Threesome Memoirs – Our Second Experience

Threesome Memoirs: Table of Contents

I do not know if there is a better feeling than sitting around your bedroom with two beautiful women who are ready and willing to turn the lights off and all hop in bed together.  Feeling a bit tipsy off Coke and rum definitely amplifies the moment.

I guess you could say I am a planner.  I think Venice and I discussed the different variables and scenarios that could happen hundreds of times.  I felt like any mistake I made could tarnish her view of me forever, so I needed her to make her boundaries totally clear.  If I penetrate and stick my dick in the other girl, I need to make sure I do not get carried away.  If she says she wants me to pull out and taste the other girl’s pussy on my dick, I need to stop immediately.   Although she said she was excited to see my dick slide inside another woman as she watched, I still felt a bit hesitant because this is a new boundary.  She made it clear she doesn’t really want to see me fuck for a long period of time or keep trying to fuck her like some horny animal who has never seen pussy.  She wants to see certain things, but she doesn’t want to see it in excess.  She also said the same about oral, except with no real time boundaries.  If you’ve seen Venice’s videos or articles on oral sex, she is a true fan of a good blow job. With no real gag reflex, Venice isn’t insecure about another woman giving me oral sex at all.  She actually seemed overly excited about sharing my penis with another woman and fantasizing about sharing her dick during oral sex.

Back to the story…

So we are all a bit tipsy and sitting around the bedroom.  The girl starts off sitting me on one side of the room and Venice on the other.  As she dances and removes her clothing, Venice gets up and starts kissing her.  I get up and leave the room to get another cup of Coke and rum.

Venice commentary: I keep kissing her even as I am unaware that Ryan has left the room. I grab her ass and bite on her lower lip.  “Do you want me to eat your pussy?” I whisper to her. “Mm-hmm,” she answers.  “Oh, yea?” I say as if to question her.  “Mm-hmm,” she says again.  “Tell me then. Tell me you want me to eat your pussy,” I order.  “I want you to eat my pussy,” she repeats after me.  She lifts her sweater over her head and tosses it on the couch. She knows her role as she moves toward the head of the bed. I kiss her, lick her nipples, and move between her legs.

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