Threesome Adventures or Misadventures – The Secret Lesbian

Sometimes you make some good choices and sometimes you make some bad choices.  Unfortunately this isn’t a story about a good choice.  Fortunately it gives me something to actually write about.

So it’s Friday morning and Venice and I have cleaned up the house a bit, especially our bedroom.  Since our threesome adventures have started, the room has turned from our sacred place to a scary place after midnight on Fridays.  This Friday in particular, we were going to have a cute girl coming over to hang out with us.  Her face was so adorable and she had a personality that matched.  We had been talking for a few weeks, but never had the chance to meet her face to face until now.  From the multiple pictures she sent us, we could tell she was going to be a cutie.  Venice was so excited.

There were a few problems though, specifically little red flags I noticed when she told stories.  For instance, her personality seemed real tomboyish to me.  She also bragged about having a best friend who was married, but was never satisfied by her husband.  She made sure to let Venice know that she was the one her best friend came to when she needed to get off.   I suggested to Venice that I thought she was just a lesbian pretending to be into both of us to experience her. Venice would laugh at my assumption, but didn’t really say much else.

Friday night came along and Venice and I were outside sipping White Russians and relaxing.  We knew our friend would arrive at our house soon so we were both a bit nervous.   As her car pulled up I looked at Venice and said, “You may as well go hug her first.” She laughed and told me to shush.  She knew I was referring to her being a lesbian, but she paid me no mind.  An older, larger lady got out of her vehicle and I started looking in the passenger side or backseat for our friend.  I didn’t move towards the woman because honestly I had no idea who she was.  I saw her and Venice hug, but I figured Venice was being extra friendly.  I kind of glanced in the vehicle and noticed it was completely empty.  I then looked back at the woman and said, “Oh, you’re Bertha?”  Her name isn’t really Bertha, but for privacy reasons that is her name now.

Bertha looked back at me and said, “Yea, who did you think I was?”

I quickly responded as politely as possible, “I don’t know, someone lost looking for directions?”   As I said that I made a sarcastic face and leaned toward her to give her a hug.  She postured back a bit and gave me a halfway man hug.  I really didn’t want to hug her anyway so I was okay with that.

First of all, she did not look like her pictures in the least.  I’m not naive or anything, we’ve all been around the Internet long enough to know that everyone does the duck face and we all use our best pictures.   However, I don’t see how anyone can take photos that look nothing like themselves at all and use them as a way to introduce themselves to strangers.   I mean, I guess it gets your foot in the door, but it also almost guarantees you will never meet them again.  Regardless, I knew this was going to be a long night.

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