Q&A – Negotiating For A Blow Job

ProstitutionIf you have not had a blowjob for a bunch of years, don’t give up all hope.

I didn’t keep track of the exact date, I didn’t know it was so important at the time, but somewhere around 7 years ago I got my last blowjob.

I read about keeping yourself clean, and doing more housework and bla bla bla, which for my case was a complete waste of time because I already do all that.

So it seems to me the key factors are that my wife went on a trip without me for a few months, I think this allowed her to really see how other people live and what it was like when I am not around to do things for her. If we had not had this break I think nothing would have changed.

Then when she got back she wanted to see a show in Las Vegas, which was not unusual. So I bought the plane and show tickets. Then right before we left we were getting along pretty good so I suggested that if she liked the show maybe I could get a reward in the way of a BJ. She thought about it and kind of made a joke that if it was a good show then I would get one.

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