he’d rather spend time perusing porn websites while you wait in bed in your new lingerie, if he gives you gonorrhea from one of the sexual partners he fucked at the club, or if your bank account has been overdrafted because of monthy charges of multiple porn sites, then I would say he’s a sex addict. Do I drink alcohol? I sure do. But I don’t drink and drive, I make sure my man is around me when I do, and I don’t act like a fool in front of our friends when I do. The difference between healthy moderation and alcohol addiction is not the amount consumed, but the adverse effects it has on your life and those around you. It’s our responsibility to differentiate addictions and normal sexual behavior and misconstrue one for the other.

So I say, explore your experiemental side. Don’t get stuck having missionary sex. Rest assure in the fact that you are not alone in the fetishes you may think are unusual. And if others think you have an unusual “fetish,” show them Dr. Ogas article asserting that FETISHES DO NOT EXIST.

Woman Using PAM as Lubrication Gets Arrested

barbarahallmugshotOn Wednesday, May 30, 2012, a Florida woman was having sexual relations with her boyfriend when she asked him to bring her olive oil or PAM cooking spray for lubrication.  But when her boyfriend misunderstood and brought up his former fling named Pam, she wasn’t having it.

When Barbara Hall, 60, asked her 45-year-old boyfriend to go to the kitchen for some “sexual lubricant,” he obliged, according to police reports.

Then things got slippery.

“Barbara asked if he had also brought the PAM cooking spray,” the report states. “Barbara believed [the victim] misunderstood what she had said, and commented on a girl named Pam. … [He] admitted to having sex with Pam recently on her boat.”

Hall then allegedly flew into a violent rage, punching her boyfriend repeatedly and then chucking the olive oil bottle, a keg cup and a flashlight at his head. She told cops that she had no recollection of the assault.

She was arrested on a domestic battery charge and taken to jail. Her boyfriend went home.

As reported by Andy Campbell of The Huffington Post

Police report below:


Q&A: My Husband Cheated On Me With His Best Friend

Miya via Internet

I’m here because I found out my husband is cheating on me and I need advice. 

Some background information:

My husband and I have been married for 5 years and have 1 child.  We married young and although I never told him, a few days before my wedding my husband’s best friend made a pass at me.  I figured it was the alcohol and didn’t want to ruin my wedding so I never told anyone.  Although he never hit on me again, I always felt he was a douche. 

Anyway, last week I was sitting on the couch with my husband watching television.  He just upgraded his phone to the iphone 5 a few months earlier.  I was messing around on it  and for whatever reason he just snatched it out of my hand.   I didn’t say anything because I never really went through his phone before, but I knew this was a red flag.   

When he went to sleep, I snuck over to his side of the bed and grabbed his phone off his night stand. He must have just added a lock code but I  put in his birtthday and it unlocked.  At first I checked his browse history and didn’t find anything suspicious.  I then went to his bookmarks and text messages, still nothing.  At this point I figured I overreacted and started just messing with his pictures and stuff.  Immediately I noticed that he had some porn type stuff.  I looked closer and it was him.  My jaw hit the floor.

There are tons and I mean tons of pictures of my husband giving oral sex to another man.  Even more disturbing is the fact that the majority of the pictures show my husband’s face covered in semen. I just totally lost it and started crying. To make matters worst, there is a video of him giving his friend a blow job on the toilet.   This is how I figured out who the other man was, in the video I hear them both talking back and forth.    It’s his best friend. 

I’m so disgusted because these two have been friends for over a decade and I feel like my entire marriage was a lie.    Should I just file for divorce after I show him what I found or should I have a talk with him about our relationship?  I am confused because there is no other woman.  At the same time, I am disgusted by what I saw.  I am also heartbroken by all the lies.  I don’t think I can ever trust him again.  I feel so used.  I also feel this weird feeling that maybe he asked his best friend to hit on me hoping I would cheat on him with his secret lover.  This is all just so confusing.

Any advice would be appreciated.


Venice’s response:

Thank you for your question.  I’m sorry that you have been put in an awful situation.  But the solution is simple: get out while you can.  I know it’s easier said than done to tell you to leave him, especially when you have a young child together.  But I’m thinking about the long run as his sexual desires progress by moving to other areas of his life.  I don’t pass judgement on his sexual preferences, but it’s his dishonesty that has caused him to keep secrets from you.  You could have gone to counseling or separated amicably, but now you have to worry about how long he has been doing this, with how many men, if he has any diseases, if you have any diseases, and of course, the lies he has told you in order to be with other men.  It’s endless.
There are multiple levels of wrongness done to you: cheating, dishonesty, and the betrayal of your wedding vows.  I could understand if you’ve both had prior discussions about bringing other fantasies into your marriage, but it doesn’t seem like you have.  Or even if you have, you certainly did not agree to the behavior and lifestyle portrayed by the pictures with his friend.  Even if he says he’s willing to change, you have to understand that the hormones that drive a man are very powerful, strong enough to put his marriage, health, and family, in danger.   If you do decide to stay with him, understand that his sexual demons are hard to expel, so know that he will have to work with those demons on an hourly basis to keep them from taking over his life.  Get answers, get honest answers: is there even the slightest possibility that he could do this to you again.  I would want 100% assurance, and if there’s the slightest hesitation, it’s over.  I would never give advice I wouldn’t take myself.  In this case, I would leave.  

I would also get tested for STD’s just in case.

Ryan’s response:

Personally I feel cheating and lying can’t exist without the other.  The two cannot be seperated.  There is a huge difference between being open and honest with your partner about your life and desires, and living out your desires but keeping your partner totally in the dark.  The act of being with another person isn’t cheating, it’s the act of being with another person and lying about it.   I want to make sure I said that because you mention that you were confused because there was no other woman.  I get what you are saying, because if Venice was to sleep with another woman, I wouldn’t be upset unless she kept it a secret from me.  The secret could mean Venice has feelings, wants to betray me, enjoys sneaking around, or just knows she was doing something wrong.  For me, this behavior is a violation of your relationship.  He doesn’t respect you or your feelings.  That’s cheating, regardless of the lover being the same sex.

With that being said, you were blatantly lied to and cheated on.   You are not confused at all, you are exactly right, your entire relationship is a lie.  You should never trust your husband again and my advice is to get out while you can.  Not only is he not the man you thought he was, but he is possibly totally gay and in the closet.  He may have used you to hide his secret life, but giving a blow job to his best friend on the toilet isn’t something he can just fix and stop.  That is rock bottom gay and  apparently he loves it so much he recorded it. 

Get out, file for divorce, and read about his possible narcissistic personality disorder.  He married you and had a child while living a lie the entire time.   Not good.

If you can keep the divorce friendly for your child’s sake, that would be great.


tied up

Venice all tied up.

I look at Venice’s sexy body laying face first in our bed, motionless.  I throw a pillow case over her head and pull back on it as tight as I can so it sticks to her face.  I can feel her immediately tense up as I watch her try to breathe.  With each gasp, I see the pillow case suck into her mouth.   I grab both of her arms roughly and reach for the rope near the bed.  I tie her arms behind her back so tight I can see her skin lighten where the rope is squeezing her wrists.  Judging by her whining and movements, I know she is very uncomfortable.  I look down at her nude body as she wiggles from side to side attempting to get her arms in a better position.  I forcefully rub my hand down her ass crack, then into her pussy slit while smashing my other hand against the back of her head, forcing her face deep into the mattress and making her breathing even harder.  I whisper in her ear that I don’t want to hear another sound from her.  I let her head go and roughly slap the side of her face and head through the pillow case.  She stops making any noises.  I am in complete control.  I get up from the bed and walk to the closet to grab the tripod and camera.  I hit record and move around the room making random noises to leave Venice in suspense for a bit longer.  I want to make sure she is uncertain of what happens next.

I take off my clothes and walk back to her.  I forcefully roll her over and climb on top of her.  I let my balls hang down as I straddle her body.  Her upper torso is sideways, her lower half is twisted a bit and faced up.  I slowly rub my balls all over her, on her neck, her chest, her arms, her stomach, and down to her legs.   As I rub and move to different body parts, my dick slowly starts to grow until I am completely erect.   I take the pillow case off her head and pull her face back.  I am squatting over her, her face is up, with my dick completely hard and my balls sagging down in front of her nose.  I lower my body and let my loose nut sack cover her face.  The lower I drop, the more the weight of my body spreads out my sack.  I rub my balls all over her until she wiggles and tries to look sideways to catch her breath.  As soon as I see her struggling, I grab each side of her cheeks roughly with my fingers and hold her face straight.  I again lower my body, this time ass first, over her nose and mouth.   I am faced toward her feet.  I grind her face with my ass, letting her nose penetrate into my asshole.  I demand for her to stick her tongue out and she does.  I sit back up and grab her face and spit on her, hoping to lube up her nose so it can penetrate further into my ass.  I sit back down on her and again, grind my asshole and crack against her pretty asian face.  My balls hang over her tongue, mouth, and chin as I ride her skull.  I beat down on her chest with my hard dick before I sit my body back up, aim my dick straight down to her mouth and drive my hard cock deep into her throat.  She immediately gags around my dick but I keep it deep inside her neck.  I can feel her tongue vibrating and inner fluids bubbling around my shaft as her gagging has brought up some stomach fluids.  I pull my dick out of her throat and beat her face with it, leaving her cheeks and face sloppy with spit and stomach juices.  I put the pillow case back over her head.   I again tighten it so she has trouble breathing.  I can see the outline of her face through it.   I walk to the edge of the bed where her head is now positioned and beat my dick down as hard as I can.  My cock crashes against her face making her cry for me to stop.  The more she says stop, the harder I hit her face with my dick.  I aim for her eye sockets and nose.  With each thump, she tries to move her face in a different direction hoping I use my dick to hammer in a different part of her face.  I follow her movements and pound down on the same area over and over.  I grab her throat and slap her through the pillow case and tell her not to fucking move.  She immediately stops moving and lets me abuse her pretty face with my penis.  I want absolute control.  She turns off the pain of being clubbed by my dick because she knows the more she resists the harder she gets hit.

I get off the bed and bring the camera closer to the action.  I walk back over to Venice and roll her over to the edge of the bed, face down.  Her arms are still behind her back, so she is totally helpless.  I sit next to her and lift her upper body up to sit her mouth in my lap, face down.  I then pull the pillow case off her head.  Unless I pull her head back, she can barely look up.  Her face is somewhat stuck in my lap unless I lift it.  I grab her hair and lift her head off my lap.  She whines in discomfort.  Displeased with her whining I immediately spit in her face and slap her.  I demand that she quits crying.  I then forcefully turn her head to the camera and tell her, “Say that you love my dick better than Ryan’s.”  At first she resists, so I grab her by the throat and squeeze harder, demanding that she tells the camera, “Say that you love my dick better than Ryan’s.”  Her eyes water up and she tells the camera, “I love his dick better than yours.”   I immediately lift her head above my hard dick, which is near my belly button, and shove her face down my cock, back into my lap.   I ram her head as hard as I can into my crotch, my entire cock down her throat.  She is helpless, even if she wants to control herself or how much dick she takes, it doesn’t matter.  I forcefully hold her face in my lap, balls deep, as she squirms to get herself off my penis.   My dick rams against the back of her throat, rubbing hard as it slides down her esophagus.  No matter how hard she tries, because of her hands behind her back and the position she is in, unless I grabbed her hair and pulled her off my dick, she is stuck.  As she struggles, I tell her to smell my balls and see what a real man smells like.  I then whisper in her ear, “The last time your husband will ever see you is on this video. Tell him how you love my dick better than his.”  She whines and tries to fight me, but I just squeeze her head against my lap harder.   I then grab her hair, digging my fingernails into her scalp, and pull her off my dick.   She gasps for air like she was drowning in an ocean of penis.   My balls and dick are covered with her spit and insides, I again tell her to talk to the camera.  “Say you love this dick more than life itself.”

She cries and looks at the camera.  I slap her face with my dick as she tries to talk, “I love this dick more than my life.”  I again drive her face first onto my cock.  I can tell she hates this.  I can tell at this point she wants this to stop.  She’d probably beg for it to stop, if she could actually talk.  Unfortunately, it’s hard to talk with my dick punching her voice box.  I grab the back of her hair and slam her up and down onto my penis over and over.  I control her head like she wasn’t human, like I was grabbing a doll, totally ignoring any of the pain she feels.  I slam her face on my lap repeatedly until she gags and spits up.

I roll her body over so her face is almost on the corner of the bed, right in front of the camera.  I again sit on her nose and mouth with my ass, and grind myself against her.   I hold myself up with one hand and stroke my dick for the camera with the other.  My balls are now rubbing her forehead and hairline.  Every now and then I will beat my dick against her head or grab her hair and pull her deeper into my ass so she can clean my insides.

After a few minutes of forcing her to eat my ass, I roll her face down on the bed.  I bend down so my dick is near her mouth and I fuck her throat.   I have to hold her by her hair just to keep her face up, otherwise she’d be face down in the bed.  Usually when we face fuck, she has hands to wipe her tears that naturally from gagging, but with her hands tied behind her, she can’t wipe anything, so her nose is snotty and her face and cheeks are soaked in tears.  I love it.

I quit fucking her throat and move my body back behind her on the bed,  I yank her arms back and make her scream.  I can tell her hands are in pain because her fingers are turning purple.  Without saying anything, I untie her hands so she could get some relief.  However, I still keep both of her arms behind her and grab both of her wrists tightly while sliding my dick inside her.  Her pussy is soaking wet, and her pussy doesn’t lie, she actually loves being treated like this.  If she doesn’t, her pussy definitely does.  My dick is also soaking wet, as her spit and fluids have my whole lap lubricated.   I fuck her hard and she screams with each thrust.  My dick is so hard and lubed that it’s unlike normal sex, which can be rough, but this time it feels like I have a sharp sword and her walls can’t stop or slow it down, so it stabs directly in the back of her pussy as hard as it possibly can.  Normally, she hates this feeling, as it creates a pain she doesn’t like during sex.  Normally I’d give a fuck, but right now, I don’t.   I keep her body close to mine by holding her arms.  As I ram my cock inside her, I pull back on her arms and force her body to take it all.  The length of my dick is hitting the back of her pussy as hard as it can, banging the cervix with each pump.  I feel my orgasm growing and I know I want to cum all over her face and body.  I know I am close so I get up and quickly roll her over on her back.  I quickly crawl back over to her face and drop my dick into her mouth as far as it can go.  I can feel her teeth on my balls and crotch.  Her throat is endless and, truthfully, much deeper than her pussy.  I feel like I could stick my dick in her all the way to her stomach if it was long enough.  I love how she is such a cock eater.   As I feel my load about to release I pull myself out of her mouth and shoot my cum everywhere.  I unload onto her face, her chest, her hair, and her stomach.   I quickly grab all the strings of cum and cup it with my hand.  I put all four fingers in her mouth and feed her my fluids.  She whines but still does as she is told and eats up every drop.  I then lean down and squeeze her throat with one hand and tell her she better not fucking move.  I went to the bathroom and took a shower as fast as I could since the camera was running.  The more time I wasted, the more horny I got thinking of this naked Asian woman laying on my bed, soaked with cum and scared to death.

As I come out the shower I noticed her body hasn’t moved at all.  She hasn’t moved her arms, legs, face, or anything.  My cum is still drying on her skin and her hair is stuck to her wet face.  I walk over to her again and drop my huge soft dick into her mouth and immediately start to fuck her throat again.   It only takes a few seconds for my cock to become erect and ready to damage.  I flip her over face down on the bed, legs on the floor, and fuck her from the back.   Her titties and dried cum rub against the sheets.   Again, with each thrust she moans and screams.  I love how she makes my cock seem like a fucking telephone pole when I fuck her tiny, tight pussy.  Each scream brings my prostate to a boil. I already want to cum again.  I pull her hair back and throw her legs back onto the bed.  I then drag her face to the corner of the bed, face up, and drop my dick inside her mouth right in front of the camera.  In my mind, the camera can see my asshole, ass cheeks, balls flopping around on her face, and her mouth being fucked.  I do not know exactly what it really sees and I don’t give a fuck.   As I feel the pressure inside my thighs build up, I explode and dig myself as deep in her throat as I can possibly be.  With each thrust of cum I release I can feel my asshole tightening, letting the camera and her know that she is taking a load.

As I finish, I get up and kiss her cum soaked face.  I let her know it’s over and she can finally relax.  She gets up and doesn’t talk much, still shocked and satisfied that she finally got raped like she always wanted.   I leave the room so she can shower off, collect her thoughts and enjoy them.

Quarter 1 2013: Top 20 Sex Blogs

top10After reviewing 100s of sex blogs, we chose what we felt would comprise our first top 10 list.   This will be called the Top 10 Sex Blogs of Quarter 1 2013.  After this list (which actually has 20 — too many great blogs to keep just 10 on our first attempt), we will only choose 10 blogs every 3 months that we feel are the best blogs of the quarter.  Once a blog is already on the list for the current year, it will not be up for review again until the end of that year, at which time we will make our top 25 Sex Blogs of 2013.   If you want to submit your blog, please go to our contact page and let us know your page url, your blog name, and whatever background info you’d like to be included in our reviews.

Our reviews are based off a database which keeps track of various categories:   Media, Originality, Updates, Variations, Entertainment, and a few other categories which will remain unpublished.  We have a few trusted friends and fellow authors helping us rate each blog submitted.  We then calculate and review the top 10 blogs in the database.    Yes, we have an actual system.  However, our system is still just our opinions.  For the Quarter 1 Top 10 we’ve decided to add a few more of our own personal favorites that have not been submitted to the database.  No blog listed below will be eligible for another Top 10 list until the end of the year.

Top 20 Sex Blogs of Quarter 1, 2013:

1. The Beautiful Kind is a blog with so much honesty it hurts. Kendra Holliday is not apologetic for the events that led her to the life she leads now. I applaud her for the sexual freedom she exudes and the vigilant parenting, in equal parts. Her sexuality and parenting do, in fact, overlap, and the sincerity in which she approaches both is something for which I have a true and deep respect. The highly anticipated photos from her birthday gang bang are up. Nowhere have I seen a more eloquently choreographed event documented than I have here.

2. I cannot express how lusciously entertaining A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind is to me. Ms. Quote’s blog is divided into wonderful sections including erotica (her own as well as others), a section entitled “Seriously Sexy Fun” which has funny, quirky pictures, and “Seductive Soundtracks/Music” (a personal favorite). Ms. Quote’s “Relationship Rambling/Blog” is an ode to naughty topics in pop culture, two topics that when mixed together serve as a bit of comic relief to her more serious topics (see “Jon Hamm’s Big Little Hamm” and “Twitter Fakes and Rip Offs”). Where else can you find a blend of sexy wit and erotica?

3. Between My Sheets is a well-established blog headed by Rori, whose “Who is Rori” alone pulled me in. She introduces characters, or rather lovers, past and present, who have contributed to shaping the woman and lover she is today. Her blog is filled with erotica, posts, opinions, reviews, giveaways and much more. Each Tuesday, she engages her readers in a conversation with questions such as, “Does Age Really Matter?” Rori has undoubtedly created a one-stop shop for sexual Q&A that has truly become one racy blog.

4. Uncommon Appetities is composed of a self-described 20something married Brooklyn couple. Their videos are beautifully shot with an artistic eye behind the lens. The photos, mainly of them, share the same high-quality caliber. Rye and Violet examine the definition of marriage and share much of the same ideals as me and Ryan. Often their post may be comprised of a few carefully chosen photos describing a thought, an idea, a belief. This is a couple who clearly understand the meaning of building and strengthening their marriage.

5. Sunny Megatron is a powerful tool women can use to hone their sexual mind state…as well as techniques. Sunny offers sex toy reviews, events, contests as well as superb blogs on a wide array of subjects. One cannot help but be intrigued by such titles “How To Handle Gagging, During A Blow Job” and “G-Spot Stimulation Instructional Video.” If you’re a woman who’s single, married, or neither, you’ll want to do extensive research on this website to make yourself an even more valuable commodity.

6. Yes Means Yes is a magnificent blog that takes an innovative approach to rape and the pursuit to publicize female empowerment. This site is an assemblage of powerful writers contributing to the cause of eradicating rape and raising its awareness. I was captivated by compelling articles such as “Revenge Porn and the Women-Humiliation Industry” as it poignantly asserts, “If the culture tells my kids that it’s hot and exciting to violate a woman’s boundaries with a camera, what lesson will they take about violating a woman’s body with a body?” Indeed, knowledge is power.

7. Always Each Other is a blog run by a more contemporary couple, a couple who does not pretend to be perfect, happy, or perpetually in love. Though a sexless marriage is hard for many to understand, they attempt to reconcile and, once again, discover each other. Together they have proven that relationships really do take two to work, and together they share their journey with the world. This is a real couple with real issues who generously share the details of their most intimate project: marriage.

8. Bottom Talk is another blog worth investing your time in if you have ever thought about starting an anal sex regime. Though this blog is only updated every few months, there are still posts that are timeless in content: “Stretch Your Bootie! Anal stretching, training, and even warm-up” and “Getting back into anal.” There are extensive reviews of dildos, butt plugs, and prostate massages, all of which are a must read by both men and women if they share a common interest in anal play.

9. Engine Erotica is a blog which includes many pieces of sexual literature, both real and fantasy. He possesses the gift of erotic storytelling as he describes in steamy detail the kinky exploits of adventurous adults. It is so easy to lose yourself in the thrill of forbidden and dangerous sexual situations, but he has mastered the art of delivering carnal stories to the masses.

10. Jessica runs Blog With Benefits a lighthearted blog about relationships and everyday writings. Jessica writes from a young lady’s experience and has certainly has the stitches in her heart to prove it. I adore her creativity with the various lists (“Best Movies About Love of All Time”), humorous charts (“Are You A Booty Call?”), and fun how-tos “How To Meet His Parents For The First Time.” If you appreciate the variety that Jessica offers, you will definitely enjoy this blog.

11. She Who Makes The Rules is dark but serene blog comprised of the emotional thought processes. Let me rephrase – this is not a blog, but rather eloquently-written poetry set to artistic photos. Her writing is brutal, gritty, and downright sexy. Being written in first person, she commands the reader to submit to her powerful will while simultaneously enjoying every wickedly sinister moment.

12. Absinthe Cocktail is a charmingly sinister blog led by Arti, our sexual heroine. Her words are menacingly hypnotic in the way she illustrates each sexual session. Although the narrative is dark at some points, it is beautifully written. Arti is authentic in her pain, joy, jealousy, and sensuality, drawing me in to read further. This is one of the few sites that contain only a blog – no sex toy reviews, no media, simply her experiences in written format.

13. Diirrty is a quick spank on the rear, a quickie in the backseat. Brilliantly-arranged prose is refreshing, succinct. Love.

14. Sir Robert Stories delivers erotic short stories which cater to various tastes and genres. He has been collecting erotic literature for quite some time and occasionally recruits guest writers for submission pieces. Sir Robert does remind us that he posts once a week so stories submitted must be of extraordinary standards. In my opinion, he does an excellent job in choosing. One story by Gilglim has been written in a male perspective, but has also been written in a female’s. To me it denotes a certain empathy from the writer’s perspective, which is a sought after skill in the realm of writing with compassion and heart.

15. Nudes For Troops is a website dedicated to boosting the morale of American troops. I’m a patriotic American and am proud to have served my country during wartime. I support them because even though I am no longer an active duty lady warrior, I consider myself a lifelong member of the armed forces.

16. Lenoir Gold is an acquired taste. Pun totally intended. Lenoir is a passionate lover of water sports, also known as peeing. I, myself, do not have an infatuation for water sports, but it did spark my curiosity. Like any other specialty blog, it does have its own fetishists and this is no exception. Lenoir’s blog contains a massive assortment of male and female (or any other combination you can think of). He has a flair for words that he uses to introduce a photo or video, which read like a description of the nightly special on the menu of an expensive restaurant…and for many, perhaps just as delicious.

17. I discovered Innocent Loverboy and was immediately drawn to the innocence that poured from his erotic tales. His stories are beautifully crafted and written in the way a woman wears a sheer, white tee with no bra: revealing just enough without overstimulating your senses. On a recent Soft PornSunday post, ILB lampoons Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus, a science fiction movie with the implied, obligatory sex scene. If someone asked me to properly introduce him to the world of erotic literature, I would begin by recommending him Innocent Loverboy.

18. Renee Rose Romance is a candid writer whose emphasis is on spanking. I certainly am a fan of both specialized blogs (spanking or otherwise) as well as generalized ones. However, the uniqueness about Renee Rose is the incorporation of other aspects of her life into her posts, assuring the reader that behind the kinky woman is a fragile human being. Choosing to intertwine her clear gift of storytelling with real life is brave and I commend those who do so.

19. Erotica Everywhere is an erotic blog with excerpts of his sensual tales, guest bloggers, and snippets of his daily musings. Robert India engages his readers to join him in conversation after a post: “What is your favorite Bond & Bond Girl combination” and “Have you ever discussed pegging with your man?” His posts range from a thought of the day as it relates to an excerpt of his books and other writing to several lines of steamy poetry accompanied by a naughty photo to the occasional guest blog. Robert India has grown as a writer and an intellectual thinker and I cannot wait to read more from him.

20. Silent Porn Star is an extensive collection of sexuality in every medium and category your mind can think of. If you have a specific topic or are not looking for anything in particular, you’re sure to find it. Honestly, I can sit and browse the entire blog and be amazed by the breadth and depth of subject matter. The hodgepodge of material is tasteful and I dare any viewer to not learn a thing or two after perusing. Don’t believe me? See for yourself…

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